Does Aquamarine fade? 1 primary reason

Aquamarine is a stunning transparent gem that exhibits eye-catching hues ranging from greenish blue to blue shades.

The color intensity of these crystals varies, we find some specimens that showcase a pastel blue and others that display a very rich and intense blue tonality, the latter kind is more valuable and way less abundant. 

Even though Aquamarine is considered a fairly strong mineral (scores 8 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale), it can be unfortunately susceptible to color fading

Aquamarine does fade and it is due to being exposed repetitively to direct sunlight for a prolonged time as well as being displayed to high temperature. 

Does Aquamarine fade

In this blog post, find out why Aquamarine does fade, and what the exact good practices that you should follow to keep this striking blue gem intact and in optimal condition.

Yes, Aquamarine does fade, and here is why 

The primary reason in the direct sunlight

Does Aquamarine fade

Sun rays can present a real warning to the overall vitality of your stones if you don’t pay attention to the exposure time.

For instance, storing your Aquamarine jewelry in a place where there is lots and lots of sunshine where they are directly facing the abrasive sun ray will ultimately overtime fade the blue shine of these stones.

Plus, wearing an Aquamarine necklace or ring during summer days especially during the sunlight period every single day may also alter and lessen the color intensity of your stone. 

As a quick reminder, the color palette of Aquamarine ranges from greenish blue to blue shades. 

Be especially cautious if you own a blue Aquamarine gem.

The blue variety of Aquamarine tends to be more vulnerable and more susceptible to be affected by direct sunlight. 

So, if you own jewelry that is made of Blue Aquamarine, it is vital to be extra cautious and mindful to not expose them to direct sunlight for a very long time. 

However, to be completely assured, this rule applies to all kinds of color varieties that Aquamarine exhibits. 

2 important things to do to keep your Aquamarine intact

Do not use strong cleaners

This is a very important factor to always consider when you are about to clean your Aquamarine stones or jewelry. 

It is best to not use cleaners that are full of chemicals to withdraw the possibility of hurting or fading the original color Aquamarine. 

If you want to cleanse thoroughly your Aquamarine stone, you can use a bar of natural soap and use a toothbrush to clean all the edges of your stone.

After that wash your stone with cold water and pat it dry with a soft cloth. 

Plus, it is essential to mention that there are two important cleansing tools that you should absolutely avoid to not fade the colors of Aquamarine which are steam and ultrasonic cleaners

Even though Aquamarine scores between 7.5 and 8 on Moh’s scale of hardness, it can be damaged (the heat generated by these tools can crack and break the crystal) by these two cleansing tools since they are quite potent.

Steam and ultrasonic cleaners are usually applied to very hard stones such as diamonds and sapphires.  

Keep it away from direct sunlight as much possible as you can 

This is one of the most essential procedures to employ.

Keeping your Aquamarine away from direct sunlight will definitely help you sustain the remarkable blue tones of this radiant transparent gem. 

The first thing to do is to store jewelry and Aquamarine stone in a shaded place where there are no signs of direct sunlight, plus this place should have a cool temperature or be in an air-conditioned room.

The second practice to keep in mind is to try your best to not wear any Aquamarine-made jewelry during hot sunny days.

You can absolutely wear Aquamarine jewelry during chilly summer days and all year round except days where the temperature is very high or when you notice that it is extra sunny outside.

Final thoughts 

Exposing Aquamarine to direct sunlight and for a prolonged period can fade the natural blue color of this translucent crystal. 

The best things to do to sustain the original blue color of Aquamarine is to avoid wearing it during high temperatures and very sunshiny days and to also store your Aquamarine jewelry and stones in a box in a cool room and away from direct sunlight. 

Direct sunlight and heat are not the only agents that fade the colors of Aquamarine, the way you cleanse this stone can also alter its shades. 

To maintain the beautiful shades of Aquamarine, it is vital to use natural products to clean your stone, for instance, you can wash Aquamarine in a bowl that contains lukewarm -natural- soapy water. 

Another thing to bypass is using ultrasonic and steam cleaners, these tools are quite powerful, the heat generated can significantly fade the color of Aquamarine and in other cases crack the stone. 

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