Can Black Tourmaline be in the sun? Here is the answer.

Charging and cleansing crystals through the energy of the sun is such a revitalizing method that gives a new life to your crystals, so you can always benefit from their healing energies in the most powerful way. 

Black Tourmaline is one of the must-have crystals that work on protecting you from negativity and electromagnetic energy. 

Black Tourmaline is one of many crystals that can be in the sun. The energizing sun rays work on loading this black stone with a powerful burst of energy. One thing to consider is that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may alter the stone’s surface, an hour of sunbathing is sufficient. 

This post will cover all the necessary advice that will help you cleanse and charge your Black Tourmaline crystal through the energy of the sun in a safe and effective way. 

Things to consider when putting Black Tourmaline in the sun 

can black tourmaline be in the sun

Black Tourmaline does wonders in cleansing and unlocking energy blockages within your body and also your living space. 

So, cleansing and charging your Black tourmaline is a must to continually be aligned with its powerful protective energies.

1. Too much sun exposure can be damaging 

Generally, Black crystals are safe to be in the Sun. 

So, the Black Tourmaline stone can be in the sun, there are no alarming signs that will hinder you from not putting it in a place where there is loads of sunlight. 

Even though it is totally ok to display Black Tourmaline to the sun, you have to be always attentive that too much sun exposure can be harmful to your Black Tourmaline stones.

This is a general care rule for all crystals out there, too much sunlight for a very long period of time can be such an abrasive way that will totally modify the appearance of your crystals, by making them look faded, and easily breakable. 

As a protective guideline, you have to always control the period of sunlight exposure. 

Few hours (one to two hours maximum) of sunlight is way sufficient to cleanse Black Tourmaline from the absorbed negative energies and at the same time charge it with fresh positive raw energy to profit from its potent vibrations. 

2. The shape of the Black Tourmaline matters

can black tourmaline go in the sun

If you own a Black Tourmaline cluster, you should be extra careful when exposing it to the sun. 

Generally, crystals with many sides and pointy ends in clusters should not be exposed to the sun for long hours because they can heat up, and in some cases, they may show signs of burning. 

Plus this specific crystal formation known as the crystal cluster is quite fragile and highly susceptible to quick damage, so placing Black Tourmaline clusters in the sun for lengthy hours could make your crystal easily breakable.  

So, if you have a Black Tourmaline cluster, one hour of sunbathing is way enough to cleanse it and recharge it with brand new and high vibrational energies. 

Does Black Tourmaline fade in the sun?

Placing Black Tourmaline in the sun is totally ok, nevertheless, putting it for long hours in the sunlight will eventually modify the overall appearance of Black Tourmaline by making it look faded and lacking its natural black shine. 

So, it is best to leave Black Tourmaline in partially shaded places when exposing your crystal to the sun to avoid any possible damage. 

Black Tourmaline in the sun is not the only way to cleanse and charge this protective black crystal. 

The good news is that the sun is not the one and only way to cleanse and charge your Black Tourmaline stone.

Sometimes, when it is gloomy outside, or when we simply don’t feel eager and inspired to expose Black Tourmaline to the sunlight, it is then a calling sign to postpone the sunlight method and use other effective methods that will cleanse and charge our stone efficiently.  

Here are 3 energy purifying alternative methods to cleanse Black Tourmaline stones. 


Sage is a sacred method that not only clear black tourmaline from the absorbed incompatible vibrations and restores its powerful protective energies, but it also cleanses the energy around you which makes you feel uplifted and peaceful. 

To start cleansing your crystal, first, start by opening the windows to let go of the smoke generated by the sage.

Then, light the tip of the sage and begin to direct the smoke towards your Black Tourmaline crystal, envision that the negative energies stored by your stone are evaporating with the smoke as it arises and dissolves into the air. 

Let the smoke surround Black Tourmaline for about 30 seconds.


Starlight cleansing and charging alternative is a highly secure method that will keep Black Tourmaline safe from any potential damage. 

Starlight is an astonishing cleansing natural gift that brings back to Black Tourmaline its powerful clearing and balancing powers. 

You can place your crystal at night on your windowsill and let it soak the natural light of the stars for the entire night. 


Placing Black Tourmaline crystal directly on the Earth is such a deep cleansing method that absorbs all the associated negative vibrations.

Being a powerful grounding stone, Black Tourmaline works harmoniously with the potent energy of Mother Earth. In contact with the earth’s energy, Black Tourmaline regains all its purifying and guarding qualities. 

You can put your crystals direct on earth, in your garden, or in your plants’ pot and leave it there the entire night or for 10 to 12 hours., after that, remove gently any stuck dirt or debris with a dry cloth.

Related questions about this topic

Can you shower with Black Tourmaline?

Even though Black Tourmaline can be in water, showering with Black Tourmaline is not considered a good idea and that is because regular water contact can damage the overall appearance of this stone by making it look dull and lack of shine.

So, the only and most suitable way to get Black Tourmaline in contact with water is to cleanse under running water for a few minutes and then dry it completely.

Is Black Tourmaline sensitive to heat?

Black Tourmaline is considered one of the stones that can be in contact with the sun without getting damaged, therefore Black Tourmaline is not sensitive to heat. However too much direct sun exposure will end up damaging the stone in the long run by making the stone look faded and less lively.

How to energize Black Tourmaline?

To energize Black Tourmaline and revive its healing powers, exposing it to the revitalizing sun beams is just so powerful to reload its purifying and protecting vibrations, if it is not sunny outside you can also energize Black Tourmaline by letting the smoke produced by sage wraps up the stone for few minutes.

Connected with the root chakra, one additional and very effective way to energize Black Tourmaline is to plant it in the soil is a powerful way to revive once again the grounding, balancing, and protective powers of this black stone.

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What crystals can be left in the sun?

Crystals that can be in the sun have the ability to stay intact, in a good shape, and will not lose their color even though they are exposed to direct sunlight.

Here are the crystals can be left in the sun : Black Obsidian, Black Onyx, Howlite, Carnelian, Jade, and Lapis Lazuli.

Where should Black Tourmaline be placed in the house?

The energy radiated by Black Tourmaline fills your aura with powerful protective, grounding, clearing, and balancing vibrations.

So, placing Black tourmaline in different places in your home is the ultimate healing way to fill your living space with the energies of protection, stability, and blissful balance.

You can place Black Tourmaline at the entrance of your house to protect your house from any entering negativity, besides your electronics to protect you against the harmful effects of the Electromagnetic Field. Plus, you can also put it in your bedroom, the corner of other rooms, and in your meditation space to feel balanced and way more calmer.

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Black Tourmaline is one of the many crystals that can be in the sun, still, we have to be cautious when exposing it to the strong rays of the sun, and that’s because leaving Black Tourmaline for long hours in the sunlight will damage the crystal and makes it look faded and damaged. 

So, the safest way to charge and cleanse Black Tourmaline via the sun is to control the exposure time, one to two hours is enough and sufficient to cleanse and charge your crystal. 

Even though Black Tourmaline can be in the sun, you can try out other cleansing and charging alternatives such as sage, starlight, and earth energies as they can be equally effective and less damaging. 

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