10 Sodalite affirmations for mind clarity and confident self-expression

The words we say, the emotions that we feel, and the thoughts that we choose to think are key elements that control our lives and can ultimately predict future life events. 

Everything we say or believe in plays a fundamental and decisive role in the way we perceive life. 

The more we nurture our bright side, have an optimistic outlook, and affirm positive words, the more we get to experience great things in real life, because eventually, thoughts become things. 

For instance, repeating positive affirmations that go along with the properties of a crystal can be such a powerful way to consolidate the power of words as well as the healing powers of the chosen gem. 

Sodalite affirmations help you get more in touch with the powerful vibrations of this blue stone. They guide you to be more self-aware by opening up your mind and bettering your entire life perception. Plus, they increase your intuition and focus and encourage you to express yourself confidently. 

sodalite affirmations

Find below 10 Sodalite affirmations that you can state to activate and receive the freeing powers of Sodalite, raise your intuition, gain calmness, be more self-aware and communicate assuredly. 

What are the benefits of Sodalite affirmations?

Clarity of thoughts

The vibrations emitted by Sodalite help you attain a high level of clarity and pureness which have a big impact on observing the things and all the particular factors that contribute to your well-being.

The clarifying powers of Sodalite empower you to pay close attention to the kind of thoughts that are regularly occurring which enlighten you to become more mindful and more self-aware. 

Meaning that you become more in tune with yourself, you understand yourself better, which eventually aligns you to build positive self-esteem and perceive challenges as a golden prospect to broaden your knowledge and be emotionally and mentally stronger. 

Harmony and composure

Sodalite emits calming and reassuring energies that inspire you to gain more composure and be in harmony with your inner self. 

It purifies your thinking system from the kind of thoughts and stored beliefs that don’t contribute to your interior peace and happiness. 

Connecting to the power of this stone guide you to alleviate stress, worries, and discomfort which opens up the gate to receive high vibrational energies that will contribute to gaining genuine tranquillity. 

Once you receive the harmonious and calming energies of Sodalite you sense that you closed a whole life chapter that was just keeping you stagnated and unable to gain the kind of relief and newness that you are eagerly searching for. 

Heal and unblock the throat chakra 

Sodalite is strongly tied to the throat chakra. 

The throat chakra is considered the center of self-expression, communication, and the ability to declare your truth. 

Sodalite emits powerful vibrations that work harmoniously with this energy center. 

It allows you to heal and balance this energy point so you can express yourself confidently without fear of judgment or worries. 

Sodalite empowers you to strengthen and enhance your communication skills and permits you to deliver your thoughts and ideas with ease, smoothness, and unwavering assurance. 

Raise your intuitive powers

Intuition is this inner voice that we hold inside, listening and believing in our intuitive powers aligns us to magical trajectories where we can attain our most desired life goals.

“Learn to trust it, trust your intuition, and in good time, answers to all you seek to know will come, and the path will open before you.”

– Caroline Joy Adams.

However, fears, doubts, exterior toxic influences such as others limiting opinions can fade or shut down this voice which hinders us to be aligned with our true and great potentials. 

Therefore, connecting closely with the power of Sodalite aids you to awaken your intuition and acquire an advanced self-understanding which eventually guides you to enhance your creativity, develop better decision-making abilities, and choose the elements that are contributing to your wellness. 

10 Sodalite affirmations

Here are 10 Sodalite affirmations to benefit from the calming and clarifying vibrations of the Sodalite crystal.

Keep in mind to remain faithful and in a serene state of mind when repeating these affirmations. 

Hold your Sodalite stone in your hand (or you can wear a sodalite bracelet/necklace if you have one) and take a few deep slow breaths to calm yourself and be ready to receive the energies of calmness, purification, and empowerment.

#1. I am calm.

#2. I am surrounded by serenity, tranquility, and peacefulness.

#3. I choose to think positively.

#4. My mindset is pure, clear, and bright.

#5. I am self-aware and mindful of my own thoughts and actions.

#6. I communicate with confidence and ease. 

#7. I express myself freely and openly. 

#8. My intuition enables me to choose the best decision that serves my highest good. 

#9. I am aligned with peace, harmony, and contentment. 

#10. My mind is clear and open to receiving divine guidance.  

Final thoughts

Sodalite is the stone of mental clarity, intuition, and confident self-expression. 

Pairing the power of Sodalite with the power of affirmations creates a deep-felt sensation of release that urges you to finally let go of the resistance that stops you from reaching restoring clarity. 

Sodalite affirmations enable you to feel liberated, attain a high level of mental clarity, balance your throat chakra by allowing you to communicate with ease and confidence, awaken your intuition to be more aligned, and be one step closer to manifesting your desires. 

So whenever you feel some kind of resistance that prevents you from expressing yourself confidently or you sense that your mind is cluttered with overlapping thoughts, hold your Sodalite in hand repeating the stated affirmations to reap the benefits of this fantastic combination. 

Further reading 

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Seize this chance to feel full of life, happy, and confident. 

Happy reading everyone!

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