Is Sunstone man made? Answered

Sunstone is a stunning glowy orange crystal distinguished by tiny shimmery specks that give the stone a brilliant radiant look. 

The Sunstone owes its current name to its particular sparkle, thus reminiscent of that of our solar star!

When you closely contemplate the visual details of Sunstone, you will find out that this radiant crystal displays different shades of warm orange hues naturally ornaments with minuscule fiery inclusions that give it a distinct shimmery aspect. 

This stone is widely comparable to Goldstone which also exhibits a quite similar appearance. 

This apparent proximity can make you wonder if whether or not Sunstone is man-made or is naturally found beneath Earth layers. 

Sunstone is in fact not man-made, it is naturally found and mined within the Earths’ crust. This stone belongs to the category of plagioclase feldspar and it is located in different parts of the world such as Canada, Norway, and the USA. 

Is Sunstone man-made?

is sunstone man made

If you wonder if Sunstone is a natural stone or it is humanly made, the answer is that Sunstone is found naturally in Earth and it is in fact made of Earth’s elements, no human interference is connected in the making of this orange radiant gem. 

What is Sunstone made of?

Sunstone belongs to the oligoclase family, from the feldspars group.

It showcases a very refreshing color palette that ranges between brown, red, and orange. 

Another crucial thing to mention is that the metallic shiny specks that we notice in Sunstone reflect the presence of CopperGoethite, and Hematite.

These principal mineral compounds are the key factor that is responsible for the gleaming appearance that we pinpoint on the Sunstone surface. 

So, we can assuredly state that this stone is 100% natural, it is composed of natural elements and no human intervention is responsible for its making.

Where does Sunstone come from?

Sunstone is primarily located in Canada, the United States, India, Norway, Madagascar, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Russia.

This radiant crystal is located in all of these geological placements, however, it is necessary to not skip another important piece of information which is that there is one specific famous sunstone deposit that is worth mentioning which is the Oregon deposit in the United States of America. 

In fact, there is a specific crystal appellation that is uniquely attributed to this location which is Oregon Sunstone.

Oregon is the one and the only location where you can find this distinct kind of Sunstone. This particular type is exclusively composed of the Copper element. 

The stones from this exact location display a various range of colors that range between orange, peach, gold, red, and sometimes striking green hues. 

Types of Sunstone

It is impressive to know that the abundant energy of nature is translated in its magnificent gifts to allow us discover lots of various specimens of one distinct crystal. 

For instance, Sunstone is not only available in its well-known orange hue, there are other types of Sunstone that are presented in other different beautiful shades, such as black, red, rainbow, yellow, purple, pink, and deep brown hues. 

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Sunstone is a natural stone with heartfelt healing powers

Apart from its physical properties, Sunstone presents powerful energy that fills your aura with happiness, light, and vitality. 

This natural Earth’s gift assists you to restore the feeling of hope, it guides you to be more optimistic and helps you to cultivate a positive mindset so you can manage your life with ease. 

The radiant aspect of Sunstone is not only delightful to look at but it energetically assists you to chase away sadness, gloomy feelings, and emotional blockages. 

This stone embodies the solar force which is primordial in empowering you to move away from anything that doesn’t contribute to your happiness and fulfillment. 

Final thoughts

Sunstone is a natural mineral that belongs to the feldspar mineral group, plus it is composed of a certain amount of Goethite, Hematite, Copper (the case of Oregon Sunstone) which give it a sparkling finish.

So, we can positively assert that Sunstone is indeed not a man-made invention, it is in fact discovered and mined in various locations all around the world (The United States, Canada, Russia, Norway, India)

This stone comes in different colors (red, orange, black, purple, pink) and various intensities. 

The most popular kind of Sunstone is the orange one, you may find some specimens that present rich colors, and others show pastel and less saturated oranges shades. 

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