Smoky Quartz VS Smoky Topaz: Are They The Same?

I think if you are familiar with crystals, you will for sure be knowledgeable about the Smoky Quartz crystal, however, in my opinion, Smoky Topaz is not considered a popular appellation if we compare it with Smoky Quartz.

If you are curious about knowing more about Smoky Topaz and what is the connection between this crystal and Smoky Quartz, then this article is made for you. 

Smoky Quartz VS Smoky Topaz

smoky quartz vs smoky topaz

1. The one thing to be aware of

Smoky Quartz and Smoky Topaz are the same crystal.

This means that Smoky Topaz is another appellation of Smoky Quartz.

There is no such thing as Smoky Topaz, which means that this crystal is not a variety of Topaz stones.

Topaz exhibits different colors such as blue, pink, green, red, purple, and yellow and it can also be colorless, however, we can not find a Topaz gem in a grey, deep brown, or sometimes black color.

So, I think that this nomenclature occurs because when a Smoky Quartz is meticulously polished in a form of a gem, it can be very similar to the other color varieties of Topaz stones that we have just mentioned.

Therefore, you should be aware of the fact that Smoky Topaz is in fact Smoky Quartz.

This is key information, especially when you desire to buy a certain stone, for instance, if you see that it is marked as Smoky “topaz” then know it is not a real topaz but actually a quartz mineral.

2. How do you tell a topaz from smoky quartz?

To separate between a real topaz and smoky quartz then relying on your visual capacities is essential.

Smoky Quartz displays way more impurities

smoky quartz vs smoky topaz

Meaning that it displays long horizontal striations alongside other obvious imperfections such as cracks and foggy spots here and there on all of its surfaces.

However, Topaz also presents striations but this time they are vertical.

Plus, Topaz scores a higher hardness number which is 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, and Quartz has a 7 on the same scale.

This means that if we do a scratch test between a piece of Smoky Quartz that is labeled as “Smoky Topaz” and a genuine Topaz crystal, we will find out that Topaz is going to leave visible scratches on the Smoky Quartz surface.

Plus, one additional thing to be aware of is that Topaz is very cold to touch.

If you hold a piece of Topaz in one hand and a piece of Smoky Quartz in the other, you will sense that Topaz maintains a cold temperature way more than Smoky Quartz.

Smoky Quartz absorbs the body temperature rather quickly if we compare it to topaz. 

3. Which is more valuable quartz or topaz?

Topaz is more valuable than Quartz.

And in our today’s topic, Smoky Topaz which is Smoky Quartz is less valuable which implies that it is way less expensive than the actual topaz crystals.

So, the tricky thing about Smoky Topaz is when we first think of it, we assume that it is a very expensive stone because of the topaz part in its name, but in reality, this stone is far from being expensive.

Smoky Topaz’s price is rather affordable and that is because this kind of stone is a variety of Quartz stones which are considered one of the most abundant crystals in the world. 

However, the real Topaz stone especially the blue variety is so rare which illustrates its high price meaning that it is more valuable than Smoky Quartz which is more abundant and more affordable.


Smoky Quartz VS Smoky Topaz

There is no difference between Smoky Quartz and Smoky Topaz. Smoky Topaz is actually the dark brown variety of Quartz.

Keep in mind that there is no real brown, smoky grey, or very dark brown that sometimes appears black kinds of Topaz in the market. 

So, if you see a stone that is sold as a “Smoky Topaz” know that it is in fact another appellation of Smoky Quartz. 

Plus, Topaz crystals are more valuable and way more pricey than “Smoky Topaz” aka Smoky Quartz and that is because Topaz stones are rarer and not as abundant as the Quartz stones that are widespread in all the corners of the globe. 

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