Tiger eye and Lapis Lazuli (confidence and wisdom)

Being self-aware and having unwavering confidence in yourself and your capacities is the most powerful way to navigate your life with clarity and fiery inner drive. 

Apart from doing the inner work and focusing on bettering ourselves continuously, connecting with the healing powers of certain crystals can give us this slight impulse to raise our vibration and have more willpower to actually accomplish our desired purpose.

Tiger eye and Lapis Lazuli

For instance, Tiger Eye and Lapis Lazuli work harmoniously together to deliver to you the empowering feelings of courage, balance, and wisdom. This specific energy union guides you to be courageous, full of vitality, and highly enthusiastic while feeling wise, centered, and clear-headed. 

Keep on reading, to discover more interesting insights about the Tiger Eye and Lapis Lazuli crystal combination and how it can supplement your life with more determination and awareness. 

Tiger eye

tiger eye and lapis lazuli

Tiger Eye is the stone of courage, willpower, and determination.

Connecting with the vibration of this glowy brown crystal assists you to sense comforting and empowering energies all around you.

This crystal emits powerful vibrations to aid you eliminate the negative and toxic energies that make you feel drained, unfocused, and in lack of energy. 

Plus, it fosters perseverance, especially in achieving the goals you set for yourself.

It allows you to draw on your own resources so you can accomplish your objectives in the best way possible. 

This potent stone allows you to keep feeling grounded and connected to all the things that surround you so you can be highly focused on managing your tasks with efficiency and sharp attention. 

Lapis Lazuli

tiger eye and lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is the stone of wisdom, awareness, and truth.

This striking blue gem radiates such elevating energies that guide you to see clearly and choose the things that contribute to your peace and inner contentment. 

It works great in clearing emotional baggage and blockages that hinder you from finding mental peace and soulful quietude.

Plus, Lapis Lazuli is a stone that brings confidence to its wearer and encourages you to take control of his life in a calm and assured way. 

This royal blue gem liberates you from these imaginary and deeply held barriers and makes it easier to communicate your emotions and feelings with ease and confidence. 

Lapis lazuli also brings you a soothing sensation of wholeness and unwavering inner peace so you can manage your stress in an adequate way and regain your serenity easily. 

Tiger Eye and Lapis Lazuli combination

1.Confidence and self-awareness

When combined together, Tiger Eye and Lapis Lazuli together emits powerful vibrations that assist you to regain your self-confidence when being fully self-aware. 

Confidence and awareness complete each other in such a harmonious way, acquiring these two valuable qualities enable you to be conscious and knowledgeable of your own feelings while trusting your abilities and distinguished qualities. 

This specific crystal combination unites these two energies so you can be able to navigate your daily life with clarity, a clear mindset, and a confident spirit. 

2.Regain your power

Lapis Lazuli and Tiger eye are some of the most empowering crystals in the crystal realm.

The power of each is so unique and complementary. 

Lapis Lazuli allows you to regain your spiritual power by connecting back to your native intuitive gifts and leveraging on this potent asset so you can be divinely guided to choose the things and situations that serve you the best and lead you to wonderful and joyful outcomes. 

Tiger Eye, on the other hand, encourages you to regain your self-confidence and believe in your own capacities and skills. 

It empowers you to break free from limiting beliefs and toxic influences that cause you self-doubt which interferes with discovering your amazing worth and believing in your innate unique powers. 

These two stones awaken your mind, body, and soul to be fully ready to give your all in order to accomplish your aspirations and shift your perception by seeing challenges as stepping stones and precious opportunities to learn, grow, and become stronger. 

3.Liberate yourself from blockages

Tiger Eye and Lapis Lazuli create a powerful energy source to assist you in clearing mental and emotional blockages especially the limiting beliefs and the old emotional wounds that form an imaginary wall between you and the things you aspire for. 

On one hand, Lapis lazuli purifies your energy from negative and hurtful vibrations and guides you to release anything that causes you stress and worry by nurturing your soul with a heartfelt sensation of inner peace. 

On the other hand, the Tiger eye crystal guides you to maintain and enhance these soothing sensations by feeling grounded, undisturbed, protected, and reaching an elevated level of mental clarity. 

Final thoughts

Tiger Eye and Lapis Lazuli crystal combination guide you to supplement your mind, body, and soul with vitality, confidence, awareness, and wisdom. 

This specific crystal combination allows you to reclaim your personal willpower by enhancing and strengthening your self-confidence and by ascending to a higher level of mental clarity, self-awareness, and inner peace.   

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