Can Malachite Get Wet? Here Is The Answer You Are Looking For

Malachite is one of the pillar green crystals that is pretty much known to all crystal admires.

Malachite is a royal green stone with distinct black lines or bands that encircle beautifully the surface of this vivid green gem.

Due to its specific composition that is marked by a high rate of Copper, we should all be aware of the way we interact with the Malachite stone. 

One of the key queries that are quite popular when we talk about this stone is the following: can Malachite get wet?

As long as the Malachite is not in its raw form or not broken, it is safe to get it wet or in contact with water. What you should absolutely be attentive to is not getting a raw malachite or a broken piece of it in contact with water or acid as it can release toxic elements that can quite harmful. 

So, keep on reading to discover interesting insights about the Malachite stone and the key information that you should absolutely know in regards to getting your Malachite stone wet.  

Can Malachite get wet? 

Let’s first get familiar with the mineral composition of Malachite

Composed of copper carbonate hydroxide, malachite stone belongs to the group of carbonates. 

Its hardness varies between 3.5 and 4 on the Mohs scale, which makes it a soft stone. 

 You have to be very careful with malachite because of its hardness, it is very fragile and this makes it a very sensitive stone to heat or other liquid substances. 

In addition, it scratches quite easily. 

Malachite stone reacts with hydrochloric acid by effervescence. 

Based on the key highlighted information above, the main mineral component of Malachite is copper.

This element is what can make this stone quite toxic if it is not handled properly.

Let’s discover how and why in the next talking points. 

It all depends on the condition of the Malachite 

can malachite get wet

2 major things to always keep in mind when thinking about Malachite.

First, is the raw form of Malachite.

Second, a Malachite stone is in the process of being broken.

These 2 forms can be quite toxic in regards to your health if they are wet or in contact with water. 

When these 2 aspects of Malachite get wet, they can release copper-rich fumes which can be harmful to the respiratory system as well as skin-damaging. 

So, know we are aware that raw and broken Malachites present a risk if they are in contact with water. 

So, it is best to not get in contact with these elements under any circumstances. 

Because the persons in charge of cutting and polishing this specific stone wear protective gear when handling this copper-rich mineral, which is quite indicative of the risk linked to this green stone.

What about Malachite jewelry?

can malachite get wet

Now let’s talk about Malachite jewelry. 

This form of Malachite is meticulously polished and formed in form of a bracelet or a piece of jewelry such ring or necklace, which can not present any risk factor if it got wet.

Malachite jewelry and water

As we mentioned above, the raw form and broken Malachite are what we should get not be in contact with or with water. 

So, you can absolutely clean your malachite jewelry with lukewarm water if you want to. 

But make sure to cleanse it under running water for a short period of time and not let it be immersed in the water for hours and hours.

Doing this repetitively may damage the protective coating on the surface of your stone which can present a risk factor as the stone can be directly exposed to release copper compounds that are toxic. 

After cleansing your Malachite stone briefly under running water, do not forget to dry your stone thoroughly from any water residue. 

Side note:

Water is not the one and only way to cleanse Malachite jewelry.

Yes, cleaning Malachite jewelry or tumbled stones with water does not present any hazard and it is because they are coated with a protective barrier. 

However, in my personal opinion, I prefer to not cleanse my Malachite ring or bracelet with water frequently, just to eliminate any potential risk of harming the protective coating on the stones. 

I prefer to wipe meticulously my Malachite jewelry with a soft clean cloth. 

Sage is also a fantastic and risk-free technique to cleanse malachite, simply let the smoke emitted by your sage stick or Plato Santo stick surround your Malachite jewelry or stones for a few minutes. 

Do not get Malachite in contact with acid or use it in a crystal elixir

What you should beware of is not getting your Malachite jewelry or stones in contact with acid

Acid and Malachite are reactive which can trigger a chemical reaction that makes the stone releases toxic elements such as copper. 

Another thing to be mindful of is to not create a malachite-based elixir. 

And that is because prolonged water submersion may cause deterioration of the protective coating on the surface of the stone and result in releasing toxic copper compounds in the water. 

Therefore, it is best to not use this technique to eliminate any potential toxic risk factor that could affect your wellbeing. 

What if your Malachite jewelry or stone shattered

Malachite is considered a soft stone that can be easily damaged and broken. 

You should pay attention to not getting your stone in contact with a hard surface or putting it at an elevated height. 

If your malachite stone broke, the first thing to do is to not touch it with your bare hand, because when the stone is broken to pieces, the core of the stone that is raw is getting fully exposed. 

Do not try to recycle these broken pieces, because if they can get wet, they will release toxins (copper) that can be harmful to your health, and that is because in their damaged state they are completely stripped away from the protecting coating.  

So, cover your hands and nose, pick the pieces, put them in a closed plastic bag, and dispose of them instantly. 

Final thoughts

Malachite jewelry and tumbled stones can get wet and that is because they are covered by a protective coat. However raw and broken Malachites can not get wet and that is because they can release a toxic which is copper that presents a high risk for human health. 

Also, keep in mind to not let your Malachite jewelry or stones in contact with acid, plus using Malachite as a crystal elixir is a big no. 

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