Can Howlite go in water? 4 key instructions

Howlite is a stunning white stone naturally decorated with remarkable black veins that go all over this crystal and give it a distinguished look.

Howlite is the stone of patience, release, and peace. 

This stone transmits powerful calming vibrations that relieve anxious thoughts and stressful feelings. It releases tensions and fills your aura with tranquility.

So, cleansing and taking care of your Howlite stone is a primordial step to sustain its peaceful vibrations and keep it in the best condition possible.

I think that the first thing that comes to our minds, when we want to cleanse a certain stone is water. 

Water is such a versatile and easy cleansing method that not only purifies a stone from dust and dirt but also liberates it from any attached negative energies.

So, you may ask yourself, can Howlite go in the water? 

The response is yes, but with certain conditions that we should all respect to keep this stone safe from any potential damage. 

Howlite can go in the water by immersing it a bowl of water for 1 hour maximum, you can also add to the water a natural soap for deeper cleansing, however, keep in mind that you shouldn’t immerse this stone for long hours or leave it wet without drying it thoroughly as the water residue may compromise the crystal’s surface or its internal structure. 

can Howlite go in water

Find below simple and practical guidelines that will help you cleanse Howlite by using water. 

Can Howlite go water? Yes, but with certain conditions

Here are 4 important conditions that you should keep in mind if you want to get your Howlite stone in contact with water. 

Respecting these guidelines should help you keep your stone safe as Howlite is considered a fragile type of stone. 

1.Monitor the water immersion time 

can howlite go in water

Controlling the water immersion period will significantly help you keep your stone secure. 

Howlite is considered a borate mineral found in evaporite deposits, the hardness of this stone is between 2.5 and 3.5. 

These two main and important indicators show that Howlite is a fairly fragile stone. So, putting it in water for extended hours will weaken its structure and will eventually make it easily susceptible to damage. 

So, if you want to cleanse your Howlite stone using water, make sure to program your timer between a 30 min to 1-hour period. 

2.Avoid chemical cleaning products

This is a crucial piece of information to always consider when you want to cleanse your stones. 

Even though Howlite can get in contact with water, we should be aware of the products we use when wearing howlite in a place where we are in contact with water. 

For instance, getting your Howlite stone in contact with water + liquids or cleaners that contain chemicals and acidic substances is quite damaging.

So for example, if you are about to use these types of cleaners to clean your home, it is best to remove any Howlite bracelet, necklace, or earrings, so you can avoid getting them wet or in contact with these substances. 

Plus, using cleansing liquids that contain lemon juice, bleach, vinegar, or baking soda to cleanse your crystal is a big NO. 

All of these elements can cause serious irreversible damage to your stone or jewelry that are made of Howlite which can, unfortunately, be unfixable. 

Coming in contact with these types of chemicals will ultimately alter and diminish the upper protective layer of Howlite which makes the stone fully exposed and more vulnerable to damage.

Plus, if you want to add another substance to your water bowl for further purification, you can absolutely opt for a pure natural soap bar that doesn’t contain any chemicals or unnatural ingredients so you can cleanse Howlite in safe conditions. 

3.Clean thoroughly any water residue

After cleansing your Howlite stone with water, make sure to pat dry your crystal with a soft cloth until it becomes fully dry. 

Leaving the stone wet repeatedly and for lengthy periods will eventually compromise its surface as well as its internal structure by making it more brittle and way more exposed to breakage. 

4.Cleanse one stone at a time, don’t mix it with other crystals

This is key information to keep in mind, mixing different stones in one water container will properly damage your Howlite crystal, especially if the stone is harder than Howlite such as Amethyst or Quartz stone that score 7 on Moh’s scale of hardness. 

For example, putting an Amethyst stone inside a bowl of water and placing a Howlite stone in a forceful way directly above it will properly scratch the later stone. 

As mentioned previously, Howlite has a hardness of 2.5-3.5, at this level, a stone can get scratched via a fingernail or a copper penny. 

So to avoid any potential damage, dedicate a cleansing bowl to your Howlite stone, as a simple friction with other harder stones will properly get the Howlite scratched.

Other important related questions about this topic

Can I cleanse my Howlite in water?

Water is a simple yet very effective way to release any absorbed negative and unharmonious energies absorbed by you crystal.

This cleansing method enables your stone to regain once again all of its healing powers in a such fresh and powerful way.

Howlite can go in water, so it is safe to say that you can cleanse this stone via water. Yet, always make sure to limit the water immersion time, because this stone is pretty fragile and long direct contact with water can weaken its structure.

A period between 30 min and 1 hour is enough to cleanse Howlite thoroughly.

Can Howlite go in rain?

Rain water is considered a powerful source of purification, relief and liberation. So benefiting from this cleansing power to cleanse crystal can be so effective in reviving the healing properties of your crystals.

Howlite can go in rain water but just for a limited time and that is because of its low hardness score (ranges between 2.5 and 3.5). 30 min to one hour in rain water is enough to cleanse your Howlite effectively.

To cleanse Howlite via the rain, you can either collect the rain water in a bowl then immerse your stone.

Or, you can put your stone directly outside to receive directly the cleansing droplets of the rain (make sure to place it a safe place when it can not be dropped or scratch).

What is Howlite good for?

Howlite is the ultimate stone of relaxation, emotional balance, and patience. This white peaceful crystal emits restful vibrations to calm your whole being and transport you in tranquil state of contentment and higher awareness.

So, Howlite is especially good when you are studying because it calms your mind and makes you feel at ease so you can concentrated and be more productive.

Plus, if you are waiting for an important news, results, or an event, it calms your mind, eases any stressful feelings, and helps you enjoy your present moment.

Does Howlite break easily?

Howlite scores between 2.5 and 3.5 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. This number is fairly low which means that is can be susceptible to damage and breakage pretty easily.

For instance, forcefully scratching this stone with a fingernail might leave visible scratches marks on its surface.

Can Howlite go in Salt?

Salt represents a powerful cleansing agent that can purify and revive the powers of crystals pretty effectively.

However, we should be mindful that this purification is not suitable for all crystal out there.

Howlite can not go in salt (or Himalayan salt) and that is because of its fragile nature. Howlite is considered a soft stone that can easily get scratched, so the tiny sharp edges of salt crystals may leave visible and invisible marks on its surface.

Can Howlite go in the sun?

Howlite can go in the sun and that is because it does not contain any pigment. So, exposing this stone to the direct rays of the sun will not fade its colors and it will keep it intact.

Can Blue Howlite go in water?

First important thing to known is that Blue Howlite is the dyed version of White Howlite.

Therefore, getting Blue Howlite in contact frequently will result in fading the blue dye of this stone.

So, unlike White Howlite, Blue Howlite can not go in water because it can potentially fade the stone dye and makes it look dull.

Final thoughts

Howlite is a fragile stone that should be handled with care, especially if it is in contact with water. 

Howlite can go in the water, however, we should respect some key instructions to keep the stone safe and in an optimum condition. 

You can cleanse Howlite by immersing it in water for 1-hour max, you can add to the water natural soap to clean it. Avoid using chemical/acidic products while getting Howlite in contact with water. Plus, don’t mix Howlite with other harder stones in the same cleansing water container, to not get your white stone scratched.  

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