Selenite and Amethyst together (be calmer right now!)

Selenite and Amethyst not only look fantastic when they are next to each other, but they also release deep healing vibrations that work super harmoniously.

Life can be sometimes overwhelming and overly eventful which can make you feel anxious and not in the best state to handle these types of life situations in the best shape and form.

Connecting with the soothing healing powers of crystals and especially the combination of Selenite and Amethyst delivers calming and peaceful energies.

Selenite and Amethyst together deliver profound calming sensations to help you remain well-balanced and peaceful especially when you encounter stressful moments. Selenite clears your aura, purifies your energy field, and clears your mind. Amethyst on the other hand lowers stress levels and helps you find inner peace. 

Selenite and Amethyst together

In this post, you are going to discover the excellent healing powers of both Selenite and Amethyst, and how this specific crystal combination can make you feel significantly calmer and at ease. 

Selenite: the stone of serenity, peace, and clarity

Selenite is a beautiful white crystal that emits powerful calming and cleansing vibrations.

Once you are connected to the Selenite energy you will certainly feel a soothing sensation that fills your soul with serenity and joyful composure.

This crystal brings support and divine harmony to all cycles of life especially the one where we feel more challenged and tense.

It calms your soul and clears your mind so you can make the right decisions that are going to serve you the best.

It is also a perfect crystal to keep in different places in your home, for instance, your bedroom so you can feel extra relaxed and also to free your mind from the bothering habit of overthinking.

Amethyst: the stone of stress relief, balance, and calmness

Amethyst is one of the most famous crystals in the crystal realm.

This stone is the ultimate soothing healing energy tool.

The energy emitted by Amethyst assists you to soothe your emotions and calms your mind so you can kick away any anxious thoughts that disturb your inner peace.

Besides its notable benefits in calming the mind, Amethyst aids you as well to expand your imagination and nurtures your creative side.

This purple crystal surrounds you with a deep calming aura that brings your mind, body, and soul to a deep state of peace so you are capable to feel fully empowered to use your creative abilities and to enlighten the power of your mind. 

It is a truly supportive healing crystal that helps you bring a healthy mind balance by helping you overcome the stressful feelings due to difficult life experiences. 

Selenite and Amethyst together

Find your balance

Selenite and Amethyst together work harmoniously to deliver to you a profound feeling of inner balance.

Feeling balanced is a fundamental key aspect that gives you the right healthy amount of energy and strength so you can manage your different life events with ease and confidence.

The energies of these two stones, especially when you combine them together, guide you to tap into a profound inner sensation of stability which is going to help you considerably in managing your life with a serene mind and optimistic approach.

Calm your mind, body, and soul

Selenite and Amethyst have one common aspect which is their power to radiate a high vibrational feeling of calmness that touches every cell of your being.

These two stones rank first in the list of healing crystals that provide you with heartfelt feelings of peacefulness, purity, and interior tranquillity.

For example, wearing a crystal bracelet that combines Selenite and Amethyst is just the perfect combination to induce the soothing feeling of inner calmness especially when you feel uneasy. 

These two crystals work best when you need an extra amount of mental and spiritual tranquility, their energies work simultaneously to aid you find your absolute quietness and also guard you against negative energies 

Heal the crown chakra

The crown chakra is the energy center of enlightenment, wisdom, consciousness, and pure bliss.

Selenite and Amethyst crystals are associated with the crown chakra to help you heal, balance, and activate the great benefits of this energy center.

For instance, meditating with these crystals guides you to balance your crown chakra which aids you to feel more connected to the world around you and shift your whole entire vision to perceive your life with a grateful mindset and to experience genuine happiness.

Amethyst and Selenite target the crown chakra to help you reach a high level of life balance and attain an advanced level of spiritual connection so you are able to sense true fulfillment and find inner peace in every life situation so you can navigate life with mindfulness. 

Final thoughts

Selenite and Amethyst together are an excellent crystal combination to reach high levels of calmness, inner peace, and healthier life balance.

Wearing Selenite and Amethyst as crystal bracelets or connecting with their energies during meditation are two helpful ways to reduce stress levels, heal the crown chakra, and achieve true mind clarity so you are able to make the right decisions and relish life fully. 

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