Can Selenite be in the sun? find out now.

Our collective need to protect our crystals from any potential damage push us to wonder if putting a crystal in a certain place can harm or alter its physical properties and therefore being unable to benefit from the healing properties of our beloved crystals. 

In this case, you may wonder if your Selenite crystal can be in the sun or can you put your Selenite in a place where there is a lot of sunshine. 

First, we have to acknowledge that any given crystal that is left in the sunlight for an extended period of time will eventually fade and lose its natural shine.  

It is fine to put a Selenite crystal on a windowsill while being exposed to the sunlight. However, long exposure to the sun rays for multiple hours (4 hours and plus) will eventually make Selenite look dull and faded. 

2 Essential tips before putting Selenite in the Sun

Having a Selenite crystal at your disposal can be a fantastic way to cleanse your aura from negative energy and be always surrounded by positive and uplifting vibes. 

So, if you want to put your Selenite in the sun, here are 2 simple tips that will assist you to keep your Selenite safe and protected while being exposed to the sun rays. 

1. Monitor the sun exposure time

can selenite go in the sun

The first thing to keep in mind before putting Selenite in the Sun is to always keep an eye on the clock.

Meaning that if you feel that your Selenite crystal needs some energy cleansing, you can put it for one to 3 hours in the sun to purify your crystal from the absorbed negative energy and charge it with the beaming, positive, and lively energies of the sun. 

Simple tip: to control the sun display period you can fix a timer on your phone, so you can be sure that your crystal is not overly exposed to the sun and to also protect it from looking faded. 

2. Avoid direct sunlight

As stated earlier, you can absolutely put Selenite in the sun, however, you may consider avoiding direct and bright sunlight as it can be quite strong and damaging. 

To stay away from direct sunlight, you can put Selenite on a windowsill, or on a shelf where the place is quite bright and sunny.

Just make sure that the area is blocked from direct sun rays via a window. 

Moonlight/Sage are great cleansing and charging alternative

Before deciding whether or not you should expose your Selenite stone to the sun, remember that there are great other options that can be quite beneficial and way less damaging. 

1. Moonlight

Moonlight remains a great, totally safe, and effective alternative to the sunlight. 

Selenite resonates in such a harmonious way with the moon’s energy. 

As a more secure option, you can place your Selenite during the nightfall on your windowsill and let it soak the natural light of the moon for the entire night. 

You will for sure notice a positive shift in the energy of your crystal as Selenite works delightfully with the energy of the moonlight, your crystal will regain all its peaceful and high vibrational energies.

2. Sage

Using sage as a cleansing method is also an efficient way to clear the negative and undesired energies stored by Selenite.

To begin your cleansing ritual, first, start by opening the windows to let go of the smoke generated by the sage.

Then, ignite the tip of the sage and begin to direct the smoke towards your crystal, envision that the negative energies stored by your selenite stone are evaporating with the smoke as it arises and dissolves into the air. 

Let the smoke surround your Selenite crystal for about 30 seconds.

Important Tip: while charging and cleansing your Selenite crystal, always make sure to place it in a safe place as it is quite a fragile crystal that can be easily damaged (Selenite has only 2 on the Mohs Hardness Scale!)

Remember that Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal

Before meditating on putting Selenite in the sun, you should keep in mind that Selenite is actually a self-cleansing crystal.

Meaning that it doesn’t need additional methods to be purified from negative energies, plus it is considered that the high purifying energy of Selenite is actually used to cleanse other crystals. 

Nevertheless, It may need occasional cleaning from time to time if you feel that your Selenite does not transmit the same intense and uplifting positive vibrations as it was emitting in the beginning. 

Simply follow your intuition, if you feel that your Selenite stone needs energy cleansing, then it is an adequate time to purify and charge your crystal. 

Just consider to let the Sunlight cleansing method your last option.

Instead, you can try the moonlight cleaning alternative or the sage cleansing method as they are more effective and way safer. 

Frequently asked questions about this topic

Can orange Selenite be in the sun?

Orange Selenite as its name indicates is the orange version of the Selenite. This particular hue reflects the Hematite impurities within the stone mineral composition.

