The best 4 crystals to keep in your purse (be surrounded by joy!)

Purses are our loyal companions that we transport with us basically on daily basis, so taking advantage of this tool to carry crystals is a fantastic technique to raise our vibrations!

It is in fact a wonderful way to feel happy, protected, and ready to tackle your daily chores with high energy.

Carrying tumbled stones is just so easy and doesn’t require any notable effort, you just pick your crystals, put them in a small pouch (preferably), and place them in your purse, and voila!

Clear Quartz, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, and Rose Quartz are some of the most powerful crystals to keep in your purse. This little crystal collection is just fantastic and works in a harmonious way, it allows you to feel balanced, happy, protected, and surrounded by the energy of love, self-confidence, and prosperity. 

Keep on reading to discover why carrying crystals in your purse is great for you, what are the exact crystals that you should keep in your purse while exploring their powerful healing features so you can feel your absolute best!

Why keeping crystals in your purse is great for you? 

Keeping crystals in your purse is just like carrying with you a high vibrational dose of energy that keeps you feeling protected, balanced, and confident while managing your daily life tasks.

1.Feel protected 

We need to feel protected, especially if we are out on the outside world.

Carrying crystals in your purse will fill your energy field with potent protective energies that guard you against negative situations that make you feel anxious, stressed, or out of your balance.

These fantastic energy tools surround you with a potent protecting aura that makes you sense strong emotional and physical protection and encourages you to navigate fearlessly through life with assurance and courage. 

2.A strong sense of balance

Balance is such a positive feeling that helps you feel comfortable, content, and at ease.

Keeping crystals in your purse induces a powerful sensation of balance.

They guide you to tap into a high vibrational field of good emotions, calmness, and serenity.

They inspire you to carry on with your day with a delightful sense of harmony while achieving a continuous mind, body, and soul balance. 

3.Fill your days with happiness 

We all want to feel happy and joyful, especially if we are out in the outside world.

We want to make sure that we cherish every single moment in our day and live every single moment with great pleasure.

Carrying crystals in your purse will lift your spirit to feel happy and in a good mood so you can enjoy your time outside and create beautiful and unforgettable memories.

4.Tap into the energy of self-love and self-confidence

Feeling self-confident and acknowledging our self-worth are key aspects to establish an impactful presence and manage our external interactions and unexpected situations with unwavering confidence and high courage.

Hence, keeping crystals in your purse besides you is a great energy tool to remain confident, and be aligned with the energies of strength and determination.

Crystals supply you with a bright vital stream of distinguished energy that makes you feel supported, encouraged, while firmly believing in your abilities. 

The best 4 crystals to keep in your purse

1.Clear Quartz

crystals to keep in your purse

Clear Quartz is one of the most popular crystals that is widely known in the crystal realm.

This powerful transparent crystal is characterized as the “Master Healer”.

Keeping a Clear Quartz crystal in your purse is a fundamental way to amplify the good energy around you.

It also brings your mind, body, and soul into a wholesome state of equilibrium, and guides you to navigate your day with mental clarity, focus, and strong self-awareness. 

Plus, carrying this crystal also helps you to amplify the power of other crystals that you are keeping in your handbag. 


crystals to keep in your purse

Citrine will definitely supplement your day with lively sensations of happiness, vitality, and bright energy.

Carrying this radiant yellow stone guides you to manage your day with a high energy level.

Citrine guides you to be more courageous, confident, and motivated to accomplish your daily tasks with success. 

Not only that, but it also allows you to remain optimistic and positive in case you stumble upon a challenging situation.

It helps you to focus on the bright side of things and keep feeling hopeful.

Plus, it also aligns you with the energy of abundance and prosperity and increases your manifesting powers by helping you remaining positive, bright, and cheerful which play a big role in attracting the things that you desire.

3.Black Tourmaline

Keeping a Black Tourmaline in your purse is a powerful way to release the negative energies that may surround you. 

It assists you to cleanse your aura, feel grounded, and profoundly balanced.

