9 dark Blue crystals that are worth to be discovered!

In color symbolism, dark Blue expresses depth, stability, determination, knowledge, and wisdom.

If you admire this magnificent color and you feel a special connection and appreciation for this deep hue, then you will absolutely cherish these 9 dark blue crystals that I am going to represent to you. 

As mentioned, find in this post a specific collection of dark Blue crystals, discover what is unique about them and also the powerful healing energies that they are transmitting. 

9 dark blue crystals and their meanings

dark blue crystals

1. Sodalite


Sodalite is a mineral species of the group of silicates, composed of chlorinated silicate of sodium and aluminum with traces of iron, manganese, potassium, calcium, water, and sulfur. 

This crystal presents a deep blue color along with white spots and lines that cover the totality of the stone. 

However, the stone’s patterns vary from one specimen to another.

Some Sodalite crystals present mainly dark saturated blue shades and other crystals exhibit specks of deep blue hue supplemented with white spots and lines. 

Healing energies

Sodalite emits the energy of willpower, inner truth, and intuition.

The energies radiated by this crystal work on enhancing self-awareness to feel more present and more mindful of all things that surround you. 

It also helps you sharpen your life perception by enhancing your analytical skills along with boosting your intuition. 

2. Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli presents a unique mixture of 3 different minerals.

First Lazurite (blue-colored mineral), second Calcite (white-colored mineral), third Pyrite (an iron sulfide mineral representing a golden hue). 

This distinct mineral composition results in vivid and intense blue-colored crystals embellished naturally with some white lines or spots along with radiant specks of gold specks.

Healing energies

Lapis Lazuli is the ultimate crystal for wisdom, inspiration, and inner peace. 

The vibrations transmitted by this stone bring to you a comforting sense of deep peace and enchanting harmony. 

It is recognized as the Wisdom stone which reflects its capacity to enhance self-awareness to become better and more efficient at making decisions and planning the exact steps that would lead you to brighter positions. 

3. Apatite


Apatite is the designation of a group of phosphate minerals with comparable chemical compositions and physical characteristics. 

This stone has a relatively steady hardness furthermore serves as the index mineral for a hardness of 5 in the Mohs Hardness Scale.

This stone displays a deep blue color that is decorated naturally with irregular white lines. It has an opaque and glossy finish.

Healing energies

The vibrations radiated by Apatite serve as a heartfelt inspiration wave that awakens your creative powers and aids you to be more connected with your creative side. 

It is also referred to as a growth stone that assists you to enhance your creative powers, expand your knowledge and be more insightful.

dark blue crystals

4. Azurite


Azurite is a soft, dark blue copper mineral generated by weathering of copper ore sediments. 

Azurite as its name indicates presents very strong and rich blue shades. 

It is usually presented as a hard mineral that is totally covered by a vivid blue-colored coating. 

Healing energies

Azurite is closely attached to our thinking patterns, it positively influences our thoughts to come up with resolutions to challenges and difficult situations. 

Plus it also works on cleansing anything that can block a vital flow of thoughts. 

It is said that the vibrations of Azurite help expand the ability to conceive multiple ideas, acquire true vision on various life aspects, and develop a better comprehension in order to enhance intellectual abilities. 

5. Sapphire


Sapphire is considered a precious gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum, consisting of aluminum oxide with trace quantities of the following components: iron, titanium, chromium, vanadium, or magnesium.

It is important to mention that the titanium component, as well as the iron, give the Sapphire its beautiful blue color.

This precious blue gemstone is very hard, 9 on a scale of 10, it scratches all bodies except diamonds.

Sapphire exhibits a majestic royale blue color that is extraordinary eye-capturing.

Healing energies

Sapphire reflects the emotions of faith and hope.

It reflects stability, composure, as well as loyalty, and commitment, that is why we see this magnificent gem beautifully and elegantly curated as an ideal stone for engagement rings. 

6. Blue Aventurine


Blue Aventurine is a silicon dioxide mineral.

This dark blue crystal is a part of the broad Quartz family. 

The Blue color of the Aventurine comes from minor inclusions of Copper.

This specific variety of Aventurine showcases a vivid blue color distinguished by a shiny finish or what we call aventurescence. 

Healing energies

The dark blue Aventurine is associated with the energies of awareness, communication, and inner strength. 

This stone is recognized as a very tranquilizing and calming stone, it helps soothe emotions and aids in establishing a harmonious and clear communication flow.

dark blue crystals

7. Dumortierite


Dumortierite is considered a very rare aluminum borate silicate mineral that is observed in three distinct forms which are first in the form of blocks, second in the shape of small colorful crystals, or third, it may also be displayed as fibrous inclusions within a matrix of Quartz crystals.

This mineral exhibits a very dark navy blue color which some very intense bluish-black spots dispersed in different areas within the stone.

Healing energies

Dumortierite reflects the energies of patience, mental clarity, as well as self-control.

It transmits potent vibrations that make you feel more concentrated on your goals and purifies your thinking system which ultimately assists you to let go of mental blockages that disrupt you from being fully devoted to achieving your ultimate desires. 

8. Tanzanite


Tanzanite mineral composition indicates that it is a translucent zoisite which is a mineral itself belonging to the silicate family. 

What naturally gives it this range of colors, from azure to purple, is the presence in its composition traces of chromium and vanadium.

This particular dark blue crystal radiate a unique color palette that ranges from dark blue to a very distinct vivid bluish-purple hue.  

Healing energies

The vibrations transmitted by Tanzanite works primarily on encouraging its wearer to express deepest emotions and occurring thoughts with such clarity and a very capturing and touching manner. 

It also works on soothing an overthinking mind by helping you attain a serene stage of composure.

9. Iolite


Iolite belongs to the wide group of Silicate, which obviously means that the major component of this raw gem is silicate. 

Alongside a high content of silicate, Iolite also includes some traces of carbon, iron, sodium. manganese, and potasium.

Iolite showcases a beautiful mixture of two principal shades which are blue and purple. 

These colors are harmoniously blended together to bring a unique-looking stone. 

Healing energies

Iolite is closely related to inner vision and life perception.

This stone works on clearing your internal vision and assists you to achieve pure mental and emotional clarity in order to navigate life with higher awareness which deepens your connection with everything surrounding you and aligns you furthermore with your highest intents.

Final thoughts

Dark blue crystals not only share similar color aspects that are truly admirable but also transmit common deep-felt energies of mental clarity, inner vision, truth-seeking, and higher self-awareness.

So, here 9 of the most astonishing dark blue gem to expand your learning about the crystal realm and to also get in touch with the aspects of clearer emotions, fruitful exchanges, and a higher sense of wisdom and knowledge.

  1. Sodalite.
  2. Lapis Lazuli.
  3. Apatite.
  4. Azurite.
  5. Sapphire.
  6. Blue Aventurine.
  7. Dumortierite.
  8. Tanzanite.
  9. Iolite.

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