Lemurian Seed Crystal: Meaning and Properties

Lemurian Seed Crystal is a magical crystal that carries an enchanting and mystical ancient history. 

The legend stated that the word “Lemurian” reflects the name of Lemuria which is an advanced ancient civilization, a legendary lost continent of the Indian Ocean, known for its high spiritual intelligence, developed knowledge, and great wisdom. 

The legend continues to assert that the word “Seed” indicates that the Lemurians seeded the Lemurian Crystals and encoded them with high vibrational frequencies of wisdom, spiritual guidance, and potent healing powers.

Lemurian Seed Crystal is a special type of crystal that radiates potent ancient powers. It is believed that these crystals carry the encoded knowledge of Lemuria that would help the current civilization to tap into the sense of unity, deep life understanding, and universal love.

This crystal reflects a compelling story that reveals how the planet Earth can be truly magical. 

In this post, you are going to discover, Lemurian Seed Crystal meaning, healing powers, and how you can use it to connect with its riveting benefits.

What is Lemurian Seed Crystal?

What is Lemurian Seed Crystal

Lemurian Seed Crystal is a type of Quartz crystal that has a unique appearance. This crystal has the shape of laser wands and its side surfaces contain horizontal striations that are similar to today’s bar codes.

Lemurian crystals were first found in Brazil, yet they can also be located in Russia, Tibet, Colombia, Zambia, and the United States of America.  

Lemurian Seed Crystal is also known as Lemurian crystal, Lemurian Quartz, and Lemurian Star Seeds.

This crystal comes in different colors and shades, for instance, transparent cloudy white, pink, orange, and dark brown.

Orange Lemurian Seed crystal
Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Lemurian crystals carry the sacred vibrations of an ancient history that holds the encoded magical wealthy knowledge of the Lemuria civilization. 

It is assumed that Lemurian Seed Crystal preserves powerful healing messages and high spiritual codes that were implemented by Lemurians.

During their last days, Lemurians chose to plant these seed crystals to transport their high knowledge and to teach their powerful healing codes so they can be discovered by future civilizations.

The ultimate goal of the Lemurian transported knowledge is to guide the current Earthlings to establish a strong and high vibrational bond that allows us to acknowledge the fact that we are a united consciousness and by connecting to the universal life force we can increase our healing powers. 

Lemurian Seed Crystal VS Quartz

Lemurian Seed Crystal VS Quartz (1)

So, what is the key difference between Lemurian Seed Crystals and Quartz crystals?

The main difference between these two crystals is that the Quartz crystal is a clear energy canvas that can be programmed by our intentions, whereas the Lemurian crystal is already programmed and loaded with healing powers waiting for us to activate and fully harness.

Another key physical aspect to highlight is that if we take a deeper look at Lemurian Seed Crystal we will notice that its surface has horizontal repetitive lignes, in contrast, Quartz crystals are distinguished by their smooth surface. 

Lemurian Seed Crystal meaning

Lemurian Seed Crystal is a captivating healing stone encoded with powerful frequencies that work on raising the vibrations of the collective. The moment you get in touch with this stone, you will tap into a magical yet genuine feeling of oneness which makes you realize that you are not alone in this world. 

This enchanting crystal helps you to raise your frequency, gives you inner clarity, and establishes a clear peaceful connection with higher realms, so you are able and ready to receive divine blessings and nurture every single aspect of your life with unconditional love, peace, and protection. 

Lemurian Seed Crystal metaphysical properties

Lemurian Seed Crystal displays deep healing energies and transmits to its wearer unconditional support and assistance. This crystal holds potent spiritual codes that awaken your spirit and aids you to achieve a more heartfelt emotional healing, higher intuition, and a sincere sense of unlimited love. 

Unconditional support

Lemurian crystals transport a deep sensation of support and assistance. 

It surrounds you with a high vibration shield that makes you feel fully supported to carry on with your life journey with confidence and higher strength. 

It works on clearing your energy field and brings to your life a sense of inner clarity, inner ease, and a profound feeling of comfort.  

This crystal fills your spirit with a deep-rooted sensation of unconditional love and awakens within you the feminine energy that reflects everything related to sensations, emotions, expression, intuition, and gentlest.