This bright orange crystal emits the energies of creativity, self-confidence, passion as well as emotional clarity.

Orange Selenite can be in the sun, actually the nature of this stone and its energizing attributes are quite harmonious with the sun’s energy. So, you can charge this stone via the sun but make sure to control the exposure to a limited time (2 to 4 hours).

Can you cleanse Selenite in the sun?

It is best to not cleanse Selenite in the sun, because this method is mostly suitable to charge this stone. To cleanse Selenite you can soak it is a bowl of dry rice for 6 hours maximum or use a Tibetan bowl (sound power) to purify this crystal from any negative attached energy.

The one and only thing to avoid while cleansing Selenite is water.

Water weakens the fragile structure of Selenite and makes it breakable and it can sometimes dissolve this stone completely if it is soaked for a long time.

Can you put Selenite in the sun?

Yes, you can put Selenite in the sun but be aware to not put in direct sunlight for a long time and this is because the sun rays are quite powerful and can strip away the natural white shine of Selenite which results in making it look dull.

Plus, in terms of storage, be mindful to store your Selenite stone in a shaded place, only expose your stone to the sun (for a limited period, 4 hours max) when you desire to charge it.

Can you charge Selenite in the sun? is Selenite sun-safe?

Yes, you can charge Selenite in the sun, however, It is optimal to not use this method frequently, as it is potent and can decrease the natural white gleam of this stone overtime.

You can alternate with other charging alternative such as sage and moonlight.

How long should Selenite charge in the sun?

2 to 4 hours are enough to charge Selenite properly. To be in control of the time you can set your timer to the period of your choice.

Where do I put Selenite?

Selenite radiates powerful positive, calming and cleansing vibrations which makes it a suitable crystal to place in different places in your home.

You can put Selenite in the corner of your room, on the windowsill, or on the shelves of your living room, on your desk, or next to you during your meditation. 

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Can Selenite go in salt?

Selenite scores 2 on Mohs scale of Hardness which means that it is a pretty fragile stone that can get scratched fairly easily.

So, the tiny salt crystals are considered sharp if we compared them with Selenite hardness.

Therefore, Selenite can not go in salt because the condensed form of salt crystals can leave invisible and visible marks on Selenite surface which can weaken its overall strength over time.

Do you have to cleanse Selenite?

As a common knowledge in the crystal world, Selenite does not need to be cleansed because it is seen as a self-cleansing crystal.

Yet, in my personal opinion, every crystal can hold an amount of unharmonious energies that should be purified, Selenite in our case does not seem to be a crystal that stored a big amount of negative negative energy.

However it does not mean that it should not mean to exclude it from getting cleansed.

What I mean is it is not required to cleanse it as frequently as the other crystal.

In this case, just follow your natural instinct (because you are a powerful being) and if you feel that the energy of your crystal is cluttered and you can not tap to its peaceful and purifying attributes then it is time to cleanse it.

To do so, simply let the smoke emitted by sage encircles the stone for a few minutes.

How long does it take Selenite to cleanse other crystals?

Selenite is recognized for its powerful purification attributes that can not only cleanse your personal energy field but also the energy field of other crystals.

You can let the energy of Selenite cleanse other crystals for 12 to 24 hours. This period is optimal to purify the energy of other stones.

Which crystals are sensitive to sunlight?

There are some crystals that can not be exposed to sunlight that this is primary due to their mineral composition.

Generally crystals that are transparent to semi-transparent are sensitive to sunlight because they are susceptible to color fading.

Examples to crystals that are sensitive to sunlight: Citrine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Aquamarine, Calcite, Opal, and Fluorite.


Selenite can be in the sun, however long exposure to direct sunlight can damage your crystal by making it look dull and losing its bright white shine. 

The safest way to expose Selenite to the sun is to control the exposure time and not place it in the direct sunlight, if you want to charge it and cleanse it through the sun you can put it on a windowsill where the window blocks the abrasive sun rays.

Considering the possibility of being in the Sun, you can absolutely try other more secure methods such as moonlight and sage to cleanse and charge Selenite.

These two alternatives will effectively charge Selenite and restore its high vibrational healing powers.

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