Jade VS Emerald: What Is The Difference?

Jade and Emerald are two mesmerizing stones that have one aspect in common which is their green color.

Even though they both display a comparable green hue, they remain quite distinct.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss the key differences between Jade VS Emerald, so you can differentiate these two stones and be aware of their special characteristics.

Jade VS Emerald

1. Look closely at the stone’s color

jade vs emerald

As we stated previously, Jade and Emerald exhibit a green color, yet, if we focus on the hue of each one, we will spot a difference in the intensity of the colors displayed by each one. 

First of all, let’s talk about Jade.

This stone presents a cold green color, meaning that it displays a green shade that varies from light green to a more intense forest green color. 

Alongside these green hues, you find also white lines or white spots that are merged harmoniously with the original green shade of the Jade stone. 

Emerald, on the other hand, presents a different kind of green.

The green tonality of Emerald is more vivid.

This stone shows a bluish-green color and sometimes a green color with a yellow undertone.

2. Visual characteristics

jade vs emerald

The visual markers are one of the most indicative key points that will guide you to draw a clear separation between Jade and Emerald. 

If you closely contemplate the outer appearance of each one you are going to definitely detect a difference.

Firstly, let’s talk about the Jade stone finish. 

Jade is recognized for its opaquenon-transparent, and non-glittery appearance. 

It displays a matte green hue with no shiny particles.

Plus, you may find in some Jade specimens irregular white lines that are distributed all over the stone which give it a marble-like appearance. 

Emerald, on the other hand, is way more transparent than Jade, when looking at a polished Emerald gem you can contemplate all the inside details, you will get to see the core of the gem, unlike Jade.

When studying the outside appearance of a polished Emerald and Jade, you are going to detect such an obvious difference. 

Emerald is distinguished by a glassy finish that differs from Jade.

A polished Jade stone displays a nontransparent and matte smooth appearance. 

3. Uses

Both Jade and Emerald can be used as jewelry, such as rings or bracelets.

However, we notice that each one has a specific usage.

Jade can be carved and transformed into breathtaking ornamentsstatues, and decorative objects.

So we can say that Jade is considered a robust and tenacious stone that can be transformed into such amazing art creations

Yet, Emerald doesn’t present this specific attribute, meaning that it can not be carved and that is because it can be brittle, plus cracks in this gem can occur more easily. 

The most well-known way to use this stone is in form of rings, especially engagement rings.

When this stone is polished to form a radiant gem, it displays such a fancy and exquisite look. 

4. Mineral composition

Emerald and Jade are way different in terms of mineral composition.

Each stone has its own unique attributes and both of them belong to a separate mineral group. 

From the silicate family, the emerald stone is a variety of beryl, distinguished by its green tint.

Chromiumvanadium, and iron, which are part of the composition of the emerald, explain the color of this stone.

On the other hand, the mineral composition of Jade is more complex. 

We have to be aware that Jade stone exists and comes in 2 types:

First, there is Jade Nephrite.

The jade nephrite stone is composed of nephrite belonging to the amphiboles which consist of magnesium and calcium silicate

This type is found quite easily.

The Jade Jadeite type on the other hand is composed, as the name also suggests, of jadeite which consists of aluminum and sodium silicate

This exact kind is recognized as a more precious stone and much rarer to find than Jade Nephrite.

5. Value 

Emerald is way more expensive and valuable than Jade and that is because of its rarity

Specifically, an Emerald that exhibits a deep green hue is considered a very expensive gem and sometimes more pricey than diamonds. 

So, in general, we can say that Jade stones are more affordable than Emerald but it also remains quite pricey (not as costly as Emerald), especially the Jade Jadeite kind which is the rarer type of Jade. 

6. Healing properties

In terms of healing powers, Jade and Emerald emit different kinds of energies.

So choosing between these two green stones depends on your desires and what you want to feel and experience so you can advance your life and feel better. 

Jade: abundance, happiness, harmony 

Jade is the ultimate stone of abundance; emotional healing, and courage.

This stone radiates such calm and harmonious energies that help you feel peaceful and in loving harmony with yourself and your environment.

It heals your emotions and encourages you to live your life with a sense of joy and hope which guide you to attract more abundance and heartfelt happiness into your life. 

It assists you to let go of blockages that hinder your heart from loving yourself unconditionally and supplements you with inner radiant confidence to live abundantly and joyfully. 

Emerald: divine love, prosperity, and romance.

This stone opens up your heart to receive love and radiate love.

It fills your energy field with delightful energies of joy and bliss.

This stone nurtures your relationship with the heartwarming sensations of compassion, unity, smooth communication, unconditional love, and loyalty. 

This is why we see lots of couples that opt for Emerald as an engagement ring and this is because of all the wonderful loving and joyful energies that this stone radiate. 


Jade VS Emerald

Even though Jade and Emerald display the same kind of color which is green, however, they are two separate stones. Jade presents a light green to a darker green color, and the green hue displayed by Emerald varies from bluish-green to yellowish-green color. 

Here are the 6 key factors that illustrate the attributes of Jade and Emerald which will help to draw a quick difference between the two of them. 


  1. Color: light green, forest green.
  2. Visual characteristics: nontransparent, glossy finish.
  3. Uses: jewelry, carved decoration objects.
  4. Mineral composition: belongs to the silicates group
  5. Value: less pricey than Emerald.
  6. Healing properties: harmony, abundance, joy.


  1. Color: bluish-green, warm green color with a yellow undertone.
  2. Visual characteristics: semi-transparent, glassy appearance.
  3. Uses: engagement rings, fine jewelry.
  4. Mineral composition: a variety of the beryl family
  5. Value: more valuable and more expensive than Jade
  6. Healing properties: divine love and compassion.

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