Explore 8 Stones that are similar to Jade

Jade is a remarkable green opaque stone with a luster finish.

This stone displays various stunning green shades that vary from a deep green hue to a very pale and pastel green. 

Tuning in with the energy of Jade nourishes your whole being with a comforting sensation of nurture, comfort, and inner joy

The energy emitted by this green gem guides you to attract more abundance and prosperity while nourishing your life with a warming sensation of love.

So, if you admire particularly the energy of this stone and you cherish its delightful natural green color, this blog post is definitely for you!

In this article, I am going to present to you multiple striking crystals that are visually and energetically similar to Jade

So, keep on reading!

4 stones that are visually similar to Jade

stones similar to jade

Green Aventurine

The first crystal that is quite similar to Jade is Aventurine.

So if you particularly admire the green color of your Jade stone, Green Aventurine will definitely catch your attention as well.

Green Aventurine exhibits comparable green hues that are very close to the color tonality of Jade. 

However, Green Aventurine is distinguished by these shiny little particles inclusions that we can not find in Jade. 

Jade does not exhibit any particular inclusions inside of it, it is completely free from any distinct particles insertions.


Serpentine shares with Jade its green color as well as the lack of any shiny inclusions (unlike aventurine).

So, if you have a special admiration for green stones, Serpentine will unquestionably join this distinct stone collection.

However, what sets Serpentine apart is its unique patterning. 

This stone showcases particularly patterns that are very comparable to the texture we see in the Serpent skin. 

Plus the green tonality of Serpentine is way more vibrant and brighter than the green color of Jade. 


Prehnite is another green stone that is quite fascinating. 

This stone presents a very light green color with special inclusions in the form of black spots or lines. 

This stone is pretty much similar to Jade and especially the kind of Jade stones that display a less saturated color.

Prehnite is quite comparable to Jade specimens that show pale and pastel green colors. 

The single thing that makes the Prehnite stones distinct from Jade is the black to brown inclusions.


Vesuvianite is a beautiful semi-transparent green crystal that showcases a light shade of green.

This stone is so comparable to Jade and that is because of its green color intensity. 

Vesuvianite presents comparable green hues, however, we can find in one specimen of Vesuvianite multiple shades of green that are beautifully and harmoniously merged together. 

Jade on the other shows a single tonality of green color that is evenly dispersed over all the stone’s surface. This is not an overall rule for all the Jade stones out there, we may find some natural color irregularities.

However, if we compare it to Vesuviatine, this stone has more color layers than Jade. 

4 stones that are energetically similar to Jade


Carnelian shares with Jade the common aspect of success, motivation, and inner strength. 

Meaning both of these stones work harmoniously together to deliver to you a vital energy stream of inner courage and delightful positivity to feel way more motivated and ready to tackle your desired goals. 

Carnelian and Jade help you nurture your vitality and release emotional blockages that hinder you from finding this inner sparkle that allows you to restore your motivation and keep pursuing your aspirations.

Black Tourmaline

Jade and Black Tourmaline are greatly interconnected.

Both of these stones deliver energies that complement each other. 

First, Black Tourmaline guides you to release resistance and mental blockages that stop you from feeling your best and actually start your journey into becoming a better you.

Jade, on the other hand, will be going to nourish and supplement your mind, body, and soul with beaming positivity and a reassuring sense of security, comfort, and assistance.


Onyx is the symbol of strength, protection, and emotional healing. 

The vibrations radiated by Onyx are quite similar to those transmitted by Jade. 

Both of these stones will work on helping you release emotional blockages and guide you to release any stress or inner imbalances that bother your peace while helping let go of any feelings of disturbance and disharmony. 


Not only Green Aventurine is just visually wonderful like Jade, but both of these crystals emit similar powerful vibrations.

Aventurine and Jade share a potent common aspect, which is the power of abundance, nurture, and attracting prosperity and success.

Both of these striking green crystals are linked to the heart chakra, which is the core energy center of nurture, love, compassion, and unlimited abundance. 

These two crystals work on balancing, healing, and activating this energy center so you can sense soothing and empowering sensations of emotional balance, trust, unconditional love, and overflowing excess to everything that makes you feel genuinely happy and content.

Final thoughts

I believe that our admiration for one definite crystal such as a visual appreciation, or a very close healing energy bond (or both) can demonstrate why we may be sincerely drawn to search for more crystals that are visually and energetically similar to this one specific gem. 

Therefore if you particularly relish the beautiful green color of Jade or you feel greatly connected to the vital, nurturing, and harmonious energies of this crystal, explore then these 8 stones that are visually and energetically similar to Jade. 

Visually, Jade has 4 similar stones which are:

  • Green Aventurine
  • Serpentine
  • Prehnite
  • Vesuvianite

From an energy and vibration point of view, there is also 4 stones that are harmoniously associated with Jade:

  • Carnelian
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Onyx
  • Aventurine

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Happy reading!

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