What does it mean when my crystals get hot?

We have to always keep in mind that crystals are natural specimens that are composed of natural earthy elements and different atoms that are arranged in a specific and regular way. 

So, these solid materials are exposed to exterior forces and various factors that can change the way they look and also the way they feel. 

Crystals are susceptible to damage or breakage and this is according to their hardness score (the low the hardness number, the higher is the chance to be exposed to breakage).

Plus, they are also sensitive to temperature, and this is the primary query that we are going to discuss in today’s blog post.

What does it mean when your crystal gets hot? 

What are the factors that make your crystals feel warmer and in other cases really hot at touch? 

The simple answer is that crystals are living vessels of energy. These Earthy materials absorb any negative and unharmonious energies in our energy field which can explain why they get suddenly hot. Another reason, if they get exposed to the sun’s energy for a long period of time they will also get hot. 

What does it mean when my crystals get hot

In this blog post, we are going to explore further more what does it mean when your crystals get hot and what to do about it, so keep on reading!

What does it mean when your crystals get hot?

Crystals absorb your energy

The vibrations transmitted by crystals work on supplementing you with positive and fruitful energy which explains the remarkable delightful and relieving sensations that you sense once you get in touch with your beloved gems.

On the other hand, they also work on absorbing and receiving all the toxic, unharmonious, stress-inducing thoughts, and negative energy from your own energy field and also your entourage. 

This later energetic mechanism interacts with all the energy points in your body aka the chakras which are viewed as the powerhouse of all the vital energy to cleanse them and purify them which can explain the heat that you are feeling when you touch your crystals. 

Just pay close attention and remember the exact way you feel when you hold your crystal in your hand or when you put on any area of your body. 

Do you feel relief? 

Do you sense a calming sense of ease? 

Do you feel that the crystals absorb all the negative sensations that once make you sad, uncomfortable, or unfocused? 

If you genuinely experience these healing and rejuvenating sensations and you feel that the crystal that you were holding (or placing on your body) is way warmer than it was initially, then it is an indicator that your crystal absorbed all the cluttered energy in your system. 

Is it exposed to the sun? 

If you are not working with your crystals and you feel that they become heated, then examine the place where you store your crystals.

Getting your crystals in permanent and lengthy contact with the sunlight can be quite damaging.

The abrasive UV rays of the sun will not only damage the lovely natural colors of your crystals but will also alter their overall look and efficiency. 

So, it is best to store or arrange your crystals in a shaded place to be sure that they are completely safe from any damage. 

Placing your crystals in a place where there is loads of sunlight can in some extreme cases display sing of burn and serious heat damage, which we absolutely do not wish for. 

So if you feel that your crystals are getting hot (and you are not touching them or working with their energy) then it is a high chance that you are putting them in a place where there is lots of heat.  

What to do when you feel that your crystal is getting hot?

As stated previously, crystals absorb the heat, so if it is getting hot outside and you sense that your crystal bracelet or necklace is pretty warm against your skin, then it is necessary to remove them immediately

Plus, as we mentioned earlier, if you are putting or storing your crystals in a placement that is greatly exposed to sunlight, it is vital to change the arrangement of the crystals into a shaded place away from the intrusive sun rays. 

Placing your crystals in the shade will keep them safe and if you want to charge one of your crystals via solar energy for example Orange Calcite (this stone can be exposed to the Sun), you can simply pick it and let it soak the energizing rays of the sun for a few hours.  

The other case scenario is when you are working with your crystal and you feel that it is getting significantly hotter, the best thing to do is stop holding it or remove it from your body, then put it on a wooded surface (or any naturally made surface).

After, a couple of minutes when you feel that it regains its normal temperature you can hold it again and give it a quick rinse or soak it in a water container for a few hours. 

You can also release and purify your crystal from all the negative absorbed energy (the reason why it is hot) by wrapping it with the smoke generated by sage for a few minutes.

Or you can put it on your windowsill to absorb the purifying and revitalizing moon energy for the entire night to regain its full powers once again. 

Final thoughts

When your crystals get hot, it means that they are absorbing all the negative and unharmonious energies released by your energy field. 

The warmth exhibited when feeling your crystals reveals the restorative mechanism of these natural earthy gems. 

The vibrations released work simultaneously on transmitting uplifting and healing powers and at the same time soaking the negativity from your vibratory field. 

Another reason is the way you arrange your crystals. If you store your stones in a sunny place, then your crystal will get naturally hot. 

So, to avoid any potential damage it is best to arrange them in a shaded place.  

The third reason is that it is also related to weather. 

If you are feeling that your crystal bracelet or necklace is getting hot it can be that you are wearing them on a hot day and that is because crystals embody the energy of the sun and this energy is displayed via the warm impression that you may be sensing against your skin. 

To avoid any uneasy feeling on your skin it is best to remove them immediately. 

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