10 Malachite Affirmations For Protection And Emotional Healing

Malachite is a magnificent royal green color, naturally embellished with black lines that encircle the stone’s surface.

This stone has an opaque and matte finish, plus it is specifically distinguished by its unique green hue that we can not find in other stones.

Malachite is known as the guardian stone because it is viewed as a powerful protecting energy tool that blocks negativity and bad energies.

Therefore, repeating affirmations that are in harmony with the nature of Malachite enables you to feel highly protected, self-assured, and happily balanced.

In this post, you are going to find 10 helpful Malachite affirmations that will assist you to feel deeply connected to the energy of this green gem and receive all of its profound healing powers.  

How can Malachite affirmations help you?

1.No more space for negativity

The Malachite stone works powerfully in absorbing the negative energy that surrounds you.

This stone encircles you with a bright guarding aura of protection and positivity. 

Malachite absorbs and blocks low vibrations so you can tap into a much more positive reality.

So, repeating Malachite affirmations enables you to open up your mind and consciousness to notice the good things in your life and be invested in what makes your heart and soul happy.


Malachite is not only great in absorbing negative energy but it is also a fantastic strengthening energy tool.

This vivid green gem brings you the courage to make the right decisions that serve your potential.

It enlightens your mind to notice your greatest assets and invest in your power to create a better reality for yourself.

Malachite affirmations work on activating furthermore the potent energy of this stone and program it so you can feel more courageous and eager to make significant life changes.

This stone holds a great transformative power that inspires you to transform your inner belief system by believing in yourself and attracting the thoughts and circumstances that direct you towards manifesting your desires.  

3. Open up your heart 

Malachite is strongly tied to the heart chakra.

This stone opens up your heart and guides you to look within in order to heal any wounded feelings that block you from truly loving and appreciating yourself. 

So, Malachite affirmations guide you to open up your heart chakra which unlocks the way for you to release and let go of the feelings of anger, resentment, and regret. 

These simple but powerful words guide you to feel deeply connected to the heart healing power of Malachite and tap into the comforting sensations of love, serenity, forgiveness, and self-forgiveness. 

How to benefit the most from Malachite affirmations?

Before programming your stone with the following affirmations it is best to first be in a clear mental space.

This means that you want to be in a very calm and peaceful state so you can receive all the amazing healing powers of your Malachite stone in the most rewarding way possible.

To do that, you can meditate for a few minutes before repeating your Malachite affirmations.

After that, you can also give your stone a quick cleanse before programming it with powerful words.

Cleansing your stone is key to making sure that your crystal is completely free from any unharmonious energy or absorbed negative vibrations.

To purify your Malachite stone you can simply ignite a sage stick and let the smoke generated encircles the stone for a few minutes.

This cleansing technique cleanses the Malachite crystal and also revives all of its great healing energies. 

10 Malachite affirmations to feel protected, heal your heart, and be ready for a great and positive transformation 

malachite affirmations

1* I am protected, 

2* I allow positivity and happiness to fill every part of my life.

3* I attract positive situations and joyful people to my life.

4* I radiate joy, optimism, and inner bliss. 

5* I welcome happy and rewarding changes.

6* My courage and strong willpower enable me to create great changes in my life.

7*I forgive me.

8* I am in harmony with myself.

9* I am forward in life with love, peacefulness, contentment, and compassion. 

10* My positive life vision allows me to live happily, in peace, and at continual ease. 

Final thoughts

malachite affirmations

Words are indeed powerful, they carry decisive energy that can alter our life.

The words we say influence our thoughts and emotions which are two pillar components that create our day-to-day and can predict our future.

So, if we decide to make conscious decisions to think positively and choose the right words that serve our best, everything else shifts drastically for the absolute best.

Furthermore, combining the power of words with the crystal power of Malachite generates a healing heartfelt wave of divine protection, and emotional healing, plus it ignites deep down in our souls the desire to make life-changing transformations. 

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