6 best crystals for workplace negativity (feel your best at work)

We can feel the negative energy in pretty much any place.

The workplace environment is one of the most common places where you may sense negative energy and inharmonious sensations all around you, which could make you feel down, irritated, unhappy, and in a very bad mood.

The good news is that you can transform this low vibrational feeling and create all around you a happy and positive work atmosphere, once you tap into the balancing and positive vibrations of crystals.

Crystals for negativity can be a powerful energy shield that will protect you from negativity in the workplace by cleansing your aura from the attached toxic energy, raising your vibrations, and improving your overall perspective by focusing on the things that serve your highest purpose. 

Find below 6 crystals that are excellent for workplace negativity. 

Each one of these crystals plays a vital role in helping you overcoming workplace toxicity. 

6 best crystals for workplace negativity 

crystals for workplace negativity

1.Green Aventurine

You absolutely want to keep a Green Aventurine crystal around you, especially in your workplace.

Green Aventurine plays a major role in diffusing negative situations that you may encounter in work and assist you in turning these unwanted situations into manageable ones. 

The energy transmitted by this green glowy crystal supplements your mind and soul with strong soothing sensations which considerably make you feel calm and free from any irritation or anger.

It also raises your vibration in case you are facing a difficult situation at work and inspires you to maintain a vital energy level to overcome any sort of negativity with an optimistic mindset. 


Onyx is a powerful stone that aids you to overcome fears, concerns, worries, and the feeling of overwhelm in your workplace.

It replenishes your energy field with the empowering energies of strength, protection, and determination so you can be fully able to overcome the negativity that you may feel in your work environment and to feel totally immune to toxic and energy-draining situations and encounters.

Plus, Black Onyx guides you to find divine alignment by centering your energy and connecting you with higher powers so you can develop a strong protective shield and tick skin against negativity, and actually approach your work and the environment that surrounds you with a positive state of mind and actually enjoy your working period.


Amethyst is the perfect calming and purifying crystal that is just excellent in diminishing workplace negativity.

This dazzling purple stone works on purifying your aura from the absorbed negative and unharmonious energies that you may attract during your work shift.

Amethyst radiates potent purifying energy that not only cleanses your aura from the attached negativity but also generates such soothing and peaceful vibes in your workplace atmosphere. 

This violet gem transmits lovely calming energy that supports promoting tranquility and peacefulness within your inner being and all around you. 

Plus, Amethyst is recognized as a potent spiritual stone and that’s because it raises your awareness to truly acknowledge the things that would serve your highest purpose in life.

This energy aspect of Amethyst plays a huge role in directing your attention to concentrate on how you can feel happier and more satisfied at work which ultimately leads you to prevent negativity (negative situations, self-doubt, self-criticism, worrying about others unfruitful opinions) during work at all costs. 


Lepidolite fulfills your mind, body, and spirit with tranquility, peacefulness, and composure.

These uplifting qualities are all you need to avoid negativity and not feeling your best in your working environment. 

It one of the most effective stones to help you reduce anxiety, it centers you during the time of stress, pressure, or a hectic working schedule.

Lepidolite assists you in cultivating inner faith in dark times by providing a firm sense of optimism, patience, and hope. 

It is THE crystal to keep next to you when you want to restore your belief and keep remaining hopeful in times of hardship. 

It allows cultivating a healthy and optimistic approach so you can overcome any encountered work-related negativity with ease, inner trust, and unwavering tranquility. 


Black Obsidian is the ultimate protective stone.

This potent volcanic stone helps you clear the accumulation of negative smog within your aura. 

It assists you to purify your energy field from the attached negativity that you could attract at work.

During work, it is inevitable to encounter negativity such as stress, overwhelming pressure, heated encounters between colleagues, dealing with employees that radiate discouraging energies such as unhappiness, poor communication, bad attitude…

These types of negative behaviors can indeed affect your mood and your general wellbeing.

Black Obsidian acts like a negative energy vacuum that works on cleansing your aura from the negative energy that you may absorb at these encounters.

It purifies your mind, body, and soul and aids you to release negative and toxic workplace attachments. 


Garnet increases your willpower and improves your overall vitality so you can feel untouchable by any workplace negativity. 

This deep red gem raises your vibration and guides you to tap into a formidable and high vibrational energy field so you can be motivated, empowered, fully protected, and shining with self-confidence.

Garnet makes you feel fully revitalized, balanced, and courageous.

It balances your emotions which is a key aspect to protect you against stressful and energy draining work conditions. 


Crystals for workplace negativity are your dependable energy comrade that will help you overcome successfully negative situations and disharmony at work.

They aid you to surmount negative situations, preserve your energy field from absorbing negativity, and fills your aura with calmness and composure.  

You can choose one of the suggested crystals (or as many as you want) according to your needs and your intuition. 

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