10 Orange Calcite affirmations to be more joyful!

We should be fully aware that the words we say can have such an influential power to dictate the way we feel and our overall perspective on different life situations that we may encounter. 

“Words are containers for power, you choose what kind of power they carry.” – Joyce Meyer

Combining positive self-talk and uplifting affirmations with the high vibrational energy of crystals generates such an impactful stream of sensations that can shift a negative and worried mindset to a more hopeful and positive state of mind. 

For instance, stating Orange Calcite affirmations supplement your whole thinking system with a bright positive energy that inspires you to regain your inner joy and sense an unshakable optimism.  

orange calcite affirmations

In this blog post, you are going to find 10 Orange Calcite affirmations to be energetically aligned with the healing powers of this bright orange crystal and to sense warming sensations of positivity, brightness, and a burst of joy. 

What are the benefits of Orange Calcite affirmations?

Radiant positivity

Getting in contact with Orange Calcite will automatically awaken your sensations. 

The beautiful striking and bright Orange color of this Calcite crystal is not only eye-catching but also fills your aura with such warm energy that inspires you to revive your energy levels and approach life with a perspective that allows you to focus on the good things.

Stating affirmations that go along with the vibrations of Orange Calcite assists you to welcome quickly and effectively the uplifting energy of this stone.

Orange Calcite affirmations guide you to amplify the energy radiated by this stone by welcoming its comforting energy that guides you to sense a notable good and comforting feeling. 

Feel joyful 

Orange Calcite is one of the most exceptional crystals that generate a refreshing feeling of joy. 

Connecting with the vibrations transmitted by Orange Calcite allows you to experience a warm and passionate sensation of inner bliss. 

So, repeating Orange Calcite affirmations helps you improve your mood and assists you to make an outstanding positive shift so you are capable to feel brighter and ready to fully enjoy and grasp every cheerful moment in your day. 

Lighten your days with optimism

The energy radiated by Orange Calcite creates a healthy emotional balance so you can get rid of the mental blockage and fear-based thoughts that hinder you from living your life fully. 

This orange gem emits encouraging vibrations which empower you to stay courageous and optimistic when going through a challenging life phase. 

So, the Orange Calcite affirmations work as a booster and a potent energy amplifier to balance your emotions and to overcome the thoughts that cause you discomfort. 

Awaken your creativity

Orange Calcite is known as one of the most efficient crystals that promotes creativity.  

We all need to work on improving our creative powers. 

Creativity allows us to become better persons, it enables us to express ourselves freely and shows our unique abilities which can play a significant role in boosting our self-esteem and be more comfortable in our own skin. 

So, the Orange Calcite affirmations are here to aliment your mind with uplifting words that carry powerful vibrations which permit you to manifest creative changes in your life, unveil your hidden precious talents, and be your own unique self.  

10 Orange Calcite affirmations

Find below 10 Orange Calcite affirmations to benefit from the joyful energy of this orange gem.

Keep in mind to feel genuinely hopeful and be firmly faithful that your intentions are going to be fulfilled. 

Hold your Orange Calcite stone in your hand (or you can wear an Orange Calcite bracelet/necklace if you have one) and take few deep slow breaths to calm yourself and be ready to be aligned with hope and pure happiness. 

#1. I am ready to be joyful right now.

#2. I deserve happiness. 

#3. I welcome the things that bring me joy and fulfillment. 

#4. My life is filled with radiance, passion, kindness, and well-being.

#5. My positive attitude changes my life for the better. 

#6. I choose to enjoy every moment of my life.

#7. I am talented and creative. 

#8. I express myself and my skills with confidence.

#9. My ideas capture admiration and inspiration.

#10. Joy, serenity, and harmony are constantly flowing into my life.


Contemplating the brilliant orange color and sensing the overall energy of Orange Calcite will simply make you warm and happy inside. 

Plus, pairing positive affirmations with the vibrations of Orange Calcite will work greatly in amplifying the healing powers of this stone and allows you to get in touch and experience its bright radiated vibrations in such a quick and heartfelt way. 

Orange Calcite affirmations are such a potent mental exercise to supplement your life with a remarkable happiness and manifest positivity, comfort, radiance, and a fresh creative flow into your life. 

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