Carrying this crystal will help you feel protected from negative and unharmonious energies that would make you feel low, stressed, anxious, and disconnected from your higher self.

In fact, Black tourmaline brings a feeling of security and shields you from the types of energy that make you feel drained and concerned. 

It surrounds by a protective shield that encourages you to carry on with your day with courage and totally free from any anxious vibrations.

4.Rose Quartz

Carrying a Rose Quartz in your purse is a great way to sense a calming, soothing, and yet firm sensation of self-love and self-confidence.

Keeping this lovely pink crystal next to you allows you to tap into a delightful energy field of divine inner harmony, self-appreciation, and unconditional self-acceptance.

Rose Quartz permits you to glow with the divine energy of love and inspires you to cherish every single moment to spend your day feeling loved, happy, and peaceful. 

Frequently asked questions about this topic

What is a good crystal to wear everyday?

It all depends on the energy you want to tap into during the day.

One of the best crystals to carry everyday is Rose Quartz, this soothing enchanting crystal emits loving, caring, and healing vibrations that makes you feel at ease and peaceful. It surrounds you with the energy of love which all we need to feel our absolute best.

If you want to feel powerful, trust your abilities, and express yourself with confidence, then wearing Lapis Lazuli everyday is the way to tap into and receive these empowering energies especially in the work environment where you are surrounded with lots of people.

If you are going through a rough life phase and you don’t want to be influenced by negative energies and you strive to reach a calm, positive, and optimistic mental state, then wearing Black Tourmaline everyday will guide you to be protected against negativity, feel grounded, and in a safe haven.

Can you put crystals in bags?

You can put crystals in bags, just make sure that they are in an appropriate size and polished.

Heavy crystals and raw stones are not suitable to be in bags because first they can weigh you down which is an uncomfortable feeling and the sharp edges in raw crystals may scratch other items in the bags and also cut the interior fabric.

Can I put Amethyst in my purse?

Yes, you can put Amethyst in your purse. It is such a good way to purify your energy field from negativity, feel calm, and protect your peace.

Just make sure to choose a small polished amethyst stone that does not make your purse heavy and for extra protection you can store it first in a small pouch before placing it in your bag.

Crystals to keep in your pockets

Before keeping crystals in your pocket make sure that you carry small crystal that are polished so you can feel comfortable.

Plus, It is essential to first put and secure these crystals in small pouch before keeping them in your pocket, so you can not lose them and it they unfortunately drop them they will get damaged.

Choosing a crystal to carry in your pocket depends on the outcome you desire to reach.

If you want to feel concentrated on a special task and accomplish with success and efficiency then you can carry one these crystals in your pocked: Fluorite, Carnelian, or Hematite.

If you desire to unlock your creative powers and use your mind power to create and channel great visions, then these are the crystals to choose from: Amethyst, Citrine, or Red Japer.

If you want to heal your emotions, love yourself, and be aware of your amazing and precious worth, then choose on of these crystals to tap into the wonderful energies of unconditional love and self-worth: Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, or Rose Quartz.

Feeling anxious and stressed are not the ideal feelings to have a peaceful day, so if you feel that way and you want to ascend to a much serene headspace you can carry in your pocket one of the following stones: Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite or Rose Quartz.

These calming crystals generate soothing and zen vibrations to not let negative thoughts control your emotions. They fill your heart and soul with a calming sensation of quietude and inner peace.


Keeping crystals in your purse is a wonderful healing method to be in constant connection with the powerful, empowering, and protective energies transmitted by these fabulous gems. 

Clear Quartz, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, and Rose Quartz constitute an excellent crystal combination that you can keep in your purse.

They work unitedly to deliver to you a powerful energy stream that helps you navigate through your day with happiness, confidence, balance, and protection. 

Side note:

To protect your crystal from any potential damage, you can store them in a dedicated pouch before putting them directly in your purse. 

Or, if you have an inside pocket in your handbag, you can dedicate it to store your tumbled crystals.

Also, don’t forget to give your crystal regular energy cleanse, once a week if you use them constantly, so you can keep benefiting from their wonderful healing properties. 

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