How to cleanse Celestite? 4 safe tools

Celestite is a stunning pale blue crystal that delivers such soothing and gentle energies.

This stone is composed of strontium sulfate (SrSO4) and scores between 3 and 3.5 on Mohs Hardness Scale, so we can clearly conclude that Celestite is a pretty delicate crystal that should be handled with extra care and precaution. 

Cleansing Celestite is a necessary step to profit from the its calming and uplifting energies in a continuous and efficient way.

The notable attribute of Celestite is that not all the cleansing crystals methods are suitable for this particular crystal, some of the purifying tools like the water/saltwater and the sun can damage Celestite.

You can cleanse Celestite and get rid of the negative energy attached to your stone by using sage, putting the stone in a big crystal geode, and by letting the stone soak the purifying moonlight energy for the entire night. If you notice that your celestite began to collect dust on its surface, use a dry microfiber cloth and wipe the crystal gently. 

How to cleanse Celestite

Keep on reading to know how to cleanse Celestite properly, and discover the 3 most important things that you should absolutely avoid to keep your stone safe from any damage and breakage. 

4 Safe ways to cleanse Celestite


Sage is such a versatile crystal cleansing tool that is absolutely risk-free and damage-free. 

So, using sage is considered one of the safest ways to purify your crystal, especially if it is highly susceptible to damage like Celestite and any stone that has a low hardness score. 

The primary step to do before starting the sage cleansing routine is to open your windows to let go of the smoke generated by the sage.

Initiate your cleansing ritual by lightening the smudging stick while envisioning that the smoke produced by the sage is energizing your crystals with the energy of cleanliness, tranquillity, and freshness.

Visualize that the negative and discordant energies attached to your Celestite stone are leaving with the smoke as it arises and vanishes into the air. 

Let the smoke surrounds Celestite for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Side note:

While smudging your Celestite crystal, it is an amazing occasion to charge it with your preferred intentions, because your stone is being purified which place it in an optimum pure state to receive your positive intentions.

When the crystal receives your aims or affirmations, it began to emit back these high vibrational energies which help to raise your vibrations and be more aligned to attract your envisioned intents. 

To do that, visualize that the smoke generated by the sage is charging your Celestite crystal with your chosen intentions such as inner peace, healing, well-being, balance, and purity. 

You can repeat the following affirmations/intentions while cleansing Celestite

  • I choose to have a peaceful life.
  • My mind, body, and soul are calm, serene, and healthy.
  • I am calm and at peace.
  • I am focused on my well-being.

Make sure to repeat these affirmations with an open heart and with a firm faith that your intentions are going to be realized. 

2.Big crystal geode

Larger crystals such as Amethyst, Calcite, or Selenite geodes radiate powerful healing and filtering energies that can purify smaller crystals from all the collected negative and discordant vibrations.  

If you have small Celestite crystals, then this cleansing method is just perfect.

You can place small Celestite stones inside a crystal geode cluster to soak its purifying energies for a 24 hours period.

You can use multiple types of crystals geodes such as Selenite, Calcite, or Quartz geodes, just choose the one that is available. 

So, we can say that these large crystal structures are also an effective and safe alternative cleansing tool, they have the particular capacity to radiate potent healing and purifying energies that free smaller crystals from the attached negative and inharmonious vibrations.


The moonlight is such a vital and gentle cleansing stream of energy that will purify Celestite from all the absorbed negative, discordant, and undesired vibrations.

Moonlight will delicately and suitably diffuse all the negative energy that was stored by Celestite and at the same time, it will reequilibrate and reload the overall healing energies of this stone. 

So, to cleanse Celesite using the Moon energy, place your crystal before nightfall on your windowsill and let it soak the natural light of the moon for the entire night. 

Just make sure to place it in a safe place where it can not fall off because we should keep in mind that Celestite is a fragile crystal that can be damaged fairly easily. 

4.Microfiber cloth

This cleansing method is suitable for when you notice that your Celestite began to collect dust on its surface or when you feel that you should give your stone a quick cleanse especially if it is a cluster formation. 

So, to do that wipe gently the surface/the corners of your stone with a Microfiber cloth which is an adequate cleansing medium that efficiently absorbs dirt and dust.

I previously stated that Celestite is a delicate and brittle stone, so the soft material of microfiber cloth will clean the stone thoroughly without leaving any scratches on the surface of the stone. 

3 Things to avoid while cleansing Celestite


As we mentioned earlier, Celestite scores between 3 and 3.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which is an obvious sign that this crystal should not be near to water, as well as, saltwater. 

Side note:

As a general rule of thumb, all crystals that have a score of 5 or below on the Mohs hardness scale should not be cleansed via water.

Water contact is considered harmful for Celestite, immersing this crystal in water could dissolve it and alter its structure. 

2.Putting it in a place where it could break easily

When cleansing Celestite makes sure to put it in a safe place, meaning that don’t place it on an edge of a table or windowsill, because it can easily break if it, unfortunately, fall off. 


Sunlight is considered an effective and a fantastic energizing cleansing tool for crystals, however, this method is not fitting for Celestite.

Prolonged sun exposure will alter the overall look of your crystal and fade away the beautiful blue pastel color of Celestite. 


Celestite is a gentle crystal that should be handle with extra care, especially when cleansing it.

Here are 4 secure and efficient ways on how to cleanse Celestite properly without causing any damage to this dazzling blue crystal.

So, to cleanse your Celestite safely you can use the purifying energies of sage, moonlight, and crystals geodes to release any negative attached to your stone. If you notice that Celestite became dusty, you can use a dry microfiber cloth to clean the surface of this crystal.

To keep your Celestite stone free from any potential damage, avoid using water, keep it away from the sun, and put it in a safe and secure place. 

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