10 Black Obsidian Affirmations To Awaken Your Mind And Soul

Black Obsidian is a vivid black volcanic glass that is quite outstanding.

This crystal exhibits a pure and opaque black color that is simply breathtaking. 

Black Obsidian is associated with the power of protection, elimination of negative energy, as well as manifestation and transformation. 

The affirmations of today’s post are going to raise your vibrations and bring you true and pure alignment with the healing energies of the Black Obsidian stone so you can receive all of its great powers.

In this post, you are going to explore 10 Black Obisidian affirmations so you are able to activate and sense deeply all the empowering properties of this volcanic stone. 

How can Black Obsidian affirmations help you?

1. Higher protection and grounding

First of all, we can not talk about Black Obsidian without mentioning its powerful protecting and grounding energies.

This stone is particularly potent in guarding you against negative and toxic vibrations.

It helps you feel guarded against toxic and energy-draining energies and situations.

It reveals to you the truth about yourself and your surrounding.

It guides you to see clearly all the major elements that constitute your life and how they influence you.

Black Obsidian awakens your mind and soul to make the right decisions that serve your inner peace, stability, and ultimate life balance.

So, these Black Obsidian affirmations are going to direct you to enlighten your mind to absorb all the protecting and stabilizing powers of Black Obsidian and actually take inspired actions to realize blissful life balance and tranquility. 

2. Heal your inner self 

The powerful energy of Black Obsidian assists you to take a deeper look into your inner self.

It gives you the courage and the willpower to dig deeper into your essence by being aware of your deepest truths.

This black volcanic glass awakens your senses to make the inner work and observe the parts of your inner being that needs healing and care. 

It cuts away all distractions and illusions that drift you away from actually healing your emotions and discovering your precious inner power. 

The enlightening energy of Black Obsidian opens up your consciousness to be aware of the mental and emotional blockages that hinder you from attracting great blessings into your life.

Therefore, the affirmations that we are going to reveal shortly will nourish your mind with a vital strength to be fully receptive to the Black Obsidian power.

The words hold transformative energy that will give you the determination to heal your inner self in order to discover your greatest priceless personal powers.  

3. Detoxify your life 

Black Obsidian detoxifies your life as well as your perception from all the noises, self-limiting thoughts, and old toxic conditioning that can put you in a constant state of worry and discomfort.

This stone absorbs powerfully the cluttering energies that bother your inner peace and makes you unfocused on your current project or unmotivated to work on a new goal of yours.

Black Obsidian clears your mind entirely which allows you to think clearly and be mindful of great insights that could create huge powerful and positive shifts in your life.

So, repeating Black Obsidian affirmations helps you to direct your attention to the things that deserve your energy and eliminate completely all the noisy thoughts that could divert you from bettering yourself and your life quality. 

How to benefit the most from Black Obsidian affirmation?

1. A quick cleanse

To make sure that your Black Obsidian stone is fully ready to welcome all of your beautiful intentions, then cleansing your crystal is the best way to do so.

Purifying your Black Obsidian allows you to eliminate any negative energies that were once stored by its energy field and also be sure that your crystal is emitting back to you all of your intentions in the purest most fulfilling ways possible. 

So, to cleanse Black Obsidian you can simply use sage, palo santo, or incense. 

Utilize the one that is at your disposition. 

Simply let the smoke generated by these purifying tools to surrounds your black gem for a few minutes and don’t forget to open up your windows to let go of the fumes. 

This amazing method is not only useful for your crystal but it is also greatly beneficial in cleansing your aura and all your surrounding from any negative energy which can make you feel totally at ease and liberated. 

2. Meditation to clear your mind

Another fantastic way to make sure that you are benefiting from the wonderful energies of your Black Obsidian is to take several minutes from your time to meditate after repeating the next affirmations. 

Meditation will clear your mind and fill your soul with a serenity which is such an amazing state to be in to receive all the gifts of the Black Obsidian affirmations and actually experience them.

10 Black Obsidian affirmations to detoxify your life and awaken your mind and soul 

black obsidian affirmations

1* I am at peace with myself.

2* I am divinely protected.

3* I live a peaceful, serene, and balanced life.

4* I welcome clarity, higher focus, and positivity into my life with open hands and a happy heart. 

5* I am aligned with bliss, freedom, and soul enlightenment.

6* My mind, body, and soul are pure, free, and in loving harmony.

7* I am courageous and willing to create positive and transformative shifts in my life. 

8* My hope, positivity, and gratitude enable me to manifest great blessings in my life.

9* My days are serene.

10* My life is only getting better and better. 

Final thoughts 

black obsidian affirmations

Black Obsidian affirmations empower you to take a deeper look into yourself and realize the key transformations that are going to convert your life for the absolute better. 

These words carry such a strong energy that unites strongly with the pivotal powers of Obsidian which assist your to sense great assistance, protection, and inner courage to heal your inner self and be motivated to surmount fears and challenges with striking success. 

Black Obsidian affirmations enlighten your mind and spirit to be fully aware of the precious powers that you always have within.

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