10 Labradorite Affirmations To Feel Super Energized

Labradorite is a mystical and fascinating crystal that captures everyone’s attention.

This enchanting stone displays a unique glow that intensifies and dances with the light.

The amazing thing about Labradorite is that each stone has its own unmatching radiance and color.

You can find this stone in multiple colors such as blue, green, yellow, and sometimes purple and pink hues. 

Labradorite is the stone of transformation, vital and high energy, achievement, and powerful protection.

Repeating affirmations that go along with the power of this stone enables us to harness all the empowering attributes of Labradorite.

Find in this post 10 of the most powerful Labradorite affirmations that will guide you to connect with the energy of this crystal and become stronger, energized, and limitless.

How can Labradorite affirmations help you?

1.Feel energized

Labradorite is a super energizing stone.

This glowy gem brings you a vital dose of energy that is especially beneficial when you feel drained.

Labradorite affirmations guide you to activate furthermore the superpowers of this stone by assisting you to feel more alive and excited to keep working on your goals.

The energy radiated by this radiant crystal helps you feel equilibrated and in harmony with yourself and your environment.

It brings a comforting sense of ease so you can regain your power once again and be fully ready to get back on track.

2.Eliminate negativity 

Labradorite is considered a powerful stone for protection.

This gem works on eliminating any type of low vibrations such as negativity, doubts, unnecessary worries, and the bothering sensations that mess up your mood and happiness.

It lifts up your spirit to give more attention to the things that make you feel content, happy, and in blissful harmony. 

So, Labradorite affirmations are such a powerful way to create positive and happy sensations all around you while feeling protected from any kind of thoughts or situations that could bring your energy down.

3.Wisdom and awareness

The power of Labradorite affirmations guides you to feel wiser and more aware of your own thoughts and surroundings.

Meaning that it clears your thinking mind and puts your mind, body, and soul in a peaceful state of ease and stability.

This state of being is key to feeling deeply connected to your thoughts which is a precious stepping stone to making great realizations about yourself, your life purpose, as well as your desires.

 Plus, this powerful energizing characteristic of Labradorite helps you come up with new ideas and eye-opening realizations that could create for you a whole new exciting reality and cheerful moments.

How to benefit the most from Labradorite affirmations?

To make sure that your stone is receiving your utmost intentions in the most effective way possible, cleansing your Labradorite crystal is always a good idea.

For quick and efficient cleaning, you can simply immerse your stone in a bowl of water for a few hours, and after that path it until it is completely water-free.

After that, you will feel such a fresh, light, and pure sensation when you are holding the stone in your hands.

After that sit in a quick place, bring a blank piece of paper and a pen, and simply write 3 or 5 things that you are just so grateful for.

Being in a grateful state energizes your whole spirit and makes you feel genuinely happy, content, and opens up your eyes to all of your blessings.

Doing that raises your vibrations significantly which makes you receive all of the following affirmations with a happy heart and program your subconscious mind to achieve your deepest desires. 

10 empowering Labradorite affirmations to feel powerful, balanced, and full of vital energy

labradorite affirmations

1* I feel super energized.

2* I am excited and full of vital energy to work on my goals.

3* I have all it takes to achieve my purpose.

4* I succeed in creating a balanced lifestyle that makes me feel focused, self-confident, and successful.

5* I am wise.

6* I am protected

7* Being aware of my thoughts and actions helps me create a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

8* I am creative.

9* I am surrounded by harmony, peacefulness, and happiness. 

10* I believe in myself and my great abilities.

Other important pieces of information about the Labradorite stone

What does labradorite symbolize?

Labradorite symbolizes protection, wisdom, and inner power.

It is such a high vibrational stone that empowers you with strong energy and a wise spirit to be capable and inspired to work on your goals eagerly.

Plus it surrounds you with a strong protective aura against self-limiting thoughts or any type of energy that would make you doubt yourself and your powerful capacities. 

What works well with labradorite?

Black Onyx and Labradorite crystal combination forms a powerful energy source of courage, safeness, and perseverance. 

If you need to nurture your life with a sense of determination so you can be committed to your visions and goals, this specific crystal pairing is just so powerful to raise your sense of dedication. 

Labradorite and Moonstone together is an outstanding crystal combination that directs you to open new exciting paths for yourself by becoming more self-aware of your perspectives, thought patterns, and life visions.

When paired together, these two radiant gems raise your intuition and guide you to be more focused on the aspects that fuel your inspiration and heighten your mind power so you can step up your life. 

If you want to raise your awareness, be more intuitive, and become more in tune with your higher self, then Labradorite and Lapis Lazuli is an ideal combination to be more aligned to your spiritual powers.

This specific crystal combination assists you to heal emotional wounds and breaking free from the potential limiting thoughts which helps you and greatly supports you in order to reach your ultimate life purpose. 


labradorite affirmations

Labradorite affirmations energize your mind, body, and soul and assist you to be more aware of your powers. 

These powerful words carry potent energy that helps you activate and receive the protective, empowering, and balancing attributes of the Labradorite stone. 

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