Citrine and Black Tourmaline together (boost your determination)

Sustaining a high level of focus and determination is key to obtain any goal that we have in mind.

Working on overcoming limiting beliefs and at the same gaining a steady amount of focus can be the ideal recipe to achieve our anticipated goals.

Apart from doing the internal work to better yourself, connecting with the encouraging vibration of crystals can be such a helping booster.

For instance, Citrine and Black Tourmaline work wonderfully together to build a strong intimate foundation that assists you to purify your mind from limiting beliefs while protecting it from being susceptible to negativity and at the same time they help you tap into the bright sensations of courage, self-confidence, unwavering determination. 

Citrine and Black Tourmaline together

If you own the two crystals then it is the perfect occasion to connect with their healing vibrations so you can welcome all the benefits that they radiate once they are united together.

Therefore, Discover in this post, the outstanding cheerful and encouraging energies of Citrine and Black Tourmaline together, and how these two gems can upraise your whole inner state by guiding you to become more courageous and highly concentrated on your goals. 

Citrine: Happiness, courage, manifestation

Citrine and Black Tourmaline together

Citrine is definitely an eye-catching radiant yellow gem that emits delightful energies of happiness, beaming positivity, and motivation. 

Getting in touch with the energy of this crystal lit up your whole being by making you feel considerably joyful and ready to tackle your anticipated goals.

Plus, Citrine raises your vibrations and puts you in a good mood which makes you feel happier and ultimately guides you to match the frequency of the things you want to attract.

It inspires you to take action which raises your manifestation abilities and assist you to be aligned with your envisioned desires. 

Black Tourmaline: Protection, grounding, cleansing

Citrine and Black Tourmaline together

Black Tourmaline delivers powerful protecting frequencies that guard you against negativity and toxic situations. 

It is considered a powerful cleansing stone that purifies your own energy field and all the things that surround you from bad vibrations such as negativity, disharmony, and unbalances.

It also emits grounding vibrations that keep you feeling stable and focused on your goals. 

Citrine and Black Tourmaline together

Protect your energy field

The vibrations transmitted by Citrine and Black Tourmaline work harmoniously together to create for you a comforting space that inspires you to feel protected, stable, and in contact with your higher self. 

Citrine and Black Tourmaline generate a heartfelt sensation of protection.

On one hand, you feel a comforting feeling of protection and interior balance, and on the other hand, you sense that you are capable to be comfortable, unbothered, and free from any thoughts that may cause you discomfort. 

Enhanced self-confidence

Both Citrine and Black Tourmaline emit a powerful encouraging sensation that guides you to find true and unshakable self-confidence. 

They are both potent energy transmitters that inspire you to be aware of your capability and all the incomparable and unique attributes that you are holding inside.

Both of these potent gems activate with your conscious mind to self-discovery so you can fully see your precious worth, and awaken your hidden talents and abilities. 

So, if you are going through a difficult time where you find yourself doubting yourself repeatedly then connecting to the energies of Citrine and Black Tourmaline is a key reminder to regain your personal willpower and remember your valuable personal worth. 

Gain more clarity

Black Tourmaline is popularly recognized for its high clarifying powers. 

So, getting in touch with its energy permits you to gain a relieving sense of mental clarity and inner peace which enables you to clear the fog and think clearly.

Citrine, on the other hand, uplifts your sensation by making you feel happier and more optimistic which also boosts your mental clarity and encourages you to become an enthusiast and also come up with clever ideas that facilitate any task or goal that you have on mind. 

So, if you are currently dealing with a project/ life phase that requires clarity of thoughts, joining Black Tourmaline and Citrine together will help you clarify your mind and sustain a joyful sense of optimism and openness. 

Pursue your goals with high determination 

We can not talk about the healing properties of Citrine and Black Tourmaline without mentioning their magnificent power of determination and endurance. 

Pairing Citrine and Black Tourmaline together generate a powerful energy stream that nourishes your mind, body, and soul with a strong urge of high determination and powerful willpower to be more disciplined towards achieving your goals. 

We all have goals and no matter the type of our intent (personal or professional) we require a certain sustainable and elevated level of determination. 

A strongly rooted sense of determination is the powerhouse that keeps us moving forward.

Therefore, connecting with the energies radiated by Citrine and Black Tourmaline is just so powerful to aliment your determination. 

The clarifying, the energy-boosting, and the joy-inducing sensations emitted by these two stones play a big role in aiding you to feel purposeful, goal-oriented, and persistent.


Combining the vibrations of crystals is such a powerful way to create a customized request that fills our needs and the unique requirements that we need to successfully fulfill our desires.

For example, the Citrine and Black Tourmaline crystal combination is the ideal source of energy that we require when we need clarity of thought, protection, and an empowering feeling of determination. 

Citrine and Black tourmaline together are the perfect crystal combination that works greatly in boosting your self-confidence, enhancing your sense of determination, while clarifying your energy field from limiting thoughts and helping you feel stable and full of positive and joyful energy.

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