How to cleanse Red Jasper? (5 helpful ways)

Red Jasper is the ultimate stone of courage, health, vitality, and strength.

This dazzling and powerful red stone emits potent healing vibrations that make you feel encouraged, motivated, and full of vital energy to tackle your daily activities.

Plus, it supports you to overcome emotional challenges with rooted faith, stabilizes your whole being, protects you, and supplements you with lusty energy to feel your absolute best.

Hence, cleansing your Red Jasper stone is SO essential to benefit from all these powerful benefits in a permanent and effective way. 

how to cleanse Red Jasper

To cleanse your Red Jasper, you can immerse it in a water bowl for 2 hours, you can also let it soak the beaming energy of full moon for one entire night, using sage and Amethyst geode as cleansing methods are also effective ways to purify Red Jasper from negative energy. Connected to the root chakra, Placing Red Jasper on Earth is as well a very efficient cleansing medium. 

Find below 5 useful cleansing methods including comprehensive information to help you cleanse your Red Jasper effectively and safely. 

Quick interesting informations about Red Jasper stone

The Jasper stone is a fairly widespread and easily found mineral, so it has been used by a very large number of civilizations.

In high Egyptian antiquity, the red jasper stone was directly linked to fertilization and to the goddess Isis.

The Egyptian peoples widely used jasper, especially in the sculpture of statues and objects.

In terms of mineral composition, Jasper is considered a sedimentary rock composed mostly of silica.

Sometimes it can also be of volcanic origin.

In nature, it is a mineral that is found in abundance and which comes in a very large number of varieties and colors.

It is composed of an interwoven network of quartz crystals, and is generally identified by its opacity and the presence of streaks of color that come from the compact aggregation of different materials.

It is an impure variety of microcrystalline quartz.

The red coloring in this Jasper specifically, reflects the presence of Iron inclusions. So, we can say that the Iron element is what gives this stone its unique brick red hue.

5 simple ways to cleanse Red Jasper 


Water is one of the most popular crystal cleansing tools that can be used to purify all the absorbed negative energy and to also clean crystals physically from any visible dirt or dust.

Red Jasper belongs to the broad Jasper family, this specific crystal specimen can be safely cleaned in water because we have to keep in mind that water is not suitable for all crystals out there.

You can use the water cleansing technique following 2 different techniques.

The first technique is a quick one, you use it when you feel that your stone needs light purification.

  •  Wash Red Jasper under a fresh water stream for few minutes (3 to 5 Minutes). 

The second technique takes a longer period of time, it is best to use it when it has been a while since you didn’t cleanse your Red Jasper, and when you feel that your stone is saturated with negative energy which urgently may require a good cleanse to regain its powerful vibrations. 

  • Immerse the Red Jasper in a water bowl for few hours (2 hours maximum). 

Important note:

For both techniques, don’t forget to path dry your Red Jasper stones from any water residue before storing them with your crystal collection. 

Living the stone wet and putting it besides other crystals can negatively impact them, especially the ones that are not compatible with water, such as Hematite and pyrite. 

2.Full moon

The energy of the full moon is such a vital cleansing potion that will purify Red Jasper from all the attached negative, inharmonious, and unwanted vibrations.

The full moon will delicately and effectively evaporate all the negative energy that was absorbed by Red Jasper and will reequilibrate the overall healing energies of this stone. 

So, to cleanse Red Jasper using the Full moon energy, you can place your crystal before nightfall on your windowsill (make sure to place the stone in a safe place to avoid any breakage or damage) and let it soak the natural light of the moon for the entire night. 


Sage is such a powerful cleansing tool that will purify Red Jasper from all the stored negative energies. 

It is such a healing and harmless tool that will not only free the stone from the negative embodied vibrations but will concurrently cleanse your aura and lift up your spirit.

You can envision that the smoke generated by the sage is charging your crystals with the energy of purity, positivity, and harmony.

Visualize that the negative energies stored by your red crystal are evaporating with the smoke as it arises and dissolves into the air. 

Let the smoke surround Red Jasper for about 30 seconds.

Don’t forget that before starting the sage cleansing ritual to open your windows to let go of the smoke generated by the sage.

