5 Growth boosting crystals for your indoor plants

Indoor plants not only beautify and enhance your space and supplement it with a stunning and soothing touch of nature but they also present great heartfelt emotional and mental benefits. 

Acquiring indoor plants is a great pathway that encourages you to create a revitalizing bond with the healing frequency of nature in the comfort of your own home.

They help in improving your mood, lowering stress, and anxiety levels, as well as reducing air pollutants, sharpening your focus, and boosting your energy and productivity levels.

To get more in touch with your indoor plants, connecting them with the powerful vibrations of crystals will aid you to receive all the nurturing and rejuvenating benefits of your plants in the greatest way possible. 

Therefore, crystals for indoor plants are here to aid you to get more in touch with the healing power of mother nature, nourish your indoor plants with vitality and growth, and assist you to create a healing and happy-inducing bond with your green friends.  

crystals for indoor plants

In this blog post, you are going to find 5 of the most powerful crystals for indoor plants. These earthly gems aid your plants to gain vitality, growth and guide you to welcome all the therapeutic attributes of your indoor plants. 

5 Crystals for indoor plants 

1. Green Calcite

crystals for indoor plants

The vibrations emitted by Green Calcite help in soothing anxious and stressed plants. 

If you notice that your indoor plants have difficulty in growing or you remark that the overall growth curve of your plant is stagnating you can use a Green Calcite by putting it on the soil of the pot. 

Plus, this crystal helps supplement your plant with revitalizing energy which can give it a new breath of fresh air.

Green Calcite works on reviving the power of your indoor plants by restoring their energy and providing them with the exact kind of vibrations that nourish them once again. 

So, if you notice that your inside plants are remaining dull with no sparkle of liveliness (even though you give them the right amount of water and sun) you can try to put a Green Calcite beside it by charging it with the intention of vitality and restoration. 

2. Moss agate

Moss Agate is perhaps one of the most popular crystals that are linked to plants. 

The healing vibrations generated by Moos Agate help you in promoting a close bond with nature. 

It guides you to appreciate and be more connected with your plants by elevating your desire to take care more of the vitality of your indoor plants. 

Putting a Moss Agate beside your indoor plants’ pots generates a soothing vibrational clock that helps you be more mindful of your plants and guide you to always remember to take care of these lovely companions.

3. Malachite

Malachite is viewed as the stone of fertility and vegetation. 

The blossoming energy transmitted by Malachite works effectively in promoting the growth and lushness of your indoor plants. 

If you notice that one of your indoor plants showcases a difficulty in growing then you can place a Malachite crystal near it to boost its development and to also protect it from the electromagnetic field that could delay its growth. 

4. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is one of the most abundant crystals on the Earth. 

This stone is widely appreciated for its elevated amplifying powers which can play such a boosting role in bettering the vitality of your plants. 

The pure and potent vibrations of this clear gem help in stimulating not only your plants but also other crystals that you may use for the indoor plants which can do wonders in promoting the overall vitality of your green friends. 

5. Tiger eye 

Tiger eye is the stone of courage and strength. 

So, using Tiger eye as an indoor plants crystal is a powerful way to strengthen the well-being of your plants. 

This stone helps in promoting and strengthening the root of greenery which play a fundamental part in contributing to the growth and lushness of your inside plants. 

Plus, it helps protect your indoor plants from being attacked by a living organism or harmful radiation that could damage their growth and vitality. 

How to use crystals for indoor plants?

crystals for indoor plants

You can put your chosen crystals on a table that is very close to your plant. 

Or, you can place it gently on the plant’s soil or bury it underneath the soil for more expanded benefits. 

Just don’t forget your stone in the pot, from time to time remove the crystal and give it a quick rinse to refresh it, and then reuse it once again.  

You may absolutely want to charge your stone with your preferred intentions to increase the overall healing vibrations.

For example, if you want your plants to become much greener, lush, and healthier, charge your crystals with the intentions that go along with these specific desires. 

If you desire to strengthen your bond with the reviving powers of your plants and you want to receive all of their health benefits you can hold your crystals and repeat the following affirmations before putting your stone beside the plant:

  • I am healthy.
  • I am abundant.
  • I radiate vitality and positive energy all around me. 
  • I am calm and peaceful. 
  • I am strong and centered. 

Important side note:

The use of crystals does NOT cancel the absolute necessity to sustain a regular caring regimen of your indoor plants like watering them, repotting overgrown plants if needed, taking care and removing dust from their leaves, or removing dying leaves …

Final thoughts

crystals for indoor plants

The power of crystals not only affects us as human beings but also reaches other living organisms such as plants.

Plants are alive, they grow, blossom, move, reproduce and eat, so crystals can surely have a healing effect on the strength and well-being of your indoor plants. 

Crystals for indoor plants generate nourishing, revitalizing, and energy-boosting frequencies that enhance the overall vegetal health of your beloved plants. 

Crystals are sourced from the essence of Earth.

So the intimate Earthly proximity that these two elements share makes from crystals and plants two harmonious elements and creates a potent energy stream that works on nourishing and charging both of the parties with positive and uplifting vibrations.  

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