Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

My name is Yousra, and I am a Geology graduate.

I have a masters degree in Earth science and I LOVE everything related to crystals!

Crystals are truly a magical and invaluable Earth’s gifts.

And in this website I am going to explain to you exactly why.

Crystals and joy is going to be your ultimate guide to feel happy, peaceful and powerful.

Plus, I am going to share with you crystals affirmations to improve yourself and manifest the kind of life that you desire.

I am going to explain to you all the healing properties and powerful benefits of crystals and how you can transform their powers into an amazing energy to transform your life and create a better life quality in all areas. (Health, Love life, Self Esteem and success).

You deserve to be happy and successful. Create your desired life through the power of crystals .

This is my little crystal collection !

A little back story on how I got the idea to launch this website

As I mentioned earlier, I have a Masters degree in Earth science and I had the chance to discover the world of mineralogy, and since then I have felt an unexplained attraction towards the colors, the shapes, and everything related to crystals

I started reading excessively about the scientific and the spiritual attributes of crystals.

Then I bought my first amethyst cluster and I began to notice a shift in my overall energy, I felt more relaxed and peaceful, and since then I started exploring and collecting multiple crystals and I really felt that my life changed for the better

Discovering this pushed me to create a platform where I can share all the things I learned during the past years with you my dear readers so you can hopefully feel a betterment and noticeable improvement in your everyday lives.