How to cleanse Aquamarine? Answered.

Aquamarine is a stunning sea blue crystal distinguished by its gleaming and eye-catching luster. 

The appellation of this stone symbolizes its mesmerizing appearance. 

Contemplating closely the details of Aquamarine gives you the illusion that this stone is a living piece that was extracted from the deepest, purest, vivid blue ocean. 

Aquamarine delivers the energies of serenity, peace, and inner calmness and encourages you to fortify your character to navigate life with determination, courage, plus, it aids you to upgrade your communication skills. 

It is vital to know that to benefit from all the healing powers of Aquamarine that I just mentioned above, cleansing and purifying the stone from past stored energies is key.

Cleansing Aquamarine properly and regularly permits you to welcome its uplifting energies in the most effective way possible. 

To cleanse Aquamarine you can immerse it in water or brown rice for several hours. The fume radiated by sage and the highly purifying frequencies emitted by Quartz geodes are also greatly beneficial in cleansing Aquamarine from the stored negative vibrations. 

how to cleanse Aquamarine

So, if you are looking for simple yet very useful ways to cleanse your Aquamarine tumbled stone, bracelet, ring, or necklace, this blog post is specially created for you. 

4 ways to cleanse Aquamarine from past energies

1. Water

how to cleanse Aquamarine

Aquamarine scores between 7.5 and 8 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. 

So, it is clearly safe to say that water is perfectly adequate for Aquamarine. 

Plus, the nature of the stone and the type of energies released by it work harmoniously with water. 

The water-energy cleanses gently and profoundly Aquamarine and resets the energies of the stone to an optimum, raw, and potent level.

So, how to cleanse Aquamarine using the water element?

First, choose a naturally built recipient (made of natural elements such as bamboo wood, ceramic …) and fill it with water (spring water is an excellent choice to opt for).

Place your Aquamarine in the water bowl for several hours, however, if you want to achieve deeper purifying results, especially if it has been a while since you cleanse the crystal, soak it in water for the entire night. 

Plus, make sure that water surrounds and covers the integrality of the stone. 

For further cleansing, you supplement the water with a small amount of salt to make sure that the stone is completely free from any negative and inharmonious energies. 

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Side note: 

Aquamarine is highly sensible towards heat and sun rays. 

The warm sun energy may alter the overall aspect of the stone by making it dull and lacking its splendid ocean blue color. 

So, ensure to put the water cleansing bowl in a shaded place away from any harsh light. 

2. Brown rice

how to cleanse Aquamarine

This is a very simple yet powerful cleansing method.

You are going to need a small amount of rice (depends on the size of the stone) and a container. 

First, fill a bowl with brown rice and try to bury your Aquamarine crystal beneath the rice grains.

Make sure that the crystal is completely surrounded by the rice. 

Next, put the bowl aside for 12 hours or for the whole day. 

The rice grains will work on extracting wholly any past discordant energies that were absorbed by Aquamarine. 

Quick reminder:

When connecting and trying to create a close bond with our crystals, these earthy gems fill our energy fields with high vibrational energies, but not only that they also work as a receptor to receive all of our low vibrations such as stress, negative thoughts, tensions, and sadness. 

Therefore, it is so necessary to adopt a regular cleaning schedule to liberate our beloved gems from these stored frequencies to reset their healing powers to a high excellent level once again. 

3. Sage

how to cleanse Aquamarine

Sage is a versatile cleansing technique that can be used for pretty much all crystals out there.

The fume of sage carries a powerful energy dose that absorbs the negative frequencies collected in the Aquamarine crystals. 

Not only that it also stretches to purify your own energy field by making you feel lighter, more positive, and in a good peaceful mood. 

So, the first thing to do before implementing the sage technique is to open up your windows to ventilate your living space.

Then, ignite the tip of your sage stick and start doing circular motions to wrap up the crystal with the purifying fumes of sage. 

4. Crystals geodes 

The great thing about crystals geodes is that they not only emit powerful healing vibrations that can reach us and fill our entire space with positivity, but they also emit very powerful cleansing frequencies that are so beneficial for other crystals too. 

For instance, crystals geodes like Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, and Celestite generate pure and refreshing vibrations that eliminate any negative or discordant energies that were stored by Aquamarine.

So, if you own a big crystal geode at home utilize its clarifying power to cleanse your sea blue gem. 


If you sense that your Aquamarine is energetically drained and it does not transmit the same powerful calming and peaceful vibration, then it is a strong indicator that it should be cleansed as soon as possible.

Choose one of the following techniques to cleanse Aquamarine and reequilibrate its supporting and clarifying powers.

  1. Immerse it in water for few hours or for the whole day.
  2. Bury it in brown rice for the entire day. 
  3. Let the fumes of sage wrap it (1 to 2 minutes).
  4. Put it on a crystal geode for 24 hours.

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