Does Citrine need to be cleansed? Find out now

Citrine is recognized as a powerful energy tool that works on absorbing the negative influences from one’s energy field and environment, not only that but it also converts these negative vibrations into positive ones. 

Does Citrine need to be cleansed

This fantastic double function of Citrine can make us believe that this radiant Yellow gem does not require any cleansing because it simply transmutes the negative energy to a positive one.

In my personal opinion, this belief is simply not true and not accurate. 

Even though Citrine has the ability to transform negative energy and transform it into happy and uplifting sensations, it requires regular cleaning just like other crystals. 

Citrine needs to be cleansed and that is because despite being able to filter out negative vibes and transmute them into positive energy, it remains necessary to cleanse Citrine’s energy field to be assured that it is totally free from any stored bad vibrations and to also revive its transmuting and happy inducing powers. 

Yes, Citrine needs to be cleansed, and here is why.

Citrine also collects negative energies

You may read in other crystals-related articles that many crystals such as Citrine, Selenite, or Kyanite don’t require any cleansing. 

I always feel when checking up this kind of information that it is illogical to take care of other crystals and leave others with no care and no cleansing. 

In my modest opinion, ALL crystals out there necessitate a regular cleansing routine that for sure depends on the frequency of usage. 

For instance, Citrine is viewed as a powerful energy transmuter. 

Meaning that connecting with its potent transmitted vibrations enables you to not only raise your vibration and feel remarkably happier but this gem also works on transforming any felt negativity into positive energy which boosts your happiness and all good sensations around you. 

Nevertheless, this intense and powerful Citrine effort to enhance our mood will definitely have an influence on the overall vital state of the stone. 

In other words, using the energy of Citrine repeatedly and without any cleansing will have an impact on the efficacity of the stone by lowering its capacities and decreasing the intensity of its power.

Cleansing Citrine is a necessary step to revive its energy

Let’s not deny the fact that Citrine is a natural earthly component that is formed of natural mineral elements, so nurturing and taking care of this stone will attribute to durability and the strengthening of the overall powers of the Citrine crystal. 

I always tune in to my intuition when deciding to cleanse any crystal. 

Apart from not cleansing a crystal for a long time, if I sense that the crystal look faded and it is losing its sparkle, I know then that it requires an instant cleansing. 

So, if you notice that your Citrine crystal is losing its unique yellow radiance and when you touch you sense nothing, you feel that the crystal is “empty”, it is then an important indicator that your Citrine needs to be cleansed. 

The simplest way to cleanse Citrine quickly and efficiently

Here is a simple suggestion on how to cleanse Citrine quickly and effectively. 

You can simply use water to liberate any negative or any type of energy that hinders your crystal from transmitting its full and potent energy powers. 

First, take a bowl. 

It is best to use an all-natural made container, like a bowl that is made of wood, ceramic, or Selenite (Selenite does a fantastic job in cleansing other crystals). 

Fill the bowl with water, it is best to use spring water (if it is available for you). 

Then immerse your Citrine crystals inside the bowl and make sure that the water covers the integrality of your stone. 

Leave your stone in the water for several hours.

Then, take the Citrine crystal and pat it dry from any water residue, and be ready to profit from the delightful and happy energy of this beaming yellow gem once again. 

Final thoughts

It is a common belief that Citrine and other crystals like Selenite, for example, don’t require any cleaning, however, in my opinion, I don’t agree with this theory. 

Citrine needs to be cleansed, despite being able to transmute negative energies into positive ones, it remains susceptible to holding certain negative frequencies which can negatively impact its healing powers.

Plus with regular usage and without purifying its energy field, these stored negative vibrations will accumulate as time went by which lessen the powers of Citrine and eventually make you less and less capable to receive its cheering and encouraging energies. 

So, it is primordial to cleanse all of your crystals including Citrine. 

You can cleanse Citrine once a week if you use it on a daily basis. 

However, if you use it from time to time (not regularly), purifying your Citrine stone once a month is pretty sufficient. 

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