New To Crystals? Find How To Use Them For The First Time

It is such an exciting time when you buy new crystals. The colors and the shapes of these earthly gifts never fail in evoking deep amazement within our souls.

Buying crystals for the first time is a delightful experience, and knowing how to use them for the first time should be also so clear and easy for you, so you can welcome their positive vibrations in the best way possible.

To use crystals for the first time, you should first cleanse them from any previously attached energies. It is an essential step to make sure that you are receiving pure vibrations from your crystals. After that, you can use them in meditation, carry them, or place them at your home.

If you just bought your first crystals, congrats! Now let’s learn together how you can use them for the first with simple and illustrated easy steps.

You should cleanse crystals before using them for the first time

Before using crystals for the first time, you should initially cleanse them from the attached energies that they absorbed in the past before you welcome them into your life.

Cleansing crystals is just like pressing a reset and delete button which allows you to liberate the energy field of your newly obtained stones from any absorbed negative or toxic vibrations.

You should be aware that crystals are a powerful source of energy immersion.

If they were previously owned or just repeatedly touched by previous consumers, then they “sponge” their good or bad energies and we do not want to receive these unfamiliar frequencies into our own personal energy field.

One of the best ways to cleanse crystals for the very first time is to use sage.

Sage is a very powerful and efficient tool that allows you to cleanse thoroughly new crystals.

After purchasing your crystal, put it in a separate container, then ignite the sage stick and let the smoke generated wrap up every corner of your stone.

Keep cleansing your crystal with sage for a few minutes, until you sense that it is fully cleansed and pure.

If you don’t have sage at your disposal then you can quickly immerse them in a water bowl for a few minutes, then dry your crystals with a soft towel.

Cleansing new purchased Carnelian and Jade crystals by immersing them in a water bowl

While cleansing your new crystals, tune into your visualization and mind power.

Imagine a bright positive and protective light encircling you and your crystals.

Close your eyes and envision that your crystals are fully cleansed and ready and glowing with positive healing energy.

Open your eyes, hold them in your hand and repeat the following intentions:

  • I am ready to receive the healing powers of my crystal(s).
  • The positive vibrations of my crystal (s) are wholesome, powerful, and soothing.
  • I charge my crystal (s) with the energy of pure love, light, and peace.

After the first primary step, try these beneficial ways to use your crystals for the first time

One crystal at a time

how to use crystals for the first time

If you are new to the world of crystals, this step can be so important to you.

When I was first introduced to crystals, I was too eager to try all types of crystals at once.

This approach was not really beneficial for me.

I felt that I was not giving much importance to each one of my crystals.

Connecting to the energy of multiple crystals at the same time, stopped me from fully receiving the healing vibrations and uplifting energies of each one.

When I decided to dedicate a special time to one crystal at a time, I begin to build an exceptional bond with each one of them.

I started to know them more and feel their healing effects on my mind and soul.

So, what I advise you to do when you want to use crystals for the first time, is to choose to use one crystal for a week (or multiple weeks), try to meditate with it, carry it with you, and most importantly try to feel its own unique energy and how it makes you feel deep inside.

After that, you will build such valuable expertise about the special powers that your crystal is giving you and what are the exact moments to use it so you can benefit from its healing properties in the most rewarding way possible.


One of the simplest yet powerful ways to use crystals for the first time is to charge them with your chosen intentions.

Let crystals work for you, let them guide you energetically towards achieving your highest desires.

Directing your most wanted intention towards the potent vibrations of your crystal helps you to raise your energy and be always reminded of your goal which ultimately guides you to keep pursuing your dreams with high positivity until you manifest them in real 3D life.

Combining intentions with the frequencies emitted by crystals amplifies their healing powers and lets their frequencies more targeted, therefore more directed towards noticing a positive shift in your mindset as well as a sense of inner happiness within yourself.

Be free at expressing your intentions, don’t let limiting thoughts hinder you from expressing exactly what you want to achieve.

For instance, hold the crystal in your hand, connect with its energy, then grab a white piece of paper and a pen and write your intentions in the present tense with details.

