How to tell if Rose Quartz is real? 6 important signs

Rose Quartz is indeed one of the most popular crystals.

I think when you first get familiar with the world of crystals, Rose Quartz definitely stands out and it naturally becomes one of the initial stones you will get to know.

The popularity of Rose Quartz as well as its wonderful soothing and loving energies make it one of the most anticipated purchases to start your crystals collection.

Yet, unfortunately, you may stumble upon some fake crystals that are falsely marked as Rose Quartz which can be truly disappointing.

Real Rose Quartz is marked by its soft pink color that varies in intensity from a light pink color to a slightly deeper pink shade. Plus genuine Rose Quartz is distinguished by a milky non-translucent aspect.    

Keep on reading to discover more insightful pieces of information that will guide you to detect real Rose Quartz and be fully aware of the factors that separate between Real and fake Rose Quartz.

How to tell if Rose Quartz is real? 6 indicators to help you out 

1. Know the real color of the stone

how to tell if rose quartz is real

One of the major things that make Rose Quartz truly unique is its specific color.

Therefore, knowing the true tones of this stone enables you to make a clear distinction between a genuine Rose Quartz and a dyed glass specimen.

Real Rose Quartz exhibits a light rosy pink shade and it is far from having a vivid or very vibrant color aspect.

When looking at a genuine Rose Quartz stone, you are going to notice a certain color degree.

Meaning that in one stone you will find multiple light pink shades that vary from a very light pink (whitish-pink) to a more pronounced pink color.

However, the overall color nature of the stone displays pastel rosy tones.

2. Take a deeper look into its visual aspect

 Apart from the stone’s color, contemplating the inside and the outside appearance of the stone is a key element to tell if Rose Quartz is real or not.

Real Rose Quartz is characterized by its cloudy and milky aspect.

Meaning that when you take the stone in your hand and take a deeper gaze into it, you are going to notice that it is not a transparent stone, meaning that you can not see through it.

Real Rose Quartz is an opaque stone that presents on its surface white lines that go in different directions.

So, if you see some stones that are marketed as “Rose Quartz” and they exhibit a complete transparent aspect with a perfect appearance meaning that there are no white lines inclusions on their surface, then there is a high chance that these stones are fake (dyed glass:/) 

Plus, one additional element of the unreliability of a non genuine Rose Quartz is if you notice air bubbles on its surface; This telling sign can be a decisive factor that indicates that the Rose Quartz is fake and it is in reality a piece of pink dyed glass.

3. Be aware of the hardness 

Hardness is also an important indicator that can prove the authenticity of Rose Quartz.

This stone has a score of 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which makes it a fairly hard stone.

According to this scale of hardness, a stone that scores 7 can easily scratch a glass plate. 

For instance, you check the hardness of your Rose Quartz by scratching it against a glass material, if you notice that the stone left a mark on a glass plate and the stone remains intact then it is a sign your stone is genuine.

4. Feel the weight of the stone

how to tell if rose quartz is real

Rose Quartz is considered a pretty dense stone, meaning that when you put this stone on your hand you feel that it has a certain weight to it.

So, if you feel that your stone is pretty light then it might be a sign that it is actually dyed glass. 

5. Not all of the Rose Quartz stones look the exact same

how to tell if rose quartz is real

This is a crucial sign to always keep in consideration because it guides to tell if Rose Quartz is real or not.

The beauty of nature relies on abundance as well as diversity, which means that these earthly gifts will not look the same.

Let me explain further this key point.

For instance, if you are looking at multiple Rose Quartz stones that are next to each other you are going to definitely pinpoint that they all have a similar light pink aspect with a cloudy non-transparent aspect yet not all the stones look the exact same.

Some stones may be less or more colorful in terms of pink shades, others may have lots of white streaks, and others few of them.

So, if you notice when purchasing a Rose Quartz that the stones look exactly the same, meaning that they all display the same exact color tonality (a copy past industrial aspect) with no white lines inclusions then it is a high chance that they are artificially made. 

6. The authenticity of the retailer

 This step is crucial if you are about to purchase a Rose Quartz crystal.

Doing a quick research on the place you are purchasing from can be extremely helpful in determining if the Rose Quartz crystal that you are about to purchase would be genuine or not. 

In the case of an online store:

You can for example read the reviews of other customers and if they had a good buying experience. 

Have an integral look at the online store for example the depth of the information that they are providing for each stone, from where they obtained/sourced their crystals … 

When you are checking their e-commerce stone look if they have an authenticity guarantee badge, in most cases you can find this kind of badge at the bottom of the site web. 

Plus look if they have a good social media experience, for example, take a look at the Instagram comments and see if the customers are happy with their purchases.

All of these stated indicators are key to drawing a clear vision of the true authenticity of the online store. 

Nevertheless, if you want to buy a Rose Quartz crystal physically at a real shop, knowing the retailer is a significant requirement. 

An authentic shop owner will verify that all the crystals displayed for sale are genuine. 

A well-experienced retailer will ultimately know all the answers that you may have about a certain crystal and they will provide for you all the data that validates the authenticity of this stone.

If you sense that the retailer just displays the crystal randomly and is unaware of basic pieces of information about the crystal, it is then a vital sign to turn down your anticipated purchase.  

A reliable retailer will usually describe to you their process of purchasing their stones, provide you with information about their suppliers, and will naturally show genuine strong signs of expertise.


Real Rose Quartz displays light rosy pink shades, plus it is an opaque stone that has a cloudy aspect with visible while lines. Plus genuine Rose Quartz can scratch glass, has no bubbles inside, and feels fairly heavy. 

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