Is goldstone man made? Important facts to know

Goldstone is an eye-capturing opaque crystal with glittery tiny particles that give this stone a unique glowing aspect. 

This stone comes in different hues such as, red, green, purple, and blue. 

Contemplating the details of Goldstone gives you an illusion of looking at a night sky that is full of shiny little stars.

Studying the striking gleaming look of Goldstone may push you to wonder if Goldstone is a natural Earth treasure or is a distinguished masterpiece made by humans. 

Goldstone is a man-made stone. It is actually a crafted stone that is created by humans which clearly means that this stone does not occur naturally. Goldstone consists of a mixture of quartz glass and particles of gypsum, feldspar, and copper. 

Is Goldstone man-made? 

is goldstone man made

The stunning look and the flawless finish of this stone may surprise you when you find out that it is not naturally occurring and is actually humanly crafted. 

So, we can clearly state that Goldstone is not a natural crystal, it is man-made and artificially created. 

How is Goldstone crystal made?

This stone is made of colored glass that contains a highly abundant amount of reflective and glittery inclusions that are specified with a shiny silvery radiance. 

The general composition of Goldstone consists of a fusion of silica (glass), copper oxide, and various kinds of melted minerals. 

Let’s first discuss the most popular variety of Goldstone which is the red/orange Goldstone

This common kind of Goldstone is made of two essential elements with are glass and copper

The process starts by first heating molten glass then adding to it a certain amount of copper.

Hence, the mixture of the extreme temperature of molten glass and then added copper work on dissolving and activating the granules of copper which result in the splendid reddish and orange hue we see in the Goldstone crystal. 

After that, when the copper is completely melted in the heated glass mixture, the little shiny particles begin to form slowly. 

So, we can say these highly reflective tiny sparkles reflect the luster of the copper elements that were added to the heated glass.

Now, what about the Blue kind of Goldstone, is Blue Goldstone man-made?

Yes, indeed, Blue Goldstone is man-made just like other color varieties of Goldstone, for instance, red, green, and purple.

is goldstone man made

It is important to mention that the green, purple, and blue kinds of Goldstone are created using blends of metals other than copper (copper is used particularly to produce the red/orange Goldstone).

The Blue Goldstone is created by combining and melting glass with the cobalt element that provides this stone with a mesmerizing dark navy blue hue supplemented with shiny particles.

On the other hand, Green goldstone is man-made glass that consists of quartz sand infused with chromium oxides particles that give the goldstone a beautifully reflective and glittering appearance.   

And lastly, Purple Goldstone consists of the infusion of glass and the manganese element. This specific mixture gives the stone a stunning purple hue with gleaming tiny particles. 

A little back story that reflects the invention of the Goldstone crystal

Goldstone is not newly made nor discovered, it reflects in fact a rooted history that goes back to the 17th century!

It is said that the origin of Goldstone starts in Venise, Italy with the Miotti family that invented the fabrication process of this unique crystal.

Another story that is not confirmed or proved, states that the origin of the Goldstone discovery is way more ancient. This urban myth says that Goldstone was an unexpected discovery by Italian monks or the outcome of alchemy (a magical process of creation). 

Other important pieces of information to know

The word “Gold” in Goldstone appellation does not mean that the stone contains real gold. 

As we mentioned earlier, the glittering finish of this stone is made of one of these three elements with are copper, chromium, or manganese, no particular amounts of real gold are used in the production of Goldstone. 

Plus, keep in mind that Goldstone has other names that you may find in the market, for instance, Aventurine glass, gold star glass, monk’s gold, or monk stone. 

So, keep an eye on these specific appellations whenever you go for your crystal shopping adventure. 

Final thoughts

In crystal healing, Goldstone is the stone of inner strength, grounding, and passion. The vibrations emitted by this gleaming gem works on supplying you with happy emotions, positive self-esteem, and inner power. 

Goldstone is a non-transparent crystal, it has an opaque finish ornamented with an abundant amount of sparkling inclusions. It occurs in different colors such as red, blue, purple, and green.

The remarkable fact to know is that Goldstone is man-made which means that it is not mined or found naturally in Earth’s crust. This stone is produced by following a specific process which is the mixture of molten glass (silica) with copper and various melted minerals. 

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