How To Tell If Malachite Is Real? A Simple And Insightful Guide

Malachite is a dark green crystal with distinctive black bands that surround the stone which provides it with a truly unique appearance. 

Unfortunately, there are lots of non-genuine Malachite stones on the market that look like identical replicas to the real ones. 

This can create real confusion for you, especially if you are not fully aware of the real signs that make a Malachite stone real. 

The good news is that this blog post will clear out any confusion that you may have on how to tell if Malachite is real or not.

Real Malachite feels very heavy and very cold when you touch it. Plus, the bands you are noticing on its surface are presented in a naturally uneven way, some lines are fines, some are ticks, and some are discontinued. 

Find in this post 5 key signs to identify real Malachite which is going to help you greatly in being more knowledgeable of the true characteristic of this stone and having the necessary proficiency to distinguish between a real Malachite and a fake one. 

How to tell if Malachite is real? 5 key indicators

1. Feel the stone

This is one of the easiest ways to tell if Malachite is real or not. 

By simply touching and putting the stone in your hand, you will get an idea about the authenticity of the Malachite stone.

Genuine Malachite feels heavy and pretty cold. 

There is a certain weight to the Malachite crystal.

Unlike fake Malachite stones that are generally made of plastic or glass, there is no feeling of considerable weight when you handle them. 

Plus, artificial Malachite heats quickly in the hands, they absorb the body temperature in such a quick way, unlike real Malachite.

So, the sensation that you will get when holding a real Malachite stone is an icy cold sensation as well as a notable weight on your hand. 

2. Take a deeper look into the stone’s patterns

how to tell if malachite is real

This crucial sign requires very close attention. 

Contemplating Malachite patterns is a telling indication that shows if it is in fact genuine or not.

Real Malachite is characterized by banding patterns that are presented in an not even form. 

The black lines or bands that we pinpoint in this stone’s surface are irregular, meaning that you are going to find some thick, fine, and uncomplete bands that do not end a whole circle. 

You can also see full circles and unfinished circles. 

Plus, the colors of these bands vary from intense black, grey, and also white colors. 

Plus, the banding on a genuine Malachite is harmoniously blended together, it is like one unified picture in which all of its elements are balanced with each other.

On the other hand, the banding on a fake Malachite has a ‘copy paste’ aspect.

Meaning that you will notice perfect black lines and circles that go all over the stone’s surface, in such a harsh disconnected way.

Plus the colors of these lines look intense and just unnatural.

3. Be aware of the true colors of Malachite

Real Malachite is identified by a royal and dark green color that has a slight shine polished finish with a silky luster. 

However, if we compare the real color of Malachite with the fake one, we will notice a certain contrast.

Fake Malachite displays a brighter green color, just an off emitted green hue. 

Another thing that you should be aware of is there is no such thing as red or multicolored Malachite stones.

If you find them in the marks labeled as ‘Red Malachite’ or ‘Rainbow Malachite’, they are indeed not genuine Malachite stones. 

Red Malachite is not a red variety of Malachite but it is in fact a red-banded Jasper. 

I think that this appellation reflects the close physical resemblance to the green Malachite because both of these stones exhibit comparable kind of banding patterns. 

Rainbow Malachite is indeed not a genuine Malachite.

Meaning that you can not find it naturally on Earth.

They are usually handmade beaded creations that are embellished with multiple colors using dyes. 

4. Malachite hardness

Malachite scores between 3.5 and 4 on the Mohs scale of hardness. 

So, we can say that it is a fairly soft stone that can get scratched easily. 

So, a real Malachite can get scratched by a copper penny and can not get scraped by a fingernail. 

5. Get closely informed about the place from where you are purchasing Malachite

Always keep in mind to be notified about the reliability of the place you are purchasing from.

If you want to purchase a Malachite stone from an online store, always keep in mind the following guidelines:

*Read the consumer’s reviews.

*Look at the star’s rating.

*Have a deeper look at the online store, for example, the depth of the information that they are providing for each stone.

*Search for any badge on the site (they are usually present at the bottom section of the homepage) that proves the authenticity of the stones they are selling.

All these indicators draw a clear vision of the true genuineness of the online store. 

Nevertheless, if you want to buy a Malachite stone physically, knowing your retailer is a big must. 

A well-experienced retailer will eventually know all the answers that you may have about a certain crystal, and they will provide you with all the evidence that confirms the authenticity of your purchased stone. 

The answers to your questions can be a deciding factor in whether or not you should buy the stone. 

If the retailer knows nothing about the origin of the crystal or their suppliers, it is then a significant alarming sign to turn down your anticipated purchase.  

An authentic retailer will inherently illustrate to you their process of purchasing their stones, provides you with information about the suppliers, and will naturally show genuine strong signs of expertise.


how to tell if malachite is real

Real Malachite is identified by an icy cold sensation when you touch it as well as you will feel a certain heavy weight when you hold it. Plus the banding on a genuine Malachite is presented in an uneven way with thick, fine, incomplete lines, and circles.

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This blog post is all about the key sings on how to tell if Malachite is real or not.


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