Black Onyx and Labradorite (be stronger!)

Determination, strength, and confidence are key aspects that guide us to take control of our lives and make great decisions that serve our highest potentials which ultimately make us feel more satisfied and happier. 

Besides doing inner self-work and establishing a form of thoughtful self-care to identify your strongest assets and cherish them and to also pinpoint the facets that need extra care and healing, connecting with the healing energy of crystals can really help you out. 

For instance, Black Onyx and Labradorite crystal combination create a powerful energy stream of courage, protection, and determination. If you need to nourish your life with a sense of determination so you can stick to your visions, this specific crystal pairing is just so powerful. 

Keep on reading, to discover all the healing and powerful vibrations of when Black Onyx and Labradorite are paired together.

Black Onyx

Black is the stone of strength. 

This mesmerizing black crystal radiates the energy of resilience, determination, and strong willpower.

It enables you to remain focused and highly encouraged especially when you are working on an elaborated project or when you need to start a new venture.

Plus, it is viewed as a highly grounding and balancing stone, meaning that it keeps you stable and in an optimal mental state so you can manage any unexpected challenge with ease and focus. 

Plus it is an amazing liberating stone, It is ideal when you have the feeling of stagnation due to energy blockages and emotional wounds held from the past.

It guides you to break free from limiting beliefs and getting stuck in the circle of overthinking so you can sense a releasing sense of relief and mental peace. 


Labradorite is not only a delightful stone to look at but it also emits high power energy. 

This gleaming gem works on nourishing your life with a hopeful sensation of newness and liveliness to your mind, body, and soul.

It envelops you with balancing and soothing energy that puts you in an elevated level of pure flawless clarity which eventually assists you to get in touch with your innate creative side and come up with new revelations that can transform your life for the better. 

Plus, Labradorite stone helps eliminate negative thoughts and any limiting convictions that keep you away from being happy, reaching your potential, and taking new opportunities.

The illuminating vibrations of Labradorite make your mind clearer, more structured, and more positive. 

Furthermore, it is a perfect crystal that you can use in meditation to learn to focus in the present moment.

Black Onyx and Labradorite crystal combination

black onyx and labradorite

Protect your energy 

Black Onyx and Labradorite share such a powerful common aspect which is their power to protect your energy from negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and toxic influences that keep you feeling stuck and in an everlasting circle of overthinking. 

When paired together, they emit empowering sensations of protection and security which makes you feel more stable, balanced, and in harmony with yourself and your surroundings. 

These two stunning gems assist you to guard yourself and your personal energy from anything that could bother your inner peace. 

Feel mentally and emotionally stronger  

The energies radiated by Black Onyx and Labradorite are empowering for the mind and soul.

They both create a potent energy stream that nourishes your entire system so you can develop a steady-state of mental and emotional strength in order to navigate your life with a spirit of determination.

They are particularly helpful when you are facing a challenge or a situation that requires higher focus and inner strength. 

These two comforting crystals give you determination, enthusiasm, and revive your innate fiery inner power so you can be fully capable to lead and establish a quality life for yourself.

They purify your mind from negative thoughts and cleanse your soul from the deep-held emotional wounds to break free from this low vibrational circle that keeps you feeling stuck and unable to change your life for the better. 

Better clarity

The energy of Black Onyx and Labradorite work harmoniously in making you feel lighter, focused, and enthusiastic. 

Their protecting and inner power-inducing vibrations help you achieve a clear vision of your goals, abilities, and aspirations.

Both of these gems guide you to push through doubts so you can see in yourself in an honest and non-judgmental way which ultimately stops you from worrying about what others think of you and be more dedicated to yourself and bettering your skills which enable you to reach your ultimate purpose.

Final thoughts 

Black Onyx and Labradorite combination guide you to feel emotionally and mentally protected, stronger, and full of determination. The energy emitted by these two gems assists you to be grounded, powerful, concentrated, and fully ready to transform your life for the better. 

To benefit from all of these amazing uplifting energies you can wear a crystal bracelet that combines these two crystals.

You can also hold them in your hands during meditation to feel more present and avail all the benefits of meditation as well as their emitted energies in the most rewarding way possible.

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