Master healer

Lemurian crystals are known as a “Master healer”

Lemurian quartz is a powerful tool for energy healing, meditation, and channeling high vibrational energies. 

It would be very powerful as an energy amplifier to expand alleviated vibrations that help you feel connected to the gentle loving energies of higher realms and to harness these rejuvenating powers to heal emotional wounds and mental blockages. 

Once you become aligned with its magnificent powers, you will come to the deep and enlightening realization that you are indeed a powerful being that is capable to tune in to the universal force to achieve a higher state of healing and to restore your own magnificent powers. 

The more you strengthen your bond to this magical crystal, the more you decipher its potent spiritual healing codes, and the more you became aware of your wonderful worth and how capable you are to channel ancient wisdom to become spiritually, emotionally, and mentally uplifted.

Lemurian Seed Crystal benefits

Lemurian Seed Crystal establishes a healthy mind, body, and soul balance. The precious ancient knowledge carried by this crystal allows you to make the right decisions that serve your highest good and to be divinely aligned with happiness, inner peace, and prosperity. 

Keep on reading to discover the outstanding benefits of this crystal that will touch and enhance every single aspect of your life.

Wellness and healing

The energy transmitted by Lemurian Seed Crystal allows you to feel deeply balanced, relaxed, and in tune with your mind, body, and soul.

The moment you tap into its powerful healing vibrations, you will feel pretty instantly free from all blockages, and mental burdens that were keeping you from enjoying your life to its fullest. 

Because the more you feel good mentally and emotionally, the more you achieve effective physical wellbeing because the mind, body, and soul are all connected.

Emotional Healing, Love, Relationships

This wonderful crystal allows you to choose wisdom and your highest good when it comes to relationships and your own emotional wellbeing.

When it comes to love and relationships, Lemurian Quartz will shift your focus to make the right decisions that make you feel genuinely happy. 

It sheds away any confusion, doubts, and uncertainties that could make you feel stressed and emotionally unbalanced.

It guides you to make wise decisions that serve your highest good and helps you to recognize the relationships that are worth saving and investing in and to completely let go of the toxic ones that just make you feel emotionally and mentally drained. 

Plus, Lemurian seed quartz supports you emotionally in your letting go phase and aids you to exit toxic relationships with a courageous heart and peaceful spirit.

Most importantly it guides you to leave all the uneasy emotions in the past and to not carry with your past hurts, wounds, and these heavy emotional weights to your new fresh life chapter.

The precious data that this ancient crystal holds makes you feel fully supported and divinely aligned with happiness and unconditional love. 

It allows you to attract the most fulfilling, nurturing, and high vibrational interactions and life experiences that bring you joy, healthy balance, and inner peacefulness.  

Success and prosperity

The most wonderful thing about the energy of the Lemurian Seed crystal is that it allows you to feel indeed good and profoundly balanced.

The wisdom of ancient civilization carried by this crystal helps you to attain the mind, body, and soul equilibrium which makes you feel fully empowered to be rightfully aligned to achieving your financial goals. 

This high vibrational state allows you to feel greatly uplifted and worthy of success. 

The potent wise vibrations of this crystal guides you to make the right decisions that contribute to your victory and great accomplishments.

Lemurian Quartz and all its precious encoded knowledge work actively on reflecting away negativity and low vibrational thoughts that may stray you from your divine purpose.  

This potent crystal boosts your self-confidence and reinforces your self-belief which makes you feel totally eager to realize your goals and to not give up on your dreams.

Lemurian Seed Crystal uses

You can use Lemurian Quartz during your meditation to tune in to its high vibrational healing energies. Affirmations are another powerful mental technique to stimulate all the powers of this magical crystal. Being in physical contact with Lemurian crystals by wearing it as a bracelet allows you to be in continual contact with its benefits.  

You can choose your preferred technique (s) that you feel most drawn to.


Affirmations are simple words yet they hold powerful frequencies that can literally change our life for the better. 

You can pair the powerful attributes of Lemurian Quartz with the power of affirmations, so you can amplify the empowering benefits of this crystal and harness all its great qualities. 

