Can Amethyst be green? Answered

The first thing that comes to our minds when we think about Amethyst is its signature purple color. 

When we say Amethyst we automatically link it to the unique purple hue that it is well-known of. 

However, this stone keeps a beautiful mystery which is it can be in another color, isn’t impressive?

Amethyst can be green, it is called the green Amethyst crystal, this variety of Green Amethyst is actually the heated version of the natural purple Amethyst that we’re all familiar with. 

Do you want to discover more interesting facts about this crystal? then this blog post is precisely made for you, so keep on reading.

Can Amethyst be green?

Can Amethyst be green

Yes, Amethyst can be green, this crystal is actually the heated version of purple Amethyst. 

There is a crucial thing that we must keep in consideration is that this type of Amethyst is NOT natural.

Meaning that it is impossible to find this crystal naturally which implies that it can not be mined or located in any place in the world.

Green amethyst often undergoes special treatment to have its translucent green color.

Most of the time, it is heated to a very elevated temperature in order to give rise to this appearance.

Because it is the heat-treated version of Purple Amethyst, this automatically makes this kind of Amethyst an unnatural variety of Quartz.

It thus contains a large amount of silicon dioxide. 

Prasiolite is not a Green Amethyst

Can Amethyst be green

It exists another crystal that can be quite similar to Green Amethyst but it is definitely not Green Amethyst.

Let me explain to you why. 

Prasiaolite is known as the green variety of quartz – Green Quartz

This crystal is naturally found in small mines in Brazil and Poland, however, it remains quite rare as it is not found in abundant quantities like Amethyst. 

In the crystal world, it is preferable to not use the appellation “Green Amethyst” to refer to Prasiolite as it can be quite misleading and that is because it can be interpreted as it is a “natural” variety of the purple Amethyst, which is clearly not the case.

Side note: 

Leaning to this interpretation reflects the abundant nature of mother Earth that gives us naturally many color versions of crystal that we can find and source naturally.

For instance, the Tourmaline crystal is found naturally in many colors (pink, red, yellow, blue, green) that were not treated, meaning that no human intervention was made to change its colors. 

So, to not confuse the two stones, one thing to keep in mind is that Prasiolite is a green crystal that is naturally located within the Earth layers, Green Amethyst on the other hand is the heated version of purple Amethyst, meaning it is made in the lab. 

This extreme heating technique reflects the reinvention process of how Prasiolite is naturally made which results from the heating of Amethysts located near volcanoes millions of years ago.

Plus, apart from the rarity factor, you can differentiate between Prasiolite and Green Amethyst based on the color aspect.

Prasiolite displays a pale transparent olive color, on the other hand, the color displayed by this kind of Amethyst is more saturated and more intense than the Prasiolite one. 

So, keep in mind that the rarity of Prasiolite and its visual proximity to this kind of Amethyst makes it a perfect stone to compare with Prasiolite.

In other cases, this crystal makes an ideal replacement for Prasiolite as it can be quite exceptional to obtain. 

The vibrations of Green Amethyst

In the crystal healing realm, Green Amethyst is viewed as the stone of emotional healing, self-worth, and inner growth. 

It promotes peaceful thoughts, self-love, and a clearer life vision.

This crystal radiate comforting energies that assist you to heal emotional wounds that make you feel disconnected and not aware of your own unique and worthy essence.

It awakens your heart to release gloomy sensations that keep you stuck in a negative circle of overthinking, regrets, and longing for past memories that will not make you feel any better.

It nourishes your soul with genuine happy sensations that make you feel warm and joyful inside. 

It revives your whole spirit to find your inner peace and create beautiful and enchanting life experiences that make you feel fulfilled and delighted. 

Final thoughts

Amethyst can be green and that’s because of its exposure to heat treatment, so Green Amethyst is an unnatural version of heated purple one, meaning this crystal can not be found in nature like the usual purple crystal, it is humanly modified in the lab. 

It is crucial to make the difference between this kind of Amethyst and Prasiolite, even though these two crystals look very similar, they are not the same. 

Prasiolite is naturally found in small quantities in Brazil and Poland, so it is quite rare, unlike Green Amethyst which is the heat-treated variety of the purple one. 

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