  • I am successful.
  • I am protected.
  • I am loved.
  • I manifest all my desires.
  • I am surrounded by love, happiness, and peace.

Imagine that your intentions are transmitted directly to the energy field of your crystal.

And then visualize that the crystal now is holding the energy of your intention and wrapping it with high vibrations of love and light.


Meditation is a peaceful way to connect to the energy of your crystals on such a deep soulful level.

Meditating with your crystal for the first time will take on a powerful high-level discovery path to explore and experience the positive shifting frequencies of your new gems.

Remember to choose a quiet place and to wear comfortable clothing while meditating.

This will help you feel more connected to your being, your breathing patterns, as well as the transmitted energy of your crystal.

You can also listen to a guided meditation to make this process easier and more beneficial for you.

A guided meditation combined with crystals

Another helpful thing to do when meditating with crystals for the first time is to have an idea of which chakra of the 7 chakras this new crystal is targeting.

For instance, if you have a Red Jasper stone then it is best to listen to a guided meditation targeting the root chakra.

This way you will balance even more this energy point in the body so you can feel more centered, protected, and focus on the present moment.

Or if you have a Clear Quartz crystal then a meditation targeting all the 7 chakras is just ideal to reach an optimal level of balance and cleanse all the negative energies stored in different energy centers in your body.

Just do a quick search on which chakra your newly purchased crystal is associated with, and then choose the appropriately guided meditation.

While meditating, you can lie down and place your crystal on its specific charka placement, this is also a more powerful way to heal, balance, and activate the energy placement in our body.

ChakraPlacement of the bodyCrystal ExampleAffirmations to repeat
Third eye chakra (intuition, guidance, mental strength)Forehead Lapis lazuli“I am open to inner guidance”
Crown chakra (wisdom, peace, awareness)Top of head Amethyst“I am wise and divinely guided”
Throat chakra (good communication and self-expression)Top of throatSodalite“I speak and express myself with confidence”
Root chakra (protection, security, stability)The base of the spineRed Jasper “I am protected and supported”
Heart chakra (serenity, love, emotional healing)The heart centerGreen Aventurine“I am loved and cared for”
Solar plexus chakra (confidence, energy, willpower)The belly buttonCitrine“I am shining with vital energy and unwavering confidence”
Sacral chakra (creativity, joy, prosperity)A few inches below the belly buttonCarnelian“I am creative and comfortable with my body”
How to use crystals for the first time during meditation

Carry it

how to use crystals for the first time
Carrying Carnelian and Citrine crystals in my small bag

This is the best way to use crystals for the first time to accompany your day-to-day life with the vibrations of your new gems.

You can simply carry them in your bag or pocket to be in touch with their healing powers.

When carrying your crystals try to keep feeling connected with their vibrations.

Visualize that you are surrounded by their healing powers, and feel it within your soul that you are indeed at ease, protected, and aligned with your higher happier, and peaceful self.

You can for instance carry your crystal to the beach, then hold t in your hand and imagine that its energy and the breezy peaceful feeling of the sea are cleansing your soul and mind from any negativity and self-limiting thoughts.

You can also take your stone with you to a forest or during your daily walk and sense that you are filled with a comforting sensation of stability, comfort, balance, and inner strength.

Place it in your home

Placing a big Rose Quartz cluster in my living room

This way of using new crystals is especially dedicated to big crystals.

If you purchase a new cluster or big stone and you don’t how to use it, then simply keeping it in a precise area at your home is the best way to utilize its powerful healing vibrations.

Placing crystals in different places in your home is such an efficient way to cleanse your personal space from negative vibrations and replenish it with harmony, peace, and joy.

PlacementType of energy neededCrystal Examples
DoorwayProtectionBlack Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz
Living roomHarmony, love, joyRose Quartz, Selenite
BedroomRelaxation, peacefulnessCelestite, Amethyst
DeskConcentration, creativityCarnelian, Citrine, Clear Quartz


Cleansing crystals is the first and most important thing to do when using them for the very first time. After that, you can welcome the healing powers of your new stones by charging them with your intentions, meditating with them, carrying them in a bag or pocket, or placing them in your home.

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