Obsidian And Amethyst Together (Powerful Protection)

Being protected against negative energy and having the ability to control the outside influences from disturbing our peace is a crucial way to remain calm and take care of our souls.

Apart from doing the inner work.

And apart from developing a higher consciousness to create a peaceful life that increases inner strength and empowers you to remain protected and collected during life’s challenges, connecting with the energy with the healing powers of crystals can be quite helpful.

Obsidian and Amethyst together allow you to develop great inner strength and help you feel protected against negative and toxic energies which permit you to manage your life with clarity and confidence. 

In this blog post, you are going to explore the powerful healing properties of when Obsidian and Amethyst are combined together. 

Obsidian and Amethyst together

1. High protection

Obsidian and Amethyst together generate such a powerful stream of protective energy.

They both work on supplying you with such guarding vibration that helps you not be affected by negative energies that could disturb your peace or make you feel uncomfortable. 

So, when you combine them together you will receive such a powerful protecting energy that guides you to feel extra grounded and highly protected and cared for. 

2. Feel energized

These two stones are just super energizing.

They both help you purify your energy field from anything that drains you, which results in making you feel enthusiastic to work on your goals.

They supply you with vital energy not only on the physical level but also mentally so you can deliver your best performance.

On one hand Amethyst purifies your aura as well as all things that surround and affect you from negativity and low vibrational energy.

And on the other hand, Obsidian supplements you with high energy which makes you feel motivated and excited to work effectively on your objectives. 

3. No more space for negativity

Combining Obsidian and Amethyst together helps you manage your life in a better and more positive way.

Their protective and powerful energies guide you to have a more positive and hopeful approach toward life.

Meaning that they supplement your thoughts as well as your emotions with a bright sense of peacefulness and purity which helps you greatly to manage your thoughts in a better way and not let negative situations ruin your happiness.

4. Increased clarity

As we mentioned previously, Amethyst and Obsidian have one important aspect in common which is their power to purify your energy field, this will guide you to reach a great sense of clarity.

Clarity is crucial, especially when you are about to make an important decision or you require a calm mind to focus well on your current goals.

So combining these two powerful crystals assist you to increase your mental as well as your soul clarity to live peacefully and develop a serene mindset to take the right decision that serves you in the best way possible. 

5. Inner strength and willpower

Obsidian and Amethyst are linked to our mind power.

This means that when joined together, they help you strengthen your belief system and discover how powerful you actually are.

Obsidian guides you to stay grounded, and protected while boosting your energy which helps you immensely in being in such a powerful state to really have the willpower to accomplish your goals.

All of these potent attributes of Obsidian raise your awareness and direct your attention to be mindful of your own capacities and invest your time in the things that make you feel more powerful and self-confident.

Amethyst strengthens all of these amazing healing powers of Obsidian by making you shielded from negative energy or toxic opinions and influences from disturbing your focus or doubting your dreams. 

How can you use Obsidian and amethyst together?

You can use the combined power of Obsidian and Amethyst in a form of a bracelet to be always surrounded by the protective powers of this crystal combination.

You can connect with the healing properties of Obsidian and Amethyst, especially when you feel that your energy needs to be immediately cleaned and purified from negativity and bad energies.

Using Obsidian and Amethyst crystal combination during meditation is also beneficial to welcome their healing powers on a deeper soulful level.

You can listen to a guided meditation while holding these stones in your hands or wearing them in a form of a bracelet.


obsidian and amethyst together

Obsidian and Amethyst together are the ultimate crystal combination of protection, purification, and high energy. 

Combining these two powerful stones enables you to cleanse your energy field from negativity while feeling energized, guarded, stronger, and in tune with your own unique powers. 

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