Can Citrine go in water? Find out now.

Citrine is one of the most popular crystals that pretty much everyone interested in the crystal world is familiar with.

Citrine is a radiant yellow crystal that belongs to the Quartz family. 

It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale with varied yellow hues that range between light yellow to dark/golden yellow shades.

When it comes to cleansing, you may wonder if Citrine can go in the water, the simple answer is yes.

Citrine is considered safe in the water. Most Quartz crystals and especially Citrine is totally water-friendly and that is because of its high hardness score hardness and its water safe mineral composition. So you can absolutely put your Citrine in water and not be afraid of any potential crystal damage. 

Citrine can go in the water in water and that’s why

can citrine go in water

Citrine crystal symbolizes the energies of joy, beaming happiness, high energy, and bountiful prosperity.

So cleansing this dazzling stone and taking care of it is a must to keep benefiting from its powerful and gleaming healing powers.

Hence, using water to cleanse and release the attached negative energy to your crystal is considered totally ok and doable.

Citrine has a high hardness score

As a general rule of thumb, crystals that score 5 or higher in the Mohs Hardness Scale are considered water safe.

In this case, Citrine has 7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, so it is an obvious green light that totally permits us to cleanse our Citrine tumbled stones or raw citrine stones using the water medium.

The mineral composition of Citrine is water friendly

Sometimes the mineral composition of certain crystals hinders us to use water as a cleansing method. 

To be an exact, crystals with iron ore (like magnetite, hematite, pyrite) should not be cleaned with water, and that is because once the water gets in contact with these specific type of crystals, you may notice that they will show signs of rust and a considerable lack of shine.

In our case, we can confidently say that Citrine won’t show any of these signs and that’s because it is composed of Silicon dioxide (SiO2) which an element that is water friendly.  

How can you cleanse Citrine by using water?

The water element is characterized as a powerful neutralizing agent that aids you to release and let go of the negative energy absorbed by your Citrine crystal.

So, if you notice that your Citrine crystal is losing its natural shine, it is then a big indicator to cleanse and eliminate the excess stored energy, because, without this, it would lose its effectiveness.

To cleanse and purify your Citrine stone, began first by dusting it gently with a soft cloth, then put it in a small container. 

Preferable choose glass or earthenware to place the citrine crystal, avoid using plastic containers as they are composed of artificial elements which we should avoid. 

We want to surround our crystal with natural and earthy elements to attain efficient cleansing results.

Next, fill the container with distilled water or at least lime-free water.

Then, you can let the citrine soak overnight or leave it under running water for 10 minutes.

Things to consider while putting Citrine in water

Cleanse each Citrine stone individual

If you have several Citrine crystals to purify, use individual containers and never refill the same water.

Each Citrine crystal has its own retained negative energy that needs to be cleansed.

These attached energies may exhibit different forces, that range from low to very potent intensities. 

So, mixing multiple Citrine crystals in one water cleansing bowl is considered a weak and way less effective purifying method that is because when cleansing multiple citrine crystals in a single container, you will face a significant energy charge and little water volume which will not be enough to cleanse all crystals effectively. 

Another key thing to remember is to never use the cleansing water of one crystal for another one.

The purifying water contains all the released negative and unharmonious energies of citrine so it is a good practice to remove this water and use a fresh one when cleansing another citrine crystal.

Place the container away from direct sunlight

Another essential reminder while cleansing your citrine crystal is to place the bowl of water out of direct sunlight. 

Always position the water container in a shaded place, sunlight and citrine do not get along! 

Because placing Citrine in direct sunlight can be quite damaging.

The powerful rays of the sun can alter and fade the unique yellow hues of this stone. 

Prolonged sun exposure may transform your Citrine crystal into a dull and lifeless-looking stone, which will ultimately decrease its emitted healing properties.

Also, keep in mind that after the purification time has elapsed, be sure to empty the energetic water outside your home.

Finally, gently wipe the stone with a soft cloth, and store it with your crystals in a shaded place.


Citrine can in fact go in the water.

This yellow radiant crystal scores 7 on the Mohs scale of Hardness and displays a water-friendly composition. These two crucial factors are considered the green light that allows the Citrine crystal to be cleansed and immersed in the water.

2 things to always keep in mind when combining Citrine and water together.

  • Do not mix multiple citrine crystals in one water cleansing bowl. It is optimal to cleanse each citrine crystal individually.
  • After each cleansing session, empty the container and use brand new fresh water for the next crystal. 

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