Lemurian Seed Quartz affirmations

  • I receive wisdom and higher knowledge in every moment and in every phase of my life.
  • I am divinely supported and loved.
  • All the things that surround me vibrate at a very high frequency.
  • My mind, body, and soul are healed and well balanced.
  • I am in tune with the energy of unconditional love and high enlightenment.


The Lemurian Seed crystal is an amazing energy tool for meditation. 

Combining the soothing benefits of meditation and the powerful healing powers of Lemurian Quartz is the right compound to achieve a high vibrational state and to harness all the rejuvenating properties of this wonderful crystal. 

Already loaded with precious energies, this crystal will allow you to embody the intentions and all the visions that you want to materialize. 

The moment you connect with its deep healing powers, expect a bright welcoming stream of energy that is going to soothe your emotions and break you free from any blockages or old emotional burdens. 

A simple meditation ritual to tune in to the enchanting vibrations of the Lemurian Seed crystal

Place and Position

First, choose a quiet and peaceful place to begin your meditation session.

Try to pick a place where you feel the most comfortable and try to be away from any hectic noises.

Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes.

Notice your position, you can sit in a chair with your feet on the floor or you can choose a cross-legged sitting position. 

Just make sure you are stable and in a position, you can stay in for a while.

Make sure your spine is long.


To initiate your meditation session, take a few deep breaths.

Breathe slowly and calmly.

Crystal meditation

Hold the Lemurian seed Quartz in your hand, feel its vibration, try to touch and sense the horizontal stratifications located on its surface.

Close your eyes and focus on your body. 

Locate all your energy centers.

Feel the energy of this stone, connect intuitively to its vibrations.

Welcome the healing energies of this crystal. 

Tune in to the energies of wisdom, higher knowledge, and unconditional Universal love and support.

Imagine a dazzling bright light of energy is now entering your being and filling your whole system with gleaming energy that is bringing to your energy field a deep sense of peacefulness, unconditional support, and an unwavering feeling of oneness and unity.

Welcome the high vibrational energies of this magical crystal and allows it to heal your mind, body, and soul. 

Visualize that you are unlocking and downloading its magnificent energies

Awaken your authentic feminine energy of high intuition, nurturing expression, and healing. 


Don’t forget to always return back to your breathing.

Always breathe slowly and calmly, and bring back your attention and your intention to the now.

When you feel ready to close your meditation session, peacefully open your eyes, thank yourself, smile, and carry on with love and joy. 

Wearing it a bracelet

You can wear a Lemurian Seed crystal as a bracelet to physically sense all the highest energies that this crystal provides. 

It will strengthen your inner vision and let you tap into the prosperous ancient knowledge that may assist you in achieving a higher state of being, heal past wounds, and shift your reality into a better more fulfilling living. 

Lemurian Seed Crystal – key facts, benefits, and healing properties to remember

Key facts

  • Color: different colors and shades, transparent cloudy white, pink, orange/pink, and dark brown.
  • Shape: a laser wand crystal with horizontal striations.
  • Place: Brazil, Tibet, Colombia, Zambia, and the United States of America.

Lemurian Seed Crystal healing properties

  • High wisdom.
  • Spiritual guidance.
  • Sence of unity. 
  • Deep life understanding.
  • Universal love and support.
  • High vibrational frequencies.
  • Feminine energy awakening.
  • Mind, body, and soul balance and deep healing.
  • Clearing mental blockages and emotional wounds.

Final thoughts about Lemurian Seed Crystal

The Lemurian Seed crystal is true fascinating crystal.

Just by looking at this magical beauty, you will feel that it needs to communicate with you and teach you invaluable life lessons.

These crystals are waiting for us to unlock and download a magnificent vault of great healing powers. 

The legend states that the Lemurian Seed crystal is loaded with the high knowledge and precious wisdom of the Lemuria civilization.

This crystal guides you to discover that you are in fact not alone and that you are surrounded by the protecting and healing powers of the divine. 

It assists you to make the right wise decisions to choose the things that are working for your highest good.

It fills your energy field with happiness, light, and unconditional love and support.

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