Is purple labradorite rare? Answered.

We can simply not deny that Labradorite is one of the most eye-catching and mesmerizing stones that can ever exist in the crystal realm.

This stunning earthy gem showcases beautiful glowy hues that give an illusion of magical cosmic lights that are stuck in one tangible piece.

The most common colors that Labradorite stones display are blue, green, and yellow, however, they are not the only hues that these remarkable stones present. 

Is purple labradorite rare

Purple Labradorite is a rare variety of Labradorite stones. This unique color can be mixed with other colors such as blue, green, or yellow which can give the stone a supplementary charm and exceptional rarity. 

Do you want to explore more about the rare purple version of Labradorite? then this blog post is specifically made for you! 

Is purple Labradorite rare? 

Is purple labradorite rare

Yes, purple Labradorite is one of the rarest color varieties of Labradorite that can not be found easily and way less abundant than the other popular hues color variation of Labradorite such as the famous radiant blue Labradorite stones. 

Finding a slight purple hue or a radiant purple gleam in a Labradorite is quite exceptional!

Let me explain to you the manifestation of the purple color in Labradorite and how it presents itself. 

The purple color found in Labradorite varies in intensity and tonality

Meaning that in some specific Labradorite specimens we can find spots of very intense and pigmented purple hues that are close to a dark lavender color.  

Nevertheless, in other Labradorite, we may notice that the purple color is less intense and more inclined towards Pink/Fuchsia hues. 

It is also interesting to mention that purple Labradorite is also called “Spectrolite“. 

This appellation reflects the richness of the colors of this particular stone.

Because when the purple hues join the rest of the eye-catching other shades of Labradorite, we are going to discern a remarkable color festival that gives the illusion of a rainbow-like scenery that is forever locked inside the stone. 

Plus, the rarity of purple Labradorite can also be explained by the price that is set of this stone which is quite expensive than the other varieties of Labradorite. 

I just took a quick look at the prices listed for purple labradorite on the Etsy website and I definitely notice a contrast. 

Purple labradorites are more expensive than blue ones.

For example, a single piece of purple labradorite (small size) is USD 199 (the price increases significantly according to the size and the color intensity). 

Blue labradorite (same size) is around USD 30. 

So, you can do quick research to look for the purple Labradorite cost and you are definitely going to mention the high prices of this rare purple gem. 

What are the healing powers that define the purple Labradorite? 

So, what sets apart the purple Labradorite in terms of healing powers?

The magnificent purple hues of Labradorite make it deeply bound with the crown chakra

This energetic union allows the vibrations released by purple Labradorite to heal, balance, and activate the crown chakra. 

The energy transmitted by this unique and rare kind of Labradorite helps you be more connected with your spiritual self.   

Purple Labradorite empowers you to activate and rejuvenate your crown chakra so you can reach a serene level of inner peace, reach an elevated awareness so you are fully able and empowered to release blockages, be wiser, and use your mind power to attain your deepest desires. 

Where is purple Labradorite found?

Purple Labradorite can be located in the western region of Madagascar. However, it can be also found in other regions in the world such as Canada, the United States, and Finland

What colors can Labradorite be?

Labradorite can present a wide palette of extraordinary colors with metallic reflections known as labradorescence.

Purple, green, blue, and yellow is not the only colors of Labradorite. 

You can find Labradorite in other striking and distinct colors such as grey, black, or oranges shades. 

These colors are manifested in different ways and various combinations.

For instance, you can find one Labradorite stone that showcases a rainbow of colors such as green, blue, purple, and yellow.

Other Labradorite specimens can display one single color all over the stones, or a combination of two different shades that we just mentioned earlier. 

Final thoughts

Purple Labradorite is considered a rare stone and that is because of its unusual purple color that we can not usually and easily find in the majority of Labradorite stones.  

The purple color of Labradorite can either preoccupy the overall surface of the stone or it can be mixed with other stunning colors such as blue, green, or yellow hues. 

From a healing/chakra point of view, the popular kind of labradorite that we all know is associated with the third eye chakra, however, the purple variety of Labradorite is specifically linked to the crown chakra.  

Purple Labradorite supports your crown chakra and aids you to feel more peaceful, balanced, focused, and mentally powerful. 

Further reading

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