How to cleanse Botswana Agate? (Helpful guide)

Botswana Agate is a unique-looking stone with distinct visual patterns that are definitely eye-catching!

This smooth crystal is naturally decorated with infinite lines and waves that spiral all over the stone which gives a fascinating appearance.

Botswana Agate is the ultimate crystal of resilience, comfort, and interior strength.

It is a grounding stone that guides you to find inner comfort to surmount emotional distress and overcome life hardships.

Hence, cleansing the stone physically and energetically is KEY to always welcome its pure healing energies in the most efficient way.

There are multiple practical ways to cleanse your Botswana Agate, you can immerse it in water, embed it in Earth or in rice, or simply lightening a smudging stick to energetically let go of all the absorbed negative energies stored by your crystal.

Find in this post 4 helpful ways to cleanse Botswana Agate, plus some important notes to keep your stone safe from any potential damages while purifying your stone.

4 simple and helpful ways to cleanse Botswana Agate

how to cleanse Botswana Agate

1.A water bath

The water cleansing tool not only purifies the stone from any dirt or dust, but it also strongly contributes to release any toxic and unharmonious energies absorbed by the stone. 

Botswana Agate scores between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, so it is safe to say that Botswana Agate is perfectly suitable with water.

To cleanse your crystal, immerse your stone in a wanter container, you can add to it some soap, just make sure that the soap ingredients are totally natural, and free from any chemical or abrasive components.

Soak the Botswana Agate in the water for about a couple of hours, and after that, make sure to path dry your stone with a soft cloth, and wipe your stone completely from any water residue before putting it back with your crystal collection.

Important note:

Avoid cleansing your Botswana Agate using steam or hot water.

Botswana Agate is highly sensitive to heat.

Always use lukewarm water to keep your stone safe from any damage or vulnerability caused by high water temperature, such as color fading or in some cases the stone may get scratched easily. 


Botswana Agate is associated with the root chakra.

The Earth element is the ultimate thriving focal point of the root chakra which is the energy center of stability, life balance, safety, and grounding.

So, embedding your Botswana Agate within the nurturing and grounding layer of Earth, is an excellent healing moment that provides the Bostwana Agate the opportunity to release all the associated discordant energy. 

During this cleansing timeline, the stone is not only cleansed but also charged with the grounding Earth energy which intensifies all the comforting and soothing healing properties of this stone.

So, to cleanse Botwane Agate using Earth energy, you can place your Agate crystal directly in the earth, in your garden, or in your plants’ pot and leave it there for the entire night or for 10 to 12 hours, after that, remove gently any excess of dirt or debris with a dry cloth.

3.A brown rice bed

Rice can be such a beneficial way to get rid of all the bad and negative energies stored by your crystals. 

The great thing about this method is its effectiveness and also safeness, it can be used for pretty much all crystals out there.

To cleanse Botswana Agate using the rice method, fill a bowl with brown rice that is fully dry, submerge your stone beneath the grains, and leave it overnight.

Important note:

After cleansing your crystal, dispose of the rice directly, because the rice is now becoming the host for all the inharmonious and negative energies, and we definitely don’t want to recycle this type of energy for other purposes.  

4.Smudging sticks

Smudging is an excellent versatile way to cleanse all types of stones and also your living space from negative and toxic energies.

You can use any type of Smudge sticks to cleanse Botswana agate, for instance, you can utilize sage, palo santo, or rosemary sticks to release the negative vibrations stored by your Agate crystal. 

The first thing to keep in mind is that before starting the sage cleansing ritual, open your windows to let go of the smoke generated by the sage.

Began your cleansing ritual by lightening the smudging stick while envisioning that the smoke generated by the sage is charging your crystals with the energy of purity, serenity, and peacefulness.

Visualize that the negative energies deposited in your Botswana Agate are evaporating with the smoke as it arises and dissolves into the air. 

Let the smoke surround Botswana Agate for about 30 seconds.

Side note:

While cleansing your crystal you can also charge your stone by repeating positive affirmations, and your preferred intentions to replenish your Botswana Agate with enchanting and delightful vibrations.

You can envision that the smoke generated by the smudging stick is charging your crystal with your chosen aims such as peacefulness, healing, kindness, comfort, and strength. 

You can repeat the following affirmations/intentions while cleansing Botswana Agate.

  • I am glowing with unwavering strength.
  • I am surrounded by comfort, serenity, and tranquility.
  • I am protected.
  • I look toward my life with hope and happiness.

Final thoughts

Botswana Agate is recognized for its deep balancing and comforting energy that works on calming your whole being. 

Hence, cleansing and purifying Botswana Agate is an indispensable step to keep benefiting from all the comforting and protective healing powers of this stone. 

So, to cleanse your Botswana Agate and release effectively all the stored negative energies that are attached to your crystal, you can choose one of the following cleansing methods:

  1. Immerse your stone in water (avoid using hot water).
  2. Embed it in Earth. 
  3. Bury it in a bowl of Brown rice (dispose of the rice immediately after cleansing your stone).
  4. Smudging (sage, palo santo, or lavender smudge stick).

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