How To Cleanse Carnelian? 4 Efficient Ways

Carnelian is a mesmerizing orange glossy stone that radiates the energy of vitality, enthusiasm, and inner confidence.

Bounding with the energy of Carnelian allows you to sense an alleviated sensation of warmth and vital energy all over your body. It also boosts your creative powers and guides you to keep feeling motivated and self-confident

Therefore, the necessity to cleanse Carnelian is such an important step to keep benefiting from all the empowering healing powers of this orange gem.

To cleanse Carnelian, you can choose one of these 4 simple yet effective cleansing methods to purify it physically and energetically. First, submerging your Carnelian stone in Water for few hours. Second, letting the smoke generated by sage surrounds the stone for several minutes. Lastly, burying the stone beneath the earth overnight or placing it on a Selenite crystal for the whole day.

how to cleanse Carnelian

If you are looking for simple and efficient methods to cleanse your Carnelian, then this blog post is specifically made for you!

Discover in the post, 4 techniques and the necessary steps that will assist you to clean Carnelian and also purify it from all the accumulated negative energies. 

Explore as well at the end of this article, the 2 crucial things that you should avoid (while cleansing the stone) to protect your Carnelian crystal from any potential damage and other answers to some of important questions that you may have in mind relating this topic.

Happy reading!

How to cleanse Carnelian? 4 simple ways that you can do right away!

1.Water Bath: one of the simplest ways to opt for

Water is a neutral and highly effective tool to cleanse a stone physically by removing any dust or apparent dirt from its surface, and also energetically by eliminating all the absorbed and attached negative energies.

According to the Mohs hardness scale, Carnelian has a score of 7. 

As a general rule, stones that have a hardness of 5 or above are totally allowed to be in contact with water.

Hence, Carnelian is one of many crystals that can be cleaned with water.

So, how to cleanse Carnelian with water?

To cleanse Carnelian, take a large bowl and fill it with water (preferably natural spring water). 

The first thing to do is to rinse your stone under running water for just a few seconds, then place it in its container, and make sure that your Carnelian crystal is completely submerged with water. 

After that, let the stone be soaked for few hours if you want to use it right after, or you can also let it in water for the whole day or overnight for deeper cleansing, especially when you feel that the stone requires profound purification. 

After that, remove Carnelian from the container and give it a quick rinse again under running water for few seconds. 

Important note:

Don’t forget to path dry your Carnelian stone very well from any water residue before storing it back with your crystal collection. 

Leaving the stone wet and putting it besides other crystals can negatively impact them, especially the ones that are not compatible with water, such as Selenite or Pyrite. 

2.Sage: purify the energy field of your Carnelian crystal

Sage is such a powerful cleansing tool that will purify Carnelian from all the collected negative energies and unharmonious vibrations.

It is such a healing and inoffensive tool that will not only free the stone from the conflicting embodied vibrations but will harmoniously cleanse your aura and lift up your spirit.

You can visualize that the smoke generated by the sage is charging your crystals with the energy of purification, harmony, and vital positive energy.

Visualize that the negative energies stored by your orange gem are disappearing and vanishing with the smoke as it rises and evaporates into the air. 

Let the smoke surrounds Carnelian for about 30 seconds.

Don’t forget that before starting this cleansing ritual to open your windows to let go of the smoke generated by the sage.

3.Earth: revive the balancing and vital powers of Carnelian

Carnelian is associated with the root chakra.

So, we can simply conclude that this works harmoniously with the energy of Earth and with all its grounding, balancing, and filtering vibrations.

Therefore, cleansing Carnelian with the Earth energy is such deep energy and physically cleansing tool to clear all the unharmonious and foggy energy collected by Carnelian and at the same time it charges the stone with fresh and powerful nurturing and grounding frequencies

So, to cleanse Carnelian using Earth energy, you can bury your stone beneath the earth, for instance, in your garden, or in your plants’ pot, and leave it there the entire night or for 10 to 12 hours, after that, remove gently any excess of dirt or debris using a dry cloth.

4. Selenite: a gentle but powerful cleansing tool

If you have a Selenite crystal at your home, then it is just fantastic.

Not only this crystal emits powerful cleansing powers that liberate your energy field from negativity and imbalances, but also works a great tool to cleanse other crystals such as Carnelian.

So, you will simply need a Selenite crystal, your Carnelian crystal and some extra time.

If you can small tumbled Carnelian stone, you can place them on top Selenite if you have it form of a wand.

But, you own a Selenite ball, place it gently on the top of your table, then place your Carnelian crystal in close proximity.

After that, let your stone soak the amazing cleansing and purifies energies radiated by this white glowy crystal for the whole day.

2 things to avoid while cleansing Carnelian

1.Sunlight: protect the bright orange colors of your crystal

Sunlight is indeed one of the most cleansing and charging tools for crystals, however, this method is not suitable for all types of crystals out there. 

