How To Cleanse Blue Calcite? 4 Safe Ways

Blue calcite is a shiny pastel blue crystal that is identified by its calming and soothing vibrations.

This ocean blue crystal releases gentle vibrations that help you lift anxieties and assist you to release negative emotions.

It also balances your throat chakra so you are able to communicate efficiently and express your thoughts and ideas with confidence and ease. 

So, cleansing this precious blue gemstone is a crucial step to keep benefiting from all of its soothing and balancing healing powers.

In this article, I am going to help you cleanse your Blue Calcite crystal efficiently and safely.

To cleanse Blue Calcite, release all the negative energies attached to it, and charge it with positive and fresh vibrations you can light a sage stick and let the smoke envelope the crystal and cleanse it.

Immersing it in Brown rice is also a safe way to purify Blue Calcite. Selenite crystal and Moonlight are also two additional cleansing ways to help you filter the negative energies absorbed by your stone.

Find below 4 helpful and safe techniques to cleanse your Blue Calcite stone, plus keep on reading to discover the 2 cleansing techniques that you should absolutely avoid to keep your crystal protected from any damages. 

How to cleanse Blue Calcite? Here are 4 simple and safe ways to cleanse this gentle crystal

how to cleanse Blue Calcite


Sage is a universal cleansing method that can be used for pretty much any stone, especially the ones that are more susceptible to damage like Blue Calcite and Calcite stones in general.

The first thing to do before starting the sage cleansing ritual is to open your windows to let go of the smoke generated by the sage.

Began your cleansing ritual by lightening the smudging stick while envisioning that the smoke generated by the sage is charging your crystals with the energy of purity, calmness, and cleanliness.

Visualize that the negative energies attached to your Blue Calcite stone are disappearing with the smoke as it arises and dissolves into the air. 

Let the smoke surround Blue Calcite for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Side note:

While smudging your Blue Calcite crystal, it is actually a great opportunity to charge it with your preferred intentions, so you are able to supply your blue crystal with your pure aims and high vibrational affirmations. 

You can envision that the smoke generated by the smudging stick is charging your crystal with your chosen intentions such as peacefulness, healing, confidence, comfort, and serenity. 

You can repeat the following affirmations/intentions while cleansing Blue calcite

  • I am calm and serene.
  • I am filled with bright, hopeful, and positive energy.
  • I am surrounded by love, happiness, and serenity.
  • My emotions are healed. 
  • I speak and communicate with calmness and confidence.

2.Brown rice

Rice is such a useful cleansing method to get rid of all the bad and negative energies stored by your crystals.

Just like sage, Brown rice is a totally safe, damage-free purifying alternative, and it can be used for pretty much all crystals out there.

To cleanse Blue Calcite using the rice method, fill a bowl with brown rice that is fully dry, submerge your stone beneath the grains, and leave it overnight.

The Brown rice will work on absorbing all the negative and unharmonious vibrations that were attached to your stone and work on remodeling the energies emitted by Blue Calcite by reviving its potent peaceful and calming healing powers.

Important note:

After cleansing your crystal, get rid of the rice immediately, because the rice is now becoming the host for all the inharmonious and negative energies, and we surely don’t want to convert this type of energy for other purposes.  


This may sound unusual to you, but Selenite crystals emit wonderful cleansing vibrations that can effectively cleanse and also charge other crystals.

This cleansing method is perfectly suitable for small Blue Calcite stones.

If you have a flat Selenite crystal then it is just perfect.

Then you put your Blue calcite stone on top of Selenite and let it soak the pure purifying vibrations of this crystal. 


The energy of the full moon is such a lively cleansing potion that will purify Blue Calcite from all the attached negative, inharmonious, and unwanted vibrations.

Moonlight will delicately and adequately dissolve all the negative energy that was absorbed by Blue Calcite and at the same time, it will reequilibrate the overall healing energies of this stone. 

So, to cleanse Blue Calcite using the Moon energy, you can place your crystal before nightfall on your windowsill and let it soak the natural light of the moon for the entire night. 

Important note

Blue Calcite is a fragile stone that can break easily, so make sure to place it in a safe place to avoid any damage.

2 crucial thing to avoid when cleansing Blue Calcite


Can blue calcite get wet?

Blue Calcite scores 3 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, so we can see clearly that it is a pretty weak crystal that can get damaged easily.

