Citrine and Amethyst together (Inner peace And Joy)

Love and peacefulness are the elements that contribute to a joyful life.

Feeling that you are surrounded by a sensation of unconditional love, care, balance, and tranquility permits you to create a beautiful and fulfilling life for yourself.

Citrine and Amethyst together emit such calm, radiant and joyful energies that help you to balance and harmonize your life and replenish your soul with the essence of ease, clarity, and higher self-esteem.

In this article, we are going to talk about the amazing healing benefits of when Citrine and Amethyst are together, and how you can use this crystal combination to be truly happier. 

Citrine and Amethyst together

1. Blissful harmony

Once they are joined together, Citrine and Amethyst release such a warm and comforting feeling of happy harmony. 

On one hand, Amethyst permits you to uplift your soul by clarifying and recognizing the good and fulfilling aspects of your life and guides you to nurture this rewarding sensation of gratitude and bliss.

And Citrine, on the other hand, helps you intensify and multiply these blissful sensations by feeling genuinely happy and in awe of all things that are beautiful in your life raising your frequency and permitting you to attract more great things into your life. 

2. Radiant confidence

Citrine and Amethyst are the ultimate stone of self-confidence.

These crystals are so in touch with your higher self.

Meaning that connecting with their energies permits you to fully be mindful of your own precious worth.

Amethyst heals and nurtures your soul with a high frequency of protection, calmness, and tranquility so you can navigate your life with much ease and inner trust. 

It opens your eye to perceive your strongest and most unique and amazing assets by helping eliminate the kind of thoughts that make you feel worried and not in tune with your higher self. 

Plus, it also guides you to recognize the parts in you that need improvement without sabotaging yourself but actually embracing yourself and being aware that you are on a precious journey to become a better you. 

Citrine boosts your self-confidence and raises your awareness to acknowledge your powers.

It helps you feel focused and clear-minded so you can deliver your best performance which also reveals to you how much capable you are and all the quality things that you can accomplish. 

3. Emotional balance

These two stones promote the energy of balance and bring back your emotions to a harmonious state. 

Citrine guides you to feel clarity all around you which helps you be in tune with the emotional side and be in a state of ease so you can think clearly and manage your emotions efficiently. 

Amethyst is more directed toward healing our emotions.

It releases comforting and nurturing energies so you can regain back your composure and be in harmony with yourself as well as your environment. 

So combining the two creates a powerful energy stream of optimal clarity while feeling emotionally balanced. 

4. Self-esteem

The energies released by Citrine and Amethyst work harmoniously in assisting you to raise your self-esteem.

They both help you to have unquestionable confidence in your worth, abilities, and capacities.

They raise your vibrations to be fully aware of how much capable you are by not letting other opinions create limiting thoughts and imaginary burdens that stop you from working on your goals.

Amethyst nurtures your soul with the potent frequency of mental tranquility to be at peace with yourself so you are always able to be aware of how much you are worthy of amazing and beautiful things.

And Citrine increases your confidence and fills your days with happiness and joy to always have a hopeful outlook so you can be aligned with the vibration of the things you want to manifest. 

5. Optimism

The energies of Citrine and Amethyst are just so uplifting.

They both release happy, alleviating, calm-filled energies that will guide us to remember that life is indeed good. 

On one hand, Citrine releases a blissful vibration that uplifts your energy and illuminates your energy field with radiant, cheerful, and joyous sensations.

Amethyst also supplements your energy with gentle, peaceful, and calming feelings that guide you to approach life with hope and optimistic visions.

Because when you fill your life with unwavering inner peace, you certainly attract and manifest genuine happiness in everything you see and encounter. 

How to use Citrine and Rose Quartz together?

Using a crystal bracelet that combines Citrine and Amethyst is a great way to be in touch with the amazing healing powers of these stunning crystals.

Especially when you feel that you need to be reminded of how powerful you are and capable you are.

You can use these crystals to raise your confidence and self-esteem and remain calm and focused when attending a meeting for example, or when seeing your friends so you can radiant peaceful and joyful energies all around you. 


citrine and amethyst together

Citrine and Amethyst together are the ultimate crystal combination of peace, confidence, harmony, and joy.

These two splendid gems raise your vibration so you can be proud of yourself, be aware of your amazing attributes, and live your life with serenity and happiness. 

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