Putting Carnelian directly in the Sunlight will, unfortunately, damage the overall appearance of the crystal, by transforming the bright vivid orange color of the stone into a faded/dull color

So, if you want to preserve the original lively orange hues of your Carnelian crystal, make sure to keep it away from the sun, especially the direct sun exposure.

2.Putting salt in the water: keep your stone intact

Saltwater is considered an unsafe cleansing technique for Carnelian. 

Saltwater has a sufficient ability that draws away negative energies stored by stones, nevertheless, you have to be aware that this method is not appropriate for all crystals

Putting Carnelian is a water container that contains an excessive amount of salt, for a long period, and repetitively, can damage the crystal by weakening its overall strength and causing cracks on the stone’s surface that can be quite apparent in the future. 

Other important related questions

How to cleanse Carnelian when you first get it?

Cleansing not only Carnelian but any crystal that you first purchased is quite necessary.

It is crucial because you want to make sure that your new purchase does not hold any unharmonious energies from the previous place where it was. So, always be mindful that the first thing that you need to do after purchasing your crystal is to give it a good cleanse.

In my opinion, all the technique listed above are great options to choose from, yet my favorite when I buy new crystal and if it is compatible with water (Carnelian case) is to wash it underneath a fresh stream of water for few minutes.

Washing Carnelian with water or soaking it in a water bowl for few hours directly after getting it, is considered such a refreshing and very powerful way to re-equilibrate the energies of this gem and give it a new life and breath of fresh air, and that’s because water holds the energy of new beginning and ultimate purification.

How to cleanse Orange Carnelian?

how to cleanse orange carnelian

The colors of Carnelian ranges between deep red and bright orange hues, however there is not difference in terms of healing properties of each one, they remain the same despite the color diversification.

That means that the cleansing techniques for red Carnelian crystal remain identical for the orange variety of this stones.

So, to cleanse Orange Carnelian, you can submerge it in water, sage it, or bury it underneath the soil.

How to cleanse raw Carnelian?

how to cleanse raw carnelian

Raw Carnelian is the shape of natural Carnelian found in Earth that is untouched, so it is completely natural and unpolished.

In terms of cleansing, you can apply all the methods methods mentioned in this articles, such as washing it with water, sage, or put in next to a Selenite crystal.

My favorite way to cleanse a Raw Carnelian is to connecting it back to the Mother Earth energy.

I think that the raw form of this crystal bonds so well with the nurturing and grounding vibrations of Earth.

Cleansing a raw Carnelian by burying it underneath your garden’s or plant pot soil cleanses deeply the energy of this crystal and makes the perfect medium to receive all the grounding powers of Earth which you can use this orange stone afterwards during a root chakra meditation or when you want to connect back to your body and regain back your inner balance.

How to cleanse Carnelian jewelry?

how to cleanse carnelian jewelry

The best way to cleanse Carnelian jewelry is by using sage. This cleansing tool is simple, effectively, and jewelry friendly, meaning that you can use it without worrying about damaging your jewelry.

Water for example can not be compatible with the element that your jewelry made of (for instance if it is made of copper), and placing your Carnelian jewelry beneath the soil is not the smartest thing to do, because you may struggle and waist your time in removing the bit of dirt that could get stuck in it.

So, the best cleansing technique to cleanse Carnelian jewelry is to let the smoke generated by sage surround it for few minutes and if you don’t have sage at your disposition you can put your jewelry next to a Selenite crystal.

What to do after you finish cleansing your Carnelian crystal?

Well after you cleanse your Carnelian crystal, the choice is yours. You can meditate with it especially if you want to heal and balance your root chakra, you can set your intentions by charging your stones with affirmations and the things you desire and then connect with it to receive back of its motivating and encouraging powers.

Here is a fantastic root chakra guided meditation that you can use after your cleanse your Carnelian to experience a beneficial and liberating rejuvenating moment by healing this energy point and feel grounded, balanced, and in harmony with your mind, soul, and physical self.

Plus, if you want to charge Carnelian with affirmation, then you are in the right place.

Here is a detailed article where you can 10 powerful Carnelian affirmations so you can feel super energized and confident, you can repeat these affirmations every time when you cleanse your crystal to make sure that it holds positive and powerful energies which will help you feel just amazing.

Final thoughts

Taking care of your Carnelian crystal by cleaning it and cleansing it from the accumulated negative energies is such an important step that permits you to take care of it and also making sure that you are benefiting from its healing powers in the most rewarding way possible.  

So, to cleanse Carnelian, you can submerge it in a water container for few hours or for the entire day. You can also purify it using the smoke generated by sage, placing it close to a Selenite crystal. Finally, for deeper energy cleanse, bury it underneath the Earth for 10 to 12 hours or overnight. 

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