10 Moonstone Affirmations To Awaken Your Feminine Energy

Moonstone is such a mesmerizing crystal to contemplate.

This magical stone displays a radiant glow that shines from within.

It is an opaque crystal that exhibits a unique glimmer that is usually blue or a mixture of other hues such as violet, pink, and blue in this case we name the crystal the “rainbow Moonstone”.

Moonstone is the ultimate gem of intuition, emotional healing, and inner balance. 

Repeating affirmations that are in harmony with the rejuvenating energy of Moonstone enables you to tap into a soothing sensation of profound healing and be more connected to your divine feminine energy. 

So, here are 10 of the most powerful Moonstone affirmations to be more connected to your emotions and bring back a delightful sense of balance into your life.

How can Moonstone affirmations help you?

1. Harmony and balance

Felling balanced and in harmony with the way you live your life is a key element to feel truly happy and content.

The energy of Moonstone works on making you feel equilibrated by healing and fixing imbalances that could make you sense that you are out of alignment.

It wraps you with a warm comforting aura and clarifies your mind to fully recognize the things that you should absolutely let go of so you can feel your absolute best.

Therefore Moonstone affirmations allow you to think clearly, be in tune with your emotions, and declutter your mind from the noises that stop you from making significant positive life changes. 

2. Assistance in times of change

The energy of Moonstone is highly comforting and nurturing.

The supporting energy of Moonstone brings you the comfort that you need to feel emotionally and mentally stronger in times of change.

These key moments may make you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what is your next step.

So, Moonstone affirmations enable you to find comfort in unsettling times and make you feel supported and cared for.

This key attribute of Moonstone makes it one of the most powerful stones that strengthen your belief system in order to overcome any hardship and at the same, it soothes your soul to help you transition to your next life chapter with ease, confidence, and wisdom. 

3. Heals the feminine energy 

The feminine energy evolves around the sensation of intuition, nurture, self-care, gratitude, and creativity.

Feeling disconnected from our feminine energy side can make you feel drained, always on the go and not enjoying precious present moments, and be constantly in rush. 

One of the major healing powers of Moonstone is restoring our relationship with our feminine side and actually being intimately connected with our emotions and deeply nurturing our soul. 

Moonstone affirmations bring to your awareness to be more mindful of your feminine energy and actually give more attention to your creative abilities while enhancing your intuitive powers, and practicing more self-love and self-care. 

How to benefit the most from Moonstone affirmations?

1. Cleanse your stone

Before programming your Moonstone with your intentions, it is best to purify the stone to make sure that it is receiving and emitting the delightful and deep healing powers that you strive for.

It is so simple to cleanse Moonstone. 

You will simply need a bowl of water and a couple of hours.

Immerse your stone in a bowl that is filled with water for about 1 or 2 hours.

After that dry your stone completely with a soft towel.

After that, you will certainly feel that your Moonstone crystal is much lighter, and colder, as well as you will just sense that it is fully ready to receive your beautiful intentions. 

For a quick cleanse and if you don’t have lots of time on your hand there is another way to purify your crystal that is equally efficient. 

You can burn sage and let the smoke generated wrap up your stone for a few minutes, just remind yourself to open up your windows to make sure that your space is optimally aerated. 

2. Practice meditation 

Another vital thing to make sure that you are greatly benefiting from Moonstone affirmations is to be surrounded with emotions of serenity and calmness.

Being in a peaceful mental and emotional condition is key to receiving all the vibrations held by the words that you are repeating as well as the energy of your crystal.

To do so you can meditate for a few minutes or take a few mindful deep breaths. 

Plus to connect furthermore with the deep nurturing vibrations of Moonstone you can listen to a guided meditation for the feminine energy.

This step is going to prepare you to awaken your powerful inner powers of divine love, intuition, creativity, and beaming confidence. 

10 Moonstone affirmations to heal your feminine energy and feel supported 

moonstone affirmations

1* I am supported.

2* I am surrounded by love, care, and divine guidance.

3* I am creative.

4* My intuition and self-confidence lead me to create a loving and fulfilling life for myself.

5* Taking care of myself enables me to be confident and powerful.

6* I live a balanced, loving, and harmonious life.

7* I am grateful for all of my life blessings.

8* I welcome kindness, compassion, ease, and nurturing love to my life. 

9* I am in tune with my feminine energy.

10* I am courageous, intuitive, wise, and abundant. 

Final thoughts

moonstone affirmations

Moonstone Affirmations enable you to unite the power of words with the profound healing energy of Moonstone. They enable you to program your mind to feel more balanced, intuitive, emotionally healed and strongly supported. 

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