So, to protect your Blue Calcite stone you have to absolutely avoid getting it in contact with water or getting wet by any type of liquid such as vinegar or saltwater.

Can Blue Calcite be cleansed in water?

Water will, unfortunately, damage Blue Calcite by making it brittle and easily breakable. So, keep in mind to avoid cleansing Blue Calcite or any type of Calcite stone with water


Sunlight is also a popular and effective crystals cleansing technique, however, it is not compatible with Blue Calcite.

The powerful sun rays damage the overall appearance of Blue Calcite by weakening its structure and fading its signature blue color.

Exposing your Blue Calcite to the Sun will turn the Blue color of Calcite into White and it may also get brittle which increases its chances of getting cracked. 

Frequently asked questions about Blue Calcite

How to charge Blue Calcite?

You can charge Blue Calcite and revive its peaceful and calming healing powers by lightening a sage stick and letting the smoke generated to wrap up your stone for a few minutes.

Frequently asked questions about this topic

How to charge Caribbean Blue Calcite?

Caribbean Calcite delivers profound soothing healing energies that work on calming one’s soul by providing such a powerful and liberating inner clarity.

You can charge Caribbean Blue Calcite by connecting it back to the powerful and purifying energy of the Moon.

The moonlight energy is perfectly alined with the calming nature of the Caribbean Calcite.

You can do so, by putting you Caribbean Blue Calcite on the windowsill overnight and let it soak and receive the powerful charging energy of the Moon.

In this way your stone will gain back of its peaceful, tranquil, serene, and emotional healing properties and you will sense it once you connect to it once again.

How to use Blue Calcite?

Blue Calcite embodies gentle and tender healing vibrations that calm your mind, soothe your soul, and kindly energizes and fortifies your body.

You can use Blue Calcite as a bracelet to feel relaxed, calm and ease any emotional discomfort. You can also carry it with you in your pocket, backpack, or purse to help you boost your communication skills and deliver your message clearly and efficiently.

Here is a complete and detailed guide that will show you how you can use Blue Calcite effectively so you can benefit from its healing powers in the best way possible.

How to meditate with Blue Calcite?

Meditation is such a wonderful exercise that brings your soul, mind, and body into a supreme state of composure and genuine serenity.

Combining the calming energy of Blue Calcite crystal and meditation is just perfect to reach a higher state of clarity and peacefulness.

To meditate with blue Calcite, simply hold the stone in your hand, choose a calm place where you feel comfortable, sit comfortably, close your eyes and tune into your breathing.

Try to focus on your breathing and don’t fight a thought if it visits your mind, simply acknowledge it and let it go peacefully.

Visualize that the peaceful and calming energies of your Blue Calcite stone are traveling from your holding hand to every part of your being, filling your soul, mind, and body with extreme relaxation, liberation, and soothing all of your emotions.

Pairing a calming guided meditation with your crystal is just ideal to increase the healing process and feel more connected to the healing properties of Blue Calcite as well as your amazing and powerful soul.

Blue Calcite VS Celestite

Even though Celestite and Blue Calcite are two visually similar crystals that share the same color which is a very unique pale blue shade, they remain two complete different kinds of crystals.

Celestite and Blue Calcite have different mineral compositions, Celestite belongs to the Baryte crystal group and Blue Calcite is part of the wide family of Calcite crystals. Weight-wise, Celestite is heavier than Blue Calcite.

If you want to know more about the differences between Blue Calcite and Celestite, you can check this simple guide where I listed 5 main characteristics that will help you separate these visually similar two stones.

Where to place Blue Calcite on body ?

Blue Calcite is associated with the throat chakra.

This crystal heals and balances this energy point in the body so you can communicate easily, share your thoughts with confidence, speak your truth and express your talents.

You can place Blue Calcite gently on your throat to heal and activate this chakra so you are able to tap into your personal powers and be confident when communicating and expressing yourself.

Final thoughts

Blue Calcite is a fragile stone, so we should be extra precious when cleansing it.

Here are 4 safe and effective methods to release the negative energies stored by Blue Calcite:

  1. Sage.
  2. Brown rice.
  3. Selenite.
  4. Moonlight.

One important thing to keep in mind is to avoid 2 cleansing methods that could eventually make Blue Calcite more susceptible to damage which are:

  1. Water (weakens the structure of the stone and makes it easily breakable + do not use it to cleanse Blue Calcite).
  2. Sunlight (fade the blue color of the stone).

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