10 Black Tourmaline Affirmations For Ultimate Protection and Stability

Black Tourmaline is an intense black crystal with an opaque aspect.

This vivid black stone radiates the energy of grounding, protection, stability, and purification.

It is one of the most powerful crystals that you can use to eliminate negative feelings and thoughts from your energy field as well as your surrounding environment.

Therefore repeating affirmations that go along with the potent healing properties of Black Tourmaline enables you to receive all the guarding powers of this stone and feel much more secure and stable.

In this post, you are going to find 10 of the most efficient Black Tourmaline affirmations that will bring you a liberating sensation of purification while strengthening your aura against negative and toxic energies. 

How can Black Tourmaline affirmations help you?

1.Optimal protection

As mentioned previously, Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals that bring you a comforting sense of protection.

This stone radiates a heartfelt energy stream of assistance that guards against toxic energies as well as negative thoughts and habits that lower your vibrations which could make you feel sad, tired, and out of balance.

It purifies greatly your aura as well as your environment from all the energies that just clutter your mind with overthinking and overwhelm.

So, repeating the Black Tourmaline affirmations permit you to strengthen your belief system.

These affirmations will make you more receptive to the powerful energies of black Tourmaline which allows you to experience such an amazing healing experience. 

2.Feel stronger  

The protecting power of Black Tourmaline opens up your heart and mind to feel much stronger and more courageous to create the life that you desire. 

The guarding and purifying powers of Black Tourmaline clear a great space from your mind and soul that was once occupied by worry, doubt, and fear. 

This black gem awakens your senses to perceive the good in life and be mentally and emotionally stronger to pursue your goals and achieve your desires.

Therefore, Black Tourmaline affirmations guide you to work on your mind power as well as your spiritual gifts to strengthen your willpower and not let fear a slight chance to hinder you from accomplishing your aspirations. 

3.Heal and balance your root chakra 

Black Tourmaline is associated with the root chakra.

This amazing bond allows you to balance this fundamental energy center in your body. 

Black Tourmaline guides you to heal the root chakra by making you feel more grounded, stable, energized, and centered.

So, this type of affirmations that we are going to state later in this post empowers you to activate further the healing attributes of your Black Tourmaline crystal by activating this energy center and feeling secure and stable. 

How to benefit the most from Black Tourmaline affirmations?

1.Cleanse your crystal 

Just to make sure that your Black Tourmaline is fully ready to receive the powerful affirmations that we are going to cite, it is best to cleanse your stone first.

Purifying your Black Crystal is a key step to liberating its energy field from any negative and unharmonious vibrations as well as reviving its powerful properties. 

If you have lots of time on your hand and especially if you feel that your Black Tourmaline stone requires deep purification, then placing it under the soil for a 24 h period is just so efficient.

Being bonded to the earth’s energy cleansing Black Tourmaline in this way is extremely effective to revive the potent energy of this crystal. 

If you don’t have much time then letting the smoke emitted by a sage stick wraps up this black gem for a few minutes is also a useful purification technique that you can execute before programming the stone with your intentions.

2.Meditation/being in contact with nature 

Another thing that you can do to benefit the most from the Black Tourmaline affirmations is to make sure that you are feeling composed and in a calm receptive state. 

Practicing meditation is one of the most helpful ways to achieve this peaceful sensation. 

You can for instance listen to a guided mediation for the root chakra to feel highly connected and welcome with an open heart and calm spirit all the healing powers of Black Tourmaline. 

Plus, for a much more delightful healing experience is to recite these affirmations when you are in contact with nature (in a park, forest, next to the beach…)

It is just a wonderful way to be more in contact with the abundant, nurturing, and balancing nature of mother earth. 

10 Black Tourmaline affirmations to feel protected, balanced, and grounded

black tourmaline affirmations

1*I am divinely protected.

2*My mind, body, and soul are happily balanced.

3*I am assisted and guarded every time and everywhere.

4*I feel vitally energized.

5*I am aligned to the abundant and grounding energy of mother earth.

6*My strong willpower and determination guide me to achieve my goals. 

7*I see happiness and positivity in every area of my life.

8*I am calm and focused on my well-being.

9*I am entirely invested in the things that bring me inner happiness, balance, and peace.

10* I welcome purity, calmness, clarity, serenity, and stability to my life. 

Final thoughts

black tourmaline affirmations

Black Tourmaline affirmations merge the influencing words’ power and the highly protecting and stabilizing properties of the Black Tourmaline crystal.

These specific affirmations guide you to strengthen your belief system by revealing the strong perseverance spirit that you always have within which empowers you to manifest the kind of life that you always aspire for.

Plus, repeating these affirmations frequently enables you to achieve and sustain a serene and peaceful sensation of ultimate protection. 

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