Tiger Eye and Citrine combination (be confident!)

Combining crystals can be just awesome!

When you pair two crystals together, you are connecting two powerful healing properties that can formulate a unique uplifting sensation that you never experienced before. 

Crystals work wonderfully alone, but together they can generate a potent healing wave of delight, confidence, and bliss.

For instance, Tiger Eye and Citrine are two crystals that illustrate a propitious crystal combination.

Tiger Eye and Citrine combination generate a strong feeling of firm confidence, strength, courage, and luck. When combined together these two stones radiate around you a heartfelt sensation of positivity, happiness, help you enhance your willpower, and bring good luck and prosperity to your life.  

In this blog post, discover the hidden healing powers of both Tiger Eye and Citrine crystals, and find out how this exact crystal combination can make you feel empowered, energized, and aligned with positivity and good luck. 

Tiger Eye: the stone of courage, willpower, and luck

Tiger Eye is the ultimate crystal for courage and strong determination.

This brown glowy stone enlightens your soul with a firm spirit of inner strength, laser focus, and endurance to keep working on your goals and never give up on your dreams

This crystal stimulates your willpower, it enables you to free yourself from mental burdens and imaginary limitations that stop you from fulfilling your aspirations.

It inspires you to look beyond fears and to overcome the challenge with success. 

Tiger Eye also plays a powerful role in reducing your stress levels by providing more self-confidence and enhances your mental and emotional strength.

This stone also supports you to be more optimistic and hopeful which strongly aligns you with the flourishing frequencies of luck and abundance.

Citrine: the stone of happiness, positivity, and confidence

This radiant yellow crystal supplements your aura with the beaming and uplifting sensations of happiness, positivity, and a radiant self-confidence.

Thanks to its positive energies, Citrine assists you to find inner serenity which helps you promote concentration and stimulates a good mood and creativity.

It also has the power to ward off negative influences such as nervousness, stress, and negative thoughts. 

It helps you cultivate a healthy and positive mindset that allows you to live your life with love and happiness.

The uplifting energies of Citrine help you to feel more confident. This stone allows you to tap into and discover your own creative powers and unique abilities that set you apart which play a huge role in boosting your self-confidence and enhancing your self-esteem.

Tiger Eye and Citrine combination: unleash your inner willpower and feel confident. 

tiger eye and citrine together

Tiger Eye and Citrine combination do wonders in increasing your personal willpower and feeling confident and courageous. Paired together, these two stones provide happiness, positivity, and beaming energies to their wearer. Plus, they also play a significant role in attracting good luck and prosperity. 

Firm personal power

When paired together, the energies of Citrine and Tiger Eye merge together to generate a potent feeling of willpower, impressive determination, and high energy levels so you can overcome challenges and realize your goals with skillful execution. 

They both work on supplying you with the right amount of inner strength to be highly focused, prepared, and willing to work on your goals with perseverance.

Unshakable confidence

Not only they enhance personal willpower, but they also guide you to feel confident and to eliminate fear-based thought from your thinking system. 

Tiger Eye and Citrine combination transmit warm comforting energy that supports you and encourages you to feel more confident and to trust yourself and your visions.

They work on supplying you with vital and positive energies to cleanse your thoughts pattern from fears, doubts, and insecurities that hinder you from pursuing your dreams. 

They simply purify your mind from the old negative conditioning and open up your consciousness to acknowledge your precious self-worth, recognize your amazing qualities, and push you to pursue your long-awaited goals and to design the life that you have always envisioned. 

Bring good luck and prosperity to your life

Tiger Eye and Citrine are associated with the delightful energies of good luck and prosperity. 

When you pair these two crystals together, you generate a powerful energy flow that helps you attract happy events, pleasant experiences and good fortune to your life. 

They fill your aura with such beaming energy which allows you to attract the things that you aspire and make you feel genuinely happy and fortunate.

Surround yourself with positivity and happiness

Combining Tiger Eye and Citrine helps you tap into a high vibrational level of heartfelt happiness, positivity, and inner bliss.

They work wonderfully together in erasing negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts which help you to shift your consciousness and attain a brand new perspective that guides you to find adequate solutions without feeling overwhelmed stressed and continually stressed.

Balance your solar plexus chakra

Both Citrine and Tiger Eye target the solar plexus chakra. 

So combining these two stone help you considerably in healing and balancing your solar plexus chakra. 

Solar plexus chakra is the ultimate energy center of vital energy, self-confidence, strong personal willpower, strength, motivation, and inner happiness.

So using these two crystals will help you heal and balance this beaming energy point so you are able to gain motivation, live your best life, feel courageous, and cultivate strong and firm self-confidence. 


Citrine and Tiger Eye are indeed two compatible crystals that work harmoniously when paired together.

Tiger and Citrine combination allows you to sense a strong-rooted feeling of self-confidence, raise your self-esteem, guide you to recognize your self-worth and assist you to see yourself as a strong, capable, and worthy person that is deserving of great things in this life.

The transmitted energies of these two crystals merge together to radiate a strong energy flow of firm willpower.

They both guide you to cultivate a strong positive mindset which helps you greatly in overcoming life challenges and erasing these imaginary mental burdens that stop you from seeing your wonderful worth and pursuing your goals and actually building and designing your visualized life. 

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