How to cleanse Black Tourmaline? a complete guide

Black Tourmaline symbolizes protection against negative and toxic energies, grounding, stability, and inner balance.

Connecting with the powerful energies of this stone enables you to tap into a high level of serenity and strength by empowering you to let go of self-limiting thoughts and other belief systems that decrease your power and confidence. 

Black Tourmaline is also marked by its purification properties, meaning that it guides you to purify your energy field as well as your entourage from negative energies and helps you gain a reassuring sense of inner security and comfort.

Therefore cleansing this black gem is absolutely fundamental to keep receiving all of these powerful healing energies in the most gratifying way possible. 

Find below a detailed guide on how to cleanse Black Tourmaline so you are able to revive its energies and set it back to its original powerful state. 

5 different and efficient ways to cleanse Black Tourmaline

1. Earth: Revive the grounding and protecting energies of your stone

how to cleanse black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline and the energy of Mother Earth are closely united, meaning that they are both bonded in such a unified way. 

Let’s all remind ourselves that Black Tourmaline is associated with the root chakra, this energy center obtains its core foundation from the energies that distinguished Mother Earth such as grounding and divinely stable.

So, cleansing this stone by connecting it with Earth is a vital way to give it a breath of fresh air and revive the grounding, guarding, and balancing attributes of Black Tourmaline in such an effective way. 

Therefore, to purify this black gem via Earth energy, plant your stone just like a seed in your garden or plant pot soil for the whole day and let it receive all the equilibrating and vitalizing properties of our Earth.

2. Sage: Liberate your Black Tourmaline from unharmonious vibrations

how to cleanse black tourmaline

Sage is a fundamental tool that I think is indispensable in every household. 

This natural plant represents potent properties of efficient protection against bad energies, so using this amazing tool to cleanse your Black Tourmaline is just a great idea to liberate it also from all the received bad vibrations. 

We should keep in mind that crystals are active energy vessels, meaning that they work continually to emit high vibrational energies and in return, they soak and absorb the bad and lower ones.

So, cleansing Black Tourmaline regularly is necessary, especially since this stone has the specific attribute of absorbing negative energies, which is one of its significant and most powerful healing qualities.

Therefore, purifying it with sage is an effective way to let go and eliminate these absorbed negative vibrations.

To do so, simply ignite the sage stick and then perform circular motion in a way that the smoke generated is enveloping the totality of your stone.

You can sage the Black Tourmaline for a few minutes until you sense that your crystal is completely purified.

3. Sunlight: Reload the powerful properties of your black crystal

how to cleanse black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is profoundly associated with the energy of the sun. 

Sunlight rays are deeply stimulating and refreshing which eventually works so well with the nature of Black Tourmaline. 

The sun’s energy expands the empowering attributes of Black Tourmaline such as its strengthening capacities and its guiding power to assist you to overcome challenges.  

So, we can say that this cleansing method is specifically targeting the empowering, confident boosting, physical vitality, and strengthening qualities of Black Tourmaline.

The sunlight power restores these special attributes. 

So, to cleanse your Black gem via the sun, direct your stone towards the sun rays for a couple of hours maximum.

It is best to cleanse Black Tourmaline during the morning sun since this period of time the sun energy is less harsh (just to keep the stone safe from any potential damages).

4. Moonlight: Revitalize the purifying attributes radiated by this intense gem

Moonlight energy is also an effective way to delicately purify Black Tourmaline. 

One of the most significant properties of this black stone is its capacity to purify one’s aura from negativity, doubts, fears, and self-limiting thoughts. 

So, the moonlight energy exhibits the special attribute to first liberate Black Tourmaline from any attached negative vibrations that could lower its healing powers, then it also plays a vital role in increasing the purifying characteristics of this stone. 

So, to cleanse Black Tourmaline via the moon energy simply place the stone on your windowsill for the whole night and let it welcome the clarifying, soothing, and rejuvenating power of the moon for the whole night. 

5. Crystal cluster: an ideal way to cleanse smaller stones and jewelry

Larger crystals radiate powerful purifying frequencies that can strengthen and reload the healing properties of Black Tourmaline.

This method is especially suitable if you have small Black Tourmaline tumbled stones, bracelets, or necklaces.

There are a lot of crystals to chose from that present great purifying attributes, we can cite, for example, clear or white Quartz Geode, Amethyst geode, Selenite geode, or Calcite geode are useful tools to charge smaller crystals and jewelry.

These special crystals are denoted by their highly purifying attributes that first cleanse and then rekindle the powerful attributes of this intense black gem. 

So, if you have small Black Tourmaline crystals or jewelry, you can place them inside or on top of these clusters and leave them there for a 24 hours period.


Black Tourmaline is the stone of protection, energy purification, stability, inner security. 

Purifying this stone regularly is pivotal to keep welcoming all of its empowering energies in the most beneficial way possible. 

So, to cleanse Black Tourmaline you can choose one of the following methods: 

Cover it with soil for the whole day, let the smoke encircles it for a few minutes, put it in a sunny place where it can receive the morning sun for a couple of hours, place it on the windowsill to welcome the moon energy during the entire night, or put it on a Quartz geode for a 24 h period.  

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