How to cleanse Blue Apatite? (3 simple techniques)

Blue Apatite is a dazzling deep blue stone with a glossy and opaque finish.

Contemplating the mesmerizing hues of this crystal will give the illusion that a majestic blue ocean is trapped inside this magical stone!

Blue Apatite is the ultimate healing crystal of mental clarity, inner guidance, wisdom, and communication.

This splendid azure stone purifies your aura, clears blockages, opens up your mind, and encourages you to accomplish your goals.

Cleansing and working on purifying blue Apatite from absorbed inharmonious energies is a must, this valuable step permits you to always benefits from the healing powers of this stone in the most effective and purest way possible.

So, how to cleanse Blue Apatite properly?

To cleanse Blue Apatite, you can immerse it in water for few hours, using sage is also a very helpful way to let go of the negative energies attached to the stone. Exposing Blue Apatite stone to the purifying energy of moonlight is as well a fantastic way to cleanse your crystal.  

Find in this post, 3 helpful ways that will enable you to cleanse Blue Apatite efficiently, plus discover the top 2 things that you should absolutely avoid while cleansing your stone, to withdraw any potential damages. 

3 Simple ways to cleanse Blue Apatite

how to cleanse Blue Apatite


Water is the simplest way to cleanse Blue Apatite.

You can cleanse Blue Apatite by simply immersing it in a bowl of water for few hours (a 2 hour period is optimum).

For a deep cleanse you can add a small amount of liquid soap to the water bowl, just make sure the soap ingredients are totally safe, natural, and chemical-free.

Envision that your stone is releasing all the unwanted energies in the water bowl. 

You can also wash it under a fresh stream of water for few minutes.

While cleansing your crystal, imagine that the water is dissolving any negative or discordant energies that are attached to your stone.

Visualize that the attached negative and toxic energies absorbed by your crystal are going down the drain.

After that, make sure to path dry your Apatite stone with a soft cloth from any water residue. 

Important note:

Always focus on your intentions while cleansing your stones, make sure that you are aligned with the energy field of harmony, purity, love, and peacefulness. 

Feel that in your heart, and visualize that your stone is happily welcoming all of these uplifting and delightful energies. 


Sage is a wonderful cleansing tool that not only cleanses Blue Apatite but it also works on purifying your whole living space from conflicting and inharmonious vibrations.

Began your cleansing ritual by lightening the smudging stick while envisioning that the smoke generated by the sage is charging your Blue Apatite with the energy of sincerity, peace, and vital lively vibrations.

Visualize that the negative energies stored by your Blue Apatite are evaporating with the smoke as it arises and dissolves into the air.

Don’t forget to open up your windows to let go of the smoke generated by the sage and to also release the negative energies carried by the sage smoke away from your home.

Let the smoke surround Blue Apatite for about 30 seconds to one minute. 

Important note:

While purifying your crystal you can also charge your stone by repeating positive affirmations, including your preferred intentions to refresh your Blue Apatite stone with enchanting and delightful vibrations.

You can envision that the smoke generated by the smudging stick is also charging your crystal with your chosen intentions such as peacefulness, healing, kindness, happiness, and strength. 

You can recite the following affirmations/intentions while cleansing Blue Apatite.

  • I am motivated, creative, and powerful. 
  • I manifest all my deepest desires.
  • My goals and aspirations are going to be achieved.
  • I communicate and express myself with ease and inner confidence.


The energy of moonlight is purely healing and purifying.

You can profit from the magnificent moonlight to cleanse your Blue Apatite stone and let go of all the unharmonious energy that may get attached to your blue crystal.

The Moonlight does a fantastic job in releasing any imbalances in the energy field of the stone, it brings back all the healing powers of the Apatite stone into an optimum state of equilibrium.

So, to cleanse Blue Apatite with the moonlight energy, you can place your crystal before nightfall on your windowsill (make sure to place it in a safe place to avoid any breakage or damage) and let it absorb the natural light of the moon for the entire night. 

2 Things to avoid while cleansing Blue Apatite

Avoid Saltwater 

Cleansing Blue Apatite with saltwater can be pretty harmful, especially towards unpolished, raw Apatite stones, and also crystals that have open and apparent cracks.

Immersing this stone in saltwater will eventually lessen the overall strength and weaken the overall structure of the stone by making it more susceptible to breakage and way more vulnerable.

The salt in the water will get into the stone’s fractures and also the invisible ones which will ultimately make the stone brittle and easily breakable. 

Do not use hot water

Hot water temperature is not suitable for Blue Apatite.

Always use lukewarm water to keep your stone safe from any damage or vulnerability caused by high water temperature.

In some extreme cases, hot water will leave visual marks that indicate strong damage such as a faded blue color or noticeable scratches and unusual marks all over the stone. 

Final thoughts

Cleansing Blue Apatite is an easy task. 

To cleanse Blue Apatite you can submerge it in a water bowl for few hours, wash it under a fresh stream of water for few minutes, or you can use the cleansing energies of sage or moonlight to release all the negative and discordant energies stored by your beloved blue crystal.

Just make sure to avoid using saltwater and hot water while cleansing Blue Apatite since they may alter the strength of the stone by making it easily breakable, plus they could also modify the overall appearance of your Apatite by making it look faded and less intense. 

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