4.Amethyst geode

Larger crystals such as Amethyst geode radiate potent healing and clarifying energies that can liberate smaller crystals from the accumulated negative and discordant vibrations.  

You can place small Red Jasper crystals inside an Amethyst geode cluster to soak its purifying energies for a 24 hours period.

If you don’t have an Amethyst geode you can use other types of larger crystals cluster that you have under your position, such as Selenite, Calcite, or Quartz geodes.

These large crystal formations are also an alternative cleansing tool, they have the unique ability to radiate potent healing and purifying energies that free smaller crystals from the attached inharmonious vibrations.


Associated with the Root chakra, Red Jasper vibes so well with the grounding and nurturing nature of Mother Earth.

So, using the Earth energy to cleanse Red Jasper stones is such a harmonious and practical way to release all the negative and foggy vibrations stored by Red Jasper and at the same type charge the stone with brand new nurturing and protecting sensations. 

To cleanse Red Jasper using Earth energy, you can put your red crystals directly on the earth, in your garden, or in your plants’ pot and leave them there the entire night or for 10 to 12 hours, after that, remove gently any excess of dirt or debris with a dry cloth.

Other important related questions about Red Jasper cleansing process

Can Red Jasper be in the water?

At the beginning of this articles, we mentioned that it is okay to clean Red Jasper by immersing it in water, however it is necessary to acknowledge that frequently usage of the water element can damage the stone in the long run.

Let me explain to you exactly why.

Even though Red Jasper has a high hardness score that ranges between 6.5 and 7 which permits it to be in contact with water, we have to keep in mind that Red Jasper is composed of Iron.

So, the Iron element and water are definitely not compatible and as a result if the Red Jasper stone is not dried completely afterward or if it is left in water for extended periods of time and in a repetitive way, we may notice some sign to rust and decay on its surface.

To sum up, yes Red Jasper can be in water but you have to control the timing of water contact by not using this cleansing method frequently and by making sure that you stone is completely dry after washing it with water.

Can Red Jasper charge in the sun?

Yes, Red Jasper can be charged in the Sun. This charging tool is just powerful and efficient in reviving the grounding and energizing healing powers of this stone.

It is best to charge your Red Jasper during the morning sun for a few hours as the rays generated during this period is less harsh and helps the stone preserve its radiant and potent red hues.

Can Red Jasper go in the salt?

Cleansing Red Jasper with salt or immersing it in saltwater could be too harsh for the stone. The minuscule crystals in dry salt may scratch the stone or get into its tiny cracks which can damage the stone in the long run.

But you can mix a small amount of salt in a large volume of water and immerse your stone but just for a short period of time.

You can do that in case that you sense that your Red Jasper stone requires a deep purification, but just remember to make this cleansing method occasionally and not all the time.

How often should you clean Red Jasper?

Well, the answer to this key questions depends on your feelings and the usage frequency.

Let me explain to you what I mean by this.

Sometimes listening to our intuition is all we need to do when we want to connect to the healing powers of our beloved crystals.

So, if you sense that the energy of you Red Jasper is just cluttered and dimmed, meaning that you don’t receive the same potent grounding and energizing powers as you used to, then it is the perfect time to reward your stone a moment of care and deep purification.

Plus, if you find yourself that you are using your stone on daily or weekly basis , then it is optimal to cleanse it once a week, to make sure that you are constantly welcoming the rich nurturing and balancing powers of your red jasper stone.


Cleansing Red Jasper is a fundamental step that should be regularly applied to keep benefiting from the energizing and grounding healing vibrations of this stone.

The following 5 methods are amazing and effective cleansing techniques that you can implement regularly to cleanse your Red Jasper stone.

  • Wash your stone underwater or immerse it in a water container.
  • Allow your crystal to soak the cleansing energy of the full moon.
  • Use sage.
  • Put your Red Jasper inside an Amethyst geode.
  • Place your stone directly on the earth.

Further reading

Before cleansing any crystal using saltwater, you have to be mindful of whether or not they are compatible with this cleansing tool. 

Explore in this article essential advice to help you identify which crystals cannot be cleansed in saltwater, so you can protect your crystals from potential damage.

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