Explore 8 light Blue crystal names and their meanings

Light blue induces the feeling of calmness and peacefulness

This exact shade of Blue reflects an innate emotion of tranquility, quietude, purity, and serenity

Therefore, if you particularly admire this exact shade of Blue, you will certainly love crystals that showcase this peaceful blue color.

If you search about light Blue crystal names then this blog post is specifically made for you!

Explore in this blog post 8 light blue crystal names, discover what is unique about them and all the amazing heartfelt vibrations that they radiate. 

8 Light Blue crystals names

light blue crystal names

1. Larimar


Larimar is considered a rare light blue variety of the silicate mineral pectolite. 

What is distinct about this crystal is its location. It is found exclusively in the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean. 

Larimar showcases different tonalities of pastel blue shades ornamented by white lines that are intertwining on the stone’s surface. 

Healing benefits

Larimar is known to have soothing and balancing properties on the mind and the body. 

This crystal delivers deep-felt vibrations of peace, quietude, and calmness. 

Larimar also assists you to achieve clearer communication by purifying your mind from negative thoughts and helping you create for yourself a safe and well-balanced space to express yourself coherently and confidently. 

2. Blue Lace Agate


Blue Lace Agate is a part of the extensive family of Agate stones. 

This crystal displays very light blue shades with distinctive white lines or bands that go over all the stone. 

Blue Lace Agate has a very smooth and shiny surface, merged with various shades of Blue sea sky shades, this combination gives the crystal a very serene appearance. 

Healing benefits

Blue Lace Agate is referred to as a soothing calming crystal. 

The vibrations transmitted by this gem assist you to calm your entire being and reduce any uncomfortable feelings of pressure and disharmony.

The calming nature of this crystal soothes harsh and stress-inducing emotions and assists to approach life with a peaceful mind.

Blue Lace Agate also heals and balances the throat chakra so you can feel at ease and confident when you communicate and when you share your thoughts and takes on different subjects.

3. Aquamarine


Aquamarine is a transparent blue variety of beryl. 

It reflects a soft pale blue that is closely similar to a pastel blue ocean shade. 

The name Aquamarine comes from Latin. 

The appellation comes from aqua, which means “water” and Marine comes from Marinus, meaning “of the sea”. 

The meaning of this exquisite stone is therefore seawater, an obvious reference to its color of a soothing blue.

Healing benefits

As pacifying as a calm sea at the end of the day, Aquamarine stimulates the mind to relax. 

It is a stone that helps fight stress and promotes positive thoughts. Its vibrations decrease anxiety to make room for inner peace.

Aquamarine also emits inspiring energies that guide you to awaken your innate creative powers by promoting your own valuable capacities and assets. 

4. Celestite


Celestite is a mineral made up of strontium sulfate. 

This crystal occurs naturally in stunning geode forms (look at the illustration above), it displays light blue icy shades. 

As stated previously, Celestite is usually presented in a form of crystal clusters that house plenty of beautiful pointy crystals. 

It is also necessary to note that this crystal is fairly fragile, so it is best to be extra cautious when handling it to prevent damaging your Celestite stone. 

Healing benefits

Celestite delivers gentle and calming energies.

It works on purifying your energy space as well as your environment and emitting serene and soothing vibrations.

The comforting nature of Celestite allows you to create a harmonious and wholesomely balanced space for yourself to feel peaceful. 

Plus, placing a Celestite stone in your bedroom may also assist you to have a restful sleeping time. 

light blue crystal names

5. Angelite


Angelite is a form of gypsum and is made of calcium sulfate. 

This crystal displays a very soft and blue color that is smoothly and evenly diffused all over the stone. 

It is important to mention that Angelite scores 3.5 on the Mohs scale of Hardness. This number shows that this light blue crystal can be brittle and easily breakable. 

So as a safety procedure, always be extra careful when operating with Angelite to prevent any unfortunate potential damages. 

Healing benefits

Angelite is known for its serene frequencies that induce comforting sensations of inner peace and firm calmness. 

Its advanced pacified frequencies work on alleviating any discordant states of doubts, tension, or emotional pressure. 

This stone aids you to release all burdens and mental blockages and encourages you to establish a meaningful calm thoughtful state to manage your life with serenity and ease. 

6. Blue Calcite


Blue calcite is the blue version of the broad family of Calcite stones. 

It displays light hues of blue with a distinct glossy finish. 

Blue calcite stone, like all its sisters, is composed of a base of natural calcium carbonate, to which manganese and carbon can be added. It is light blue in color with a hardness of 3, which makes it a rather soft stone.

Healing benefits

Blue Calcite emits emotional assisting energies that aid you to sense a caring and lifting sensation of support.

It guides you to release emotional burdens that weigh you down and disrupt you from letting go and commencing a new bright life chapter. 

The relieving nature of Blue Calcite pushes you to execute a global purification and cleanses your energy field so you can finally be at peace, in total harmony with yourself, and attract the things that make you feel genuinely fulfilled and comfortable. 

7. Kyanite


Kyanite is a blue mineral found mainly in metamorphic rocks (a type of rock that has been altered by extreme heat and pressure).

Blue Kyanite is usually presented with an elongated, columnar crystal form with apparent white strips.  

Kyanite displays a light sky blue color blended with white long linear inclusions.

Healing benefits

The powerful energy released by Kyanite restores a wholesome energy balance. 

Its harmonizing properties allow you to require vital energy to manage your life with a sense of calmness and a stress-free approach. 

Kyanite brings balance and purification to the body, especially following an anchored disturbance created by negative influences and energies.

It inspires you to act with serenity and mindfulness to find solutions to the challenges and issues that you may face in your everyday life. 

Plus, the soothing proprieties of this light blue crystal contribute to promoting deep, restful sleep, giving the body and mind as much rest as needed.

8. Blue Topaz


Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine.

This light blue gem is considered a highly valuable mineral and it is popularly used in fine jewelry such as engagement rings. 

Healing benefits

Blue topaz would facilitate exchange, conversation, and listening to others. 

Plus, this precious light blue gem emits courageous energies that assist you to overcome, fears, doubts, and obstacles.

Its welcoming energies allow you to deepen your bond with your loved ones and also inspire you to create meaningful friendship connections. 

Final thoughts

As we can clearly see that light Blue crystal names not only share astonishing light blue hues but also have one aspect in common which is their vibrational powers to induce uplifting sensations of calmness, inner peace, serenity, and a confident sense of expression. 

Therefore, here are 8 light Blue crystal names to enrich your crystal knowledge and to also connect with whenever you aim to attain a refreshing and peaceful state of mind.

  1. Larimar.
  2. Blue Lace Agate.
  3. Aquamarine.
  4. Celestite.
  5. Angelite.
  6. Blue Calcite.
  7. Kyanite.
  8. Blue